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… Unbelievable ! Miz Hillary ‘ s E Mail Security Lapses [#failures]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 24th,2016

.. information from a multiple of intelligence agencies was included in her e mails . They were among ones sent over her unsecured server and her unsecured e mail accounts . How stupid is this ?? …

.. incredibly stupid ..

.. among the affected agencies :

[-] the Defense intelligence Agency ,

[-] the C.I.A. [it figures] ,

[-] the National Reconnaissance Office [manages satellites and other sensors] ,

[-] the Office of the Director of National Intelligence , and

[-] the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency [an agency that tracks and maps satellite imagery] …

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.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. any intelligence that is derived from any of these sources is damned important . You should consider it worth protecting with every resource that you have at your disposal . What you do not do is screw around with this stuff ..

.. unfortunately Miz Hillary , her minions , and senior staff at State did exactly that . Which is likely to have put that information into the hands of other people that we do not want to have such things . Really incredibly stupid move , you dummies !! …

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… You’re Damn Right [#CIA re evaluation][#ISIL]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 7th,2016

.. given the results of Bloody Friday , we should all be re – evaluating the threat that I.S.I.L. presents . They are not a bunch of choirboys . They are Islamic militants of the worst order , determined to do their worst to attempt to bring down Israel and Western Civilization [and the U.S. , as well] . So they are not someone to take idly ..

.. they are active in the Middle East . The ObamaCraps have taken the threat far too lightly . As a result , ISIL has grown far too large in order to play ” tiddlywinks ” with . You have to evaluate the threat realistically , then confront it with all force that is needed and that is necessary ..

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.. [link] to the blog news post ..

.. You are not going to get an honest evaluation from the ObamaCraps . They have their collective heads in the clouds , with their minds in fantasyland . They are so convinced of their own approach [their arrogance] , they will not take criticism from anyone else . So is Miz Hillary . So electing her is harly an improvement …

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