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… Poetic Justice from Mitt Romney …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 29th,2014

.. Mitt was on “deFace the Nation” this past Sunday , and he let POTUS have it …. See it for yourself …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the show segment …

.. you can bet that people are having a king – size case of buyer ‘ s remorse over Obama ‘ s election in both 2008 , but especially in 2012 . Mitt Romney and John McCain were both clearly superior in quality and charachter to you – know – who ….

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… Right on Point , Mitt [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. Mitt Romney made (for him) a rare public appearance yesterday on the Sunday shows [in this case , on Meet the DePressed] . He

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

took the ObamaCrap Administration and you-know-who to the woodshed (deservedly) for all of the fibbing by the ObamaCraps during 2013 . The effects of which are , in effect , ruining the 2nd term for His Lordship … [link]

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… ObamaCrapCare is a ” Political Imperative ” [and How!] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. so what else do you expect .

.. John Fund of the National Review and the Wall Street Journal was on FoxNews earlier today . He took out his typical rhetorical

English: Journalist and columnist at CPAC in .

… John Fund , of the National Review … . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shish – kabob skewer , and nailed the ObamaCraps right on the head . it is a dandy , well worth watching … [link]

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… Christopher Christie in New Jersey [Governor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. this one is a very easy endorsement …

.. Chris Christie is a strong personality , there can be no doubt . Christie suffers fools and liberals very rarely , and is

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

… Chris Christie Governor of New Jersey [R] … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(understandibly) intolerant of ignorant fools . Who isn ‘ t . Christie will , however , let you know about it , and why .

.. Is Christie a candidate for the Big Job ? He just might . Dealing with the Bronx Zoo that is New Jersey politics is no piece of cake . It takes a strong intellect and an even stronger personality to successfully deal with the knuckleheads inhabiting New Jersey ‘ s political system . Christie appears to be able to do so , and he does not even have control of either House of the legislature .

.. Just imagine what Christie could do if he did ? He could really work to overhaul things , even more so than is being done now . The back of the radical activist judiciary could finally be broken , once and for all . Also , a true flat – tax reform tax program could be implemented . Also , most of all , there would be hell to pay in the cities , where the corruption is . A Christie – supported AG could really bring in results …

.. enthusiastically support Chris Christie in New Jersey !! …

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… Obama is Going to Reach a Point on ObamaCrapCare …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 13th,2013

.. the way that things are going , the idiots in the ObamaCrap Administration are going to reach a point of No Return : they are going to be forced to admit that what they have created will not work .

.. The unions are complaining like hell . The AFL – CIO is realizing that the blowback on the insurance plans is going to hit their members , more than anyone else . Also , the “Cadillac Tax” on the higher – end plans is chiefly going to hit them . The influence that these loons have with the ObamaCraps have is considerable . Whether it will convince the ObamaCrap Administration to go back to the start things all over again is something else .

.. The ObamaCraps do not want to reopen ObamaCrapCare . First , it would be an enormous defeat , one of unimaginable magnitude . They do not control the House , the GOP does , and the concession on OCC would have conservatives in general , and the Tea Party , in particular , licking their chops . Secondly , it would likely lead to the loss of the Senate in 2014 . Many Senators up in that fall ‘ s elections have yes votes on OCC on their records . They also reside in “Red States,” ones in which either John McCain or Mitt Romney (or both) carried their states . The lack of a filibuster – proof majority in the Senate means that the Senate GOP is in the ballgame . A good number of them are likely in position to get even for being “run over” by the DemoCraps during the original OCC debate . Others are new or newer , such as Mike Lee (Ut) , Tim Scott (SC) , and Ted Cruz(Tx) , who are either Tea Party supported , or are Tea Partiers themselves .

.. The GOP would demand a high price for any renegotiation . One point is that the use of H.S.A.s would have to be greatly liberalized . H.S.A.s would put consumers back in the ballgame in terms of economics , and their participation would be anthema to the ObamaCraps . Another point would be medical malpractice tort – reform . The strength of the plaintiff ‘ s bar prevented any action to go after any semblance of tort reform in the original debate . Obama would act as a brake , but the GOP would act to force the plaintiff ‘ s bar to come to the table . There are other items , but these would be the best places to start .

.. The market in health insurance has to be able to work . OCC almost totally prevents it from working . The idiots in Congress have a habit of forgeting that when they pass legislation that there are unintended consequences of the changes that their legislation will make in the law . Some can be foreseen , will the resort to simple logic and foresight . Others cannot , and have to dealt with as best is possible .

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… Dingy Harry should Resign …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 10th,2013

.. that , of course , is Senate DemoCrap leader “Dingy Harry” Reid . Good ‘ ol Dingy has stepped into it , big time , this time . His libeling and slandering of the GOP as racist is far below and beyond the pale .

.. The editorial page of the Washington Examiner puts it best …
Last week, it was Harry Reid telling his Senate colleagues to “sit down and shut up.” Not so long ago, it was the Senate Majority Leader playing the part of Joe McCarthy by sliming Mitt Romney with slanderous, never-documented suggestions that the Republican presidential nominee was a tax evader. These are only a couple of recent examples of the Nevada senator’s increasingly cranky querulousness.

Now it’s Reid outrageously suggesting that President Obama’s Republican critics disagree with him because he is black. Reid’s blatant attempt to cultivate racial division came during a radio interview when he said he hopes Republican criticism of the president is “based on substance and not the fact that he’s African-American.”

Just as patriotism is said to be the last refuge of scoundrels, Reid’s offensive remarks suggest the last refuge of Washington Democrats is playing the race card. Reid is certainly not the first Washington Democrat to do so, but his latest comment certainly ranks among the most vile.

As Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said, “Our country deserves more from those in Washington. I hope Senator Reid will realize the offensive nature of his remarks and apologize to those who disagree with the President’s policies because of one thing — they are hurting hardworking American families.”

Scott, the first African-American to represent South Carolina in the Senate since Reconstruction, is being too diplomatic. In the name of civility, it’s time for Reid to retire and go home to Search Light, Nev.

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… God Bless You , Artur Davis …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 6th,2012

, U.S. Congressman.

Artur Davis

… Hey , folks , on a day like today , I wanted to repost this argument on the behalf of Mitt Romney , one that was made by former Congressman , then a Dem , now a conservative Republican , Artur Davis

…  by

If it turns out the life of Barack Obama’s presidency is measured in months, left-leaning analysts will agonize over what went so wrong. Their explanations will range from confusion over how a stunningly gifted orator never mastered the greatest national pulpit, to consternation about the intransigence of Republicans and the eruption of the Tea Party, to sober hand-wringing about the intractable nature of 21st Century democracy.

But the mourning will not match the genuine misery and perplexity many Americans feel regarding the state of the nation. For all the explanations of how Obama has fallen short of his promise, the simplest one is in the discontent of those 23 million plus individuals who are under or unemployed, some for such long stretches that they have fallen through the cracks of the government’s official statistics. These men and women are the source of a national fury over why things are the way they are, and they and the Americans who know them have proved resistant to deflecting responsibility or changing the subject.

To be sure, as his defenders never cease to point out, Obama was greeted with the debris of a national calamity. The country seemed to be teetering on the edge of depression for stretches in late 2008 and early 2009, a casualty of a Washington environment that privileged and made unaccountable the giant government sponsored housing enterprises and a reckless Wall Street culture that took the risk out of lending for the mortgagor. But rather than tackle the crisis with single-mindedness, Obama veered off in too many scattered directions: a stimulus whose legacy is a slew of poor returns on investments in alternative energy and uncompleted construction projects, a partisan healthcare law that drained off a year of the administration’s efforts, a massive overhaul of the carbon producing economy that was too unwieldy for even many Democrats to embrace, a financial industry bill that has not stopped excessive leveraging in the capital markets. The portfolio is one that Obama and his allies have strained to explain, much less justify.

So much of the defense of Obama’s results is weighted with excuses. But the record is one that Democrats would be mortified by if it had John McCain’s name on it: unemployment ratcheting up to as much as 10% before it headed back down; the limpest recovery in modern times; staggering levels of poverty among minorities and children; appalling losses of middle income savings and stagnant worker wages. It is an inventory that has caused millions of American to lose faith in both Wall Street and Washington, and that has left America decidedly more stratified between rich and poor (imagine the Democratic angst if a McCain recovery had left massive corporate profits while workers stayed in an uncertain, desperate state, precisely the state of play for the second half of Obama’s terms)

The debates, especially the first one in Denver, signaled how thin the prospective agenda for four more years really is: beyond the old pledge to add to the tax burden on American small businesses and entrepreneurs—an eventuality that would barely dent the deficit—and generalized promises to try again on tax reform, immigration, and energy policy, the cupboard seems light, without much reason to think that initiatives that Obama’s own party balked at would suddenly become viable. There is certainly little that would rally Americans who have lost ground on Obama’s watch.

It is impossible to assess Obama without addressing the central Democratic thesis about why he has disappointed. From African American talk shows to the editorial pages of the nation’s establishment papers, the argument is advanced that Obama has been undone by a ferocious kind of Republican opposition. The case does not survive scrutiny: Mitch McConnell’s vaunted pledge to impede Obama was made with a weakened hand of forty Republican votes in the Senate, not even enough to sustain the dreaded filibuster. Even the addition in early 2010 of one more GOP seat did not result in actual blockage of one Obama initiative during the first two years of this presidency. To a degree that Obama’s partisans don’t understand or won’t concede, the entirety of his economic agenda was written into law in those first two years.

The bracing truth is not that Obama was denied a chance to govern, but that the government he produced has proved so unappealing and been so inadequate to the challenges of the times. The healthcare reform, Obama’s most notable victory, is illustrative. The law’s convoluted path, the single instance since the thirties of a party-line vote carrying landmark legislation, has contributed to Washington’s distance from Main Street. That gap will only grow more distressing as middle income Americans are subject to new taxes if they don’t purchase insurance, as small businesses minimize their work force to avoid the law’s mandates, and the estimates of higher premiums touch the pockets of ordinary families.

Obviously, the case against Obama is just one half of the equation in this election. Mitt Romney’s campaign took time to find its footing, and the exigencies of winning his party’s nomination damaged his standing for months. But as Romney has come into full view, it is evident that his central virtue is experience in effectively managing complex systems, a trait rare in national politicians. As much as the President demonized it, Romney’s development of Bain Capital into a private equity model required him to master the challenge of maximizing investor earnings in extremely unfavorable circumstances: Romney’s tenure there was a consistent narrative of turning companies around and if anything, his campaign should have touted it more. His gubernatorial term in Massachusetts happens to be exactly what a successful presidency would require, from a capacity to bargain with as well as outmaneuver a hotly partisan opposition, to a willingness to experiment with the fine points of policy. Romney’s is the record of a consistent conservative, but not one who would wage his own distracting counter-revolution. His history is one of grappling with hard political questions while showing a respect for the side of a dispute that does not share his views.

Critics will argue that Romney’s tax and spending cut proposals are too weighted toward the wealthy, and there is no question that like any set of campaign promises, the details will need to be refined. (The governor’s plans are notably more specific than Obama’s wafer-thin outline on healthcare and financial reform in 2008). But Romney has laid down a marker that he can be judged by, that consists of prioritizing budget discipline and that evokes strategies that even many Democrats embrace, like scaling back the corporate tax rate and simplifying the tax code. The blueprint is the basis for an authentic bipartisan compromise in 2013.

There is one final story: one of how the Obama administration misread the American people by governing against the sentiments of a center-right country and confusing its isolation with moral authority. It is the signature not just of a flailing presidency but a weakened liberal philosophy. Herein lies the final Obama tragedy: an inability to refashion his party’s philosophy in a way that strengthened public trust. The case that another term would magically improve things rests too much on blind faith, and Obama has drawn from that well once before. The national interest demands a change in our leadership…

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… is Dingy Harry nuts ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 2nd,2012

Harry Reid ,  of all people , is supremely arrogant , or he is totally insane . He has been quoted as saying he and his democratic caucus will do everything in their power to stop Mitt Romney and his agenda , if he is elected . Maybe he needs a 72 hr hold in a mental hospital for a thorough exam of his gray matter and his schmartz . More than likely , he is an extraordinarily arrogant ass . Why wave a red flag in front of  a bull , 96 hrs out , and give him even more motivation than he and she have already …

Harry Reid

Harry Reid (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

… earth to Dingy Harry , the election is Tuesday . Duh ! … … No one has been elected yet , stupid ! … Nevada has , like other states , early voting , and it is a competitive tossup state . It is , in theory , leaning to President Obama ,  and POTUS is going to need all the help that he can get . the Nevada GOP is going to want revenge for 2010 , and his dirty tricks that he and the unions pulled in his own re – election campaign . and now , you piss us off even more ? Real Stupid , dumbass ! … also , Dingy Harry , you are assuming that you will and your fellow Dems will be in the majority . Considering that you have 23 seats to defend , and the 2 toughest GOP seats to defend are likely to be defended well , you will have a tough time  hanging on to your job , especially with a dumb – dumb stunt like this ! …

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… Now , that is a Switch !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 10th,2012

Stacy Dash

actress Stacy Dash

… Kid Rock ,  and now, Stacy Dash …

kid rock & paul ryan

kid rock & paul ryan

… Kid Rock , in fact , gave the personal o.k. to use one of his hit songs as the Romney Ryan campaign theme song on the campaign trail …

… Kid knows that there could be some fallout , but it is miniscule , in comparison to the flak and bullfingcrap that the actress Ms Dash has received …

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… on the first debate — Mitt Romney …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 8th,2012

… facts — A … the candidate was prepared , to me , evidently ,well prepared . He did not seem to be reciting talking points , unlike  his opponent . He had command of his ideas , and presented them in a well – connected manner … He did not seem to be a marionette , being controlled by a campaign adviser , by the preparation and programming …

Mitt Romney

… style — A + …  Romney  started out on the attack , and remained on the attack most of the evening . He seemed confortable in the hall , and with the task at hand …

… presentation — A

… Overall Grade — A — Romney was outstanding . He was in clear command throughout the night , and was rarely unconfortable during the event . He set his position well for the coming Presidential debate , which will be in a  Townhall – style format…

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… if the Dems are Smart …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 8th,2012

…  they should muzzle Vice President Foot – in – Mouth …

two gaffes in one week

two gaffes in one week

… Joe Biden has really managed to stick his foot in it , now …… and , even better , with the VP debate coming up … …  one is the quote about raising taxes , no matter who it is on … no matter  who you talk about , you do not shootoff your mouth about it , no matter what ……. and Biden did it about the wealthy . Doesn’ t he understand that something like that can be cut apart into anad ,  and hammered away on , relentlessly ? … DUH !! … … the other  doozy is about the middle class being ” crushed .”  Even simpler , and made to order for a ad … … and both in the space of 3 days …

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