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… Watch her get Cooked on Meet the DePressed , of all things [yes , on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 19th,2013

.. these days , Meet the Press [Meet the DePressed] is largely a lost cause .

Tim Russert

Tim Russert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Why ? David Gregory .

.. He is an empty suit for a reporter if there is ever one . He generally is clueless as to tough questions . Forget about anyone of a conservative bent getting a fair hearing with Gregory . If NBC Snooze were not such a sad sack (principally due to lack of talent , the rest due to the loons at pMSNBC) , the higher ups at the network would be able to find someone with a fair bit of talent . Tim Russert has to be turning over in his grave at the state of his old show . Even Garrick Utley did a top flight job , next to Gregory .

.. That is what makes this interview so surprising ([link] here ) . Nancy Pelosi signed on to appear on the show , and probably figured that she was going to get the ususal fluff questions that most liberals get . You would be wrong , for once .

.. ObamaCrapCare

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… Are They Crazy ?!?! [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 18th,2013

.. it seems that David Fluffe and Nancy Pelosi never hear enough of the sound of their own voices .

.. This past Sunday , these two walking , talking disaster areas struck again . And , once again , these two idiots made things worse . If these two were smart , they should keep their damn mouths shut . But , they won’t .

.. The midterm elections will be , in large part , about ObamaCrapCare . Better yet , POTUS will not be on the ballot . So , no boost for the DemoCraps from Obama and his LSDD minions . Doing what may shape up to happen will help to shape the terms of the debate . Best of all , it will be in the GOP’s favour . The DemoCraps will be on the defensive all campaign long . Goody , Goody , Goody !

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