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… Is the Milwaukee Public School system crazy ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 30th,2013

.. from research that I have been able to do , and from having watched an episode of On The Record [tonight , with Dana Perino , guest hosting] , I have to conclude that the Milwaukee Public School system is totally crazy ! …

.. my understanding is (and it might be a tad errant) is that either one or more suburban districts or charter (voucher) schools are interested in buying applicable Milwaukee Public School buildings . Simple Enough , right  ?

.. Wrong . Evidently the MPS (less of a mouthful) will not sell these empty buildings to anybody . Worse , most if not all of these buildings are in reasonable shape . Some are even in pristine (or ideal) shape . Ones that would bring a pretty penny , that would help MPS deal with its budget . But Nooooooo !

.. MPS is maintaining these empty , repeat EMPTY buildings for a cost of (likely) millions of $$ of taxpayers hard earned money . How many students are they educating ? Zero ! Zip ! Zilch . Zippo . Nice going , Dummies !

.. They could be filled with bright young minds (it does not matter what race they are , or should it) . Yet ,  they sit empty , as a cash drain on a district that can use all of the help that it can get .

.. Someone should educate them that it is a new day in Wisconsin . If I remember right , the GOP controls the legislature , and the Governor is Scott Walker . Budgets are a heady place to apply leverage to recalcitrant bureaucrats . If you want more budget $$ , sell those damn buildings , you idiots . Either do it ,  or we will pass a bill to do it for you ….


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… on Alex Rodriguez [and the Others] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 5th,2013

.. Alex Rodriguez was once a great player . He has been through physical hell the last two seasons , and is likely nowhere near the player that he once was , or could have been .

.. It does not , however , excuse his actions . He most obviously took PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) in order to boost his

English: A-Rod batting in 2007.

English: A-Rod batting in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on-the-field performance . He has lied to the public , to his ballclub (the New York Yankees) , and to fans throughout the Majors . There is no excuse for what he did . None .

.. He already had hall-of-Fame talent . That is without doubt . He has been in MLB since the age of 18 (his rookie year , 1995) , and had set a standard for excellence for almost all of his career . But , that was not enough . He took PEDs , and lied about it .

.. He is not the only one . Today , 12 other major leaguers were also suspended . They all broke the rules , in one form or another . But , they have confessed their sins . They are all taking their punishment . Ryan Braun (of Milwaukee) has already done so . He was busted , and banished for 65 games (the rest of the 2013 season) .

.. A Rod should have been banished for life from MLB . He has violated the rules in recent years , many times . He has lied about it , publicly , on many occasions . He has obstructed the investigations of the Commisioner s office , the Yankees , and the Players ‘ Union . He should be done .

.. Period .

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