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… Australia faces What We are Facing [so – called ” Gay Marriage ” battle] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 16th,2013

.. if you think that battles over so – called ” gay marriage ” are limited to the United States , you would be wrong . They are not .

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.. [link] to the article …

.. Legalization of this monstrosity is making its way around the European Continent , for sure . How many nations , so far , I am not sure .

.. Where it gets interesting is in Oceana [Australia / New Zealand] . New Zealand has legalized the immoral act . So far , more than one – third of their immoral acts are those of foreigners . The figures are not precise as to where those folks are from . Undoubtedly , a fair number are Aussies .

.. Australians are battling to legalize the immoral act . The legislature of the Australia Capital Territory [Canberra & the surrounding area] legalized it two years ago . The federal government of the previous Labour government challenged it , and the federal High Court overturned the legislature . They upheld the federal bill from the Liberal government from 2004 , defining the act of marriage as between one man and one woman . So , at least for now , marriage remains in Australia …

.. With what is going on and has happened in New Zealand , though , it is hardly the last word . More legal fights are bound to ensue . Given that there are loonie leftie judges that were placed on the bench during the Rudd – Gillard Labour Government , there are legal time bombs just waiting to go off , almost at any time …


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