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… How could the HillaryCraps be So Irresponsibile ?!?! [#classified material]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 5th,2016

.. incredible ?!?! ..

.. how could these morons be so stupid ! ..

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.. former Justice Department expert Shannen Coffin put it succinctly …

.. Once these foreign communications (like Blair’s summary of Netanyahu communications) end up on her e-mail system, it was up to Clinton and her staff to classify them and handle them with the appropriate level of care required of sensitive government secrets .

.. So her defense that the communications were not marked as classified is simply an admission that she didn’t take the proper steps to mark them. As her own regulations plainly provided (5 FAM 582.10(f)) “foreign government information (FGI) requiring protection may appear in a foreign government’s documents with or without a security classification marking by that government .

.. It is the responsibility of the recipient U.S. agency to mark such FGI requiring security classification protection with the appropriate level of U.S. security classification marking (emphasis added).” Having failed in that basic responsibility, Clinton has risked exposure of these confidential communications — the very stock in trade of our nation’s diplomacy — to untold numbers of hackers and foreign enemies. She cannot plausibly claim ignorance here.


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