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… What a Mess [#Covered California]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,June 19th,2014

.. believe it or not , there is a mess that makes CoveredOregon look like a garden party by comparison ..

.. it is California . Yes , California .

.. ObamaCrapCare expands Medicaid [in Ca , they call it MediCal] to around 140% of the poverty line . That level of expansion allows a great deal more people access to the MediCai system .It would help if those dummies are or were prepared for it …

.. obviously , they are not …

.. [h/t — CBS Sacramento]..
.. [link] to the news reports ..

.. these new enrollees are now in the system . They enrolled in MeiCal in good faith . The new system , though , does not give them  much choice . If their income is below a certain level [well above 140% of poverty] , then in you go , like it or not . You do not have a choice in it . But , those dummies are not prepared for it …

.. there are nearly 900,000 [yes , 900k] people that have enrolled , and that are waiting for coverage . What is CoveredCalifornia [theObamaCrapCare agency in Ca] waiting for ?!?!? ..


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… No , You Idiot [#Chris Hayes is a Moron]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 18th,2014

.. it is because the Medicaid expansion is a bad deal for the states ‘ budgets …

.. [h/t — hotair]..
.. [link] to the blognews…

.. the states that refused to expand Medicaid do not trust the Federales to keep their end of the bargain , Chrissie ! … the states generally (with 2 or 3 exceptions) have balanced budget amendments . They have to balance their budgets every year . They also have to deal (first hand) with the ” Medicaid Monster ” and the effect on their state budget …

.. the Feds have supposedly made a promise . Yea , they have made those kind of promises before . Guess what happens ? They are not kept , and the states are left financially holding the bag for the ” unfunded mandates ” that the Feds stick them with …

.. eventually the Feds are going to get a financial reality check in dealing with ObamaCrapCare and its expenses . When the budget cutting comes , the effects of it are not going to be pretty . Worse yet , people are going to be screaming bloody murder over it , and the people who die as a result . Then there will political hell to pay for it . Guess who gets it ? not the GOP … you got it , the DemoCraps will catch hell …

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… In My Time … [Medicaid] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 19th,2014

.. I had the choice to apply for the program .

.. Now , people who are not really poor , even the middle class , are being forced onto the program . Forced ….

.. in this clip , this mother [Rachel Benjamin] finds out that she has to enroll 5 of her 6 children on SCHIP , the Clinton-oid era created program for kids . The thing is , now that program has morphed , into a middle class program , where people are forced onto the program , whether they like it or not . Also , SCHIP basically has changed into a poor relation of Medicaid . Yeech ….

.. [h/t —]..

.. also , WOAI TV (San Antonio , TX)
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. Rachel has reason to be worried . Her health insurance is one thing , but her kids ? She is not sure that doctors will even accept it . Given that SCHIP is now effectively a poor relation of Medicaid , I understand why …

.. My prayers are with you , Rachel …

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… Playing Around with People ‘ s Health Care is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 18th,2014

.. dangerous .

.. You had better know what you are doing . Getting involved with people ‘ s health insurance is dealing with something that is extremely private , intensely private , incredibly intimate . Do not trifle with it , or pay the price if you screw it up .

.. It is clear that the DummyCraps have screwed up colossaly on ObamaCrapCare . They have fundamentally transformered people ‘ s relationship with their own doctor . They have created an overpriced , unneccessary monstrosity in the necessary benefits package , needlessly jacking up people ‘ s health insurance rates , and forcing many millions needlessly onto Medicaid , where none need to be . This has put many millions of people needlessly at risk , and in a position whre they should not be , worrying about their next doctor appontment , something that they never though that they would not have to think about . Many others have been forced away from their primary care doctors , having to establish new relationships , with people and facilities that they may not be confortable with . The DemoCraps will pay a very high political price for this …

.. [h/t — AmericanGlob]..
.. [link] to Dr. Krauthammer ‘ s commentary .

.. I do agree with him . The Dems will pay and pay dearly for what they have done , and will do so in the future for new policy proposals . ObamaCrapCare will cast a stain about them , one that will take many years and new people to shake …

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… The Continuing Problems with the Latest ObamaCrapCare change …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

.. the other night , the Obama administration announced two big changes to Obamacare, for people who have seen their individual-market insurance plans canceled this year: They won’t have to comply with the individual mandate, meaning they can go without insurance and not pay the not-insubstantial fine (1 percent of their income, basically); and if they do want insurance, they can buy a “catastrophic” plan on the exchanges, which is cheaper than any of the other plans available.

..  This will make life easier , in the short term , for some number of Americans — millions have seen their plans canceled, though the White House suggests just half a million of them still haven’t signed up for new plans, gotten Medicaid, or enrolled in an exchange plan .

.. These changes could be “a very big problem for the law.” Here is why :

[-] It violates our system of governance — Presidents are not dictators . They do not have the right to make these kind of changes at a whim .

[-] Lack of Congressional Oversight — for the obvious reasons .

[-] The way it treats the uninsured is unfair and potentially politically unsustainable.

Now that the law’s requirements have been significantly weakened for people who did have insurance in 2013, it’s going to be hard to stand by them for people who didn’t.

In theory, this does reflect one of the principles of how the health-insurance market works: Under pre-Obamacare law, consumers were guaranteed the right to renew their policies (with some cost changes, of course). If you were uninsured, on the other hand, you could have a much harder time finding coverage on the individual market — which is why, for instance, people are allowed to maintain employer coverage for a certain period of time after leaving a job. But Obamacare is supposed to be about expanding coverage, and the inequities this change will create can be really problematic.

More simply, of course, people whose plans have been canceled will now simply be able to go without insurance, period, at no cost. People who were uninsured in 2012, meanwhile, will have to pay the penalty — for now.

[-] The way it treats almost everyone else is unfair: The exchanges have been open for three months now, and plenty of Americans have committed to buy plans that were either more expensive than they want or that they didn’t want in the first place. If people whose individual-market plans have been canceled knew this was going to happen, they could have waited to buy a catastrophic plan, or bought one on the non-exchange market, or gone without insurance entirely.

[-] Adverse selection  — This means people who might otherwise buy insurance — say, middle-aged people with potentially looming health problems — can go without it, and if a serious health-care problem comes up, they can just enroll in the exchanges. Not everyone will take advantage of this, but at the margins, it allows people who might otherwise worry about catastrophic health-care bills to stay out of the exchanges, and ensures some flow of very sick, expensive people into them. Health insurance companies can’t change their rates to take account of that, and that information disconnect is what economists call “adverse selection.” On the margins, it will raise premiums for healthy people on the exchanges, and make insurers more wary of participating.

[-] More adverse selection — The catastrophic plans that the Obama administration will now let anyone with a canceled plan enroll in this year were originally set up for anyone under the age of 30, and for anyone who gets a hardship exemption. Now, they’ll see an influx of people who had their plans canceled, a group that insurers don’t actually know much about — and for whom they haven’t set their premiums.

[-] Even more adverse selection  — The catastrophic-insurance markets and the rest of the exchanges are separate risk pools. Within a given state, individual insurers don’t really have to worry about enrolling too many unhealthy or old people, because of something implemented by Obamacare called “risk adjustment.”

Insurers with sicker groups get compensated, basically, by insurers that enrolled healthier groups. In all, the insurers want healthier and bigger pools, because they can take on more financial risk safely and make more money, but risk adjustment means it’s lot less useful for them to try to attract healthy enrollees.

The Obama administration is now going to alter the parameters for the catastrophic pool and the normal exchange pool in every state. If their claim that just half a million people who are getting hardship exemptions is accurate, this will also just be a marginal adjustment — but still one the insurance industry wasn’t expecting.

[-] Increased confusion — While there are a lot of groups communicating directly with actual enrollees, the information trickling down from a CMS report, filtered through the media, is not going to help Americans make informed decisions about their plans.

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… the Latest ObamaCrapCare change …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 21st,2013

.. the one making so – called ” hardship exceptions ” to many people , is going to cause hell in the organization and finances of the exchanges ..

.. Worse yet , many of those exchanges (the ones that the states set up) are in blue states . So , these dummies have to pony up for the expansion of Medicaid AND the financial problems of the state exchanges , many or most of which are non – profits , with state charters …

.. These exchanges are going to go back to their respective states for more money , and there is going to be sticker shock on the amount . Doubly so with the Medicaid Bill . Expanding Medicaid as much as the ObamaCraps did is going to stick these states with one honey of a budgetary stomachache for the bill … the larger ones may survive , but the smaller ones will come hat in hand back to D.C. for help … and H.H.S. will have no legal authority to give them any $$ …

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… nice Catch , Ellison [on Medicaid and ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,December 18th,2013

.. before , you literally had to choose to apply for Medicaid .

.. when I fell ill , and was medically confined to where I live (with good reason , then , and now [to a point]) , I had to choose to apply for Medicaid . I actually had a choice . Not much of one .

.. Yea , right , not much of one . I would have had a sky – high liability for my bill , with virtually no $$ to pay it . So , choosing not to was not much of an option …My finances had been flattened . I am completing the process of going through Bankruptcy . Also , because of the severity and the chronic nature of all of this , my student loans [all of them] will be discharged . So , I will be able to start out fresh . But , I could choose to apply for Medicaid …

.. Not now . If your income is of a certain level , BOOM , in you go to Medicaid . You do not get to choose , and go to get private insurance . The government sticking its nose into this intimate choice in my life is offensive …

.. [link] to the video ..

.. Ellison Barber is a very good reporter , in addition to being seriously cute (Yea , I am a guy , and I do notice) . She is very good on the pickup on commentary on TV and she was spot on on this …

… LEC again — I know , from my own experience with Medicaid , spoken about above . Yea , it is my own story . Medicaid is not alot , but it is something . Private Health Insurance it is not …

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… Why is the Government Doing This to Us ? [ObamaCrapCare diktats] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 14th,2013

.. unfortunately , because they can (from the law) , or the providers and others are afraid that the Government can (some undiscovered power) ..

[h/t —]
.. I came across this on the GatewayPundit site . As sad as it is , it is a real gut – wrencher . it is Jim Hoft [the GatewayPundit , himself] ‘ s own personal story .

.. on this day , Jim made this post on GP ([link] here) . I saw it the day that it was made . It grabbed at me because over the last couple of years I have been going through several major health issues of my very own . However , they are tough , but nowhere near as tough as Jim ‘ s , that is for sure .

.. A couple of days later , I caught up , and learned that the MahaRushie himself [Rush Limbaugh] had read from Jim ‘ s post on a segment of his show … [transcript] … this segment is amazingly powerful , and well worth the time to listen to it and watch it …

[also , h/t —]

.. [link] to Rush ‘ s show here ..

..  Medicaid is not much . I do have something . I am also active in managing my own case . Trust me . I drive the staff of the place where I live nuts at times with questions and interventions because I want to stay active in my own case , and manage my own affairs , and not rely on it being on automatic pilot .

.. I am praying for you , Jim . I understand where you are coming from . That Psalm you chose on your post was perfect . Stay active . Fight like hell . Make sure your preferred doctors and hospitals are included …

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… Great Call , Charles [ on ObamaCrapCare Media Strategy ] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 13th,2013

.. he calls out the DemoCraps on their trying to blow smoke in people ‘ s ears about the change in enrollment numbers on ObamaCrapCare ..

.. [link] to the video ..

.. if the ObamaCraps and the DemoCraps are going to have a prayer of meeting their goals on ObamaCrapCare , they are going to have to do a much better job of construction , not to mention marketing .

.. Their marketing efforts are a complete bomb . All those cancellation notices and the media attention being paid to the people being screwed out of their relationships with their hospitals and doctors has done a great deal of damage to the image of ObamaCrapCare . They have to speed up enrollments , just to catch up with the cancelations . That does not account for all of the uninsured , and the disastrous shape of Medicaid . Blowing alot of smoke up people ‘ s rear ends is no cure for the failure .

.. The failures on the construction of ObamaCrapCare are much , much worse . The complete and total lack of security is inexcusable . You expect people to trust their most private health and financial information to a bunch of government flunkies , then to a website that has no sense of security in it at all ? Are you guys crazy ?

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… It is Not needed Then (by 2017) , Fluff … [ObamaCrapCare website] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. you stupid idiot , it is needed … NOW !! …

.. Duh !!!! ..

.. this is a [video] of David Plouffe , or , as I prefer to refer to him , as Fluff , on ” This Week with George Stephanoupoulus . ” As usual , Fluff makes an idiot of himself in the process . Did he ever hold a private sector job of any kind ?

.. Better yet , it was needed to be ready on the day that it was supposed to be ready … October 1st , 2013 … If it was not , then it should have been delayed until the time that it was ready [front side and back side] …

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… Amazing [ObamaCrapCare Stunt in D.C.]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 17th,2013

.. the states have plenty of questions over ObamaCrapCare .

.. Not surprising , considering the financial risk how many of them are taking on dealing with the possible Medicaid

U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

expansion . And , on how many of them rejected participating in said expansion , once the U.S. Supreme Court gave them the option to do so in NFIB v Sebelius . They well know what a financial monster the Medicaid program has now become . The federal government made similar promises in the 1960s and the 1970s to the states , and look where that got them . The ” Medicaid Monster ” is the largest growing line item in many states ‘ budgets . Many of them have to go with a bare – bones approach to Medicaid , just to bring some sense to their budgets and their bottom lines . The federal government does not , unfortunately , have a balanced budget amendment . Virtually all of the states do , however .

.. The People ‘ s Republic of Columbia (a.k.a. , our Nation ‘ s capital) is not one of them . Their insurance commissioner had good questions about the morality and legality of POTUS ‘ so – called ” administrative fix . ” Not a surprise . Unfortunately , what happened next was not , either .

.. The Mayor of the People ‘ s Republic (Vincent Gray) fired the insurance commissioner . Coincidential ? I think not . Considering that he questioned and disagreed with POTUS ‘ actions ‘ , how bad would that look for the DemoCraps in the People ‘ s Republic if they refused His Lordship ‘ s request (er , dicktat) . They would look very , very bad .

.. get a look at this article [link] from Sunday ‘ s Washington ComPost . it gives a little more detail …

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… Obama is POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. not the First Dictator .

.. to be honest , right now , he is behaving a lot more like the First Dictator right now than POTUS . And that is scary . Our constitutional rights depend upond a constitutional system , one in which the President takes an Oath to “faithfully execute the law . ” Right now , Barack Obama is not doing that . Not even close . That should scare people . A lot .

.. to be honest , I am no wordsmith . I am just a tax accountant , a C.P.A. . I do my best to tell my story on my blog the best that I can . Someone who is far better and is far more accomplished a wordsmith , the MahaRushie , says it far better …

The Dictator, Joined in Progress

November 14, 2013


RUSH:  The president’s addressing the nation, ladies and gentlemen, on how he’s gonna play dictator again and fix his health care problem.  It was supposed to start exactly a half hour ago.  He just started three minutes ago, opening up on the Philippines.  He finished his remarks on the Philippines right as this program began.  So we’re gonna JIP it.  Here’s the president playing dictator.

OBAMA:  — the 1.5 million people.  Of those 1.5 million people, 106,000 of them have successfully signed up to get covered.  Another 396,000 have the ability to gain access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  That’s been less reported on, but it shouldn’t be.  Americans who are having a difficult time, who are poor, many of them working, may have a disability —

RUSH:  Folks, we know what he’s gonna propose here.  We’re just doing this because I know the affiliates want to carry this stuff, so — (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — later today I’ll be in Ohio where Governor Kasich, a Republican, has expanded Medicare under the Affordable Care Act —

RUSH:  I can tell you what he’s gonna do.

OBAMA:  — 275,000 Ohioans will ultimately be better off because of it.  And if every governor followed suit, another 5.4 million Americans could gain access to health care next year.  So, the bottom line is in just one month, despite all the problems that we’ve seen with the website, more than 500,000 Americans could know the security of health care by January 1st.

RUSH:  And they’ve just been shafted based on what you’re gonna propose here in a minute.

OBAMA:  — and it’s significant.

RUSH:  Five hundred thousand is significant?

OBAMA:  That still leaves about one million Americans who successfully made it through the website, not qualified by insurance, but haven’t picked a plan yet.  And there’s no question that if the website were working as it’s supposed to, that number would be much higher —

RUSH:  No.

OBAMA:  — of people who’ve actually enrolled.

RUSH:  Not true.

OBAMA:  So that’s problem number one.

RUSH:  People are shocked at what they found there.

OBAMA:  Making sure the website is working the way it’s supposed to.  It’s gotten a lot better over the last few weeks than it was on the first day, but we’re working 24/7 to get it working for the vast majority of Americans.

RUSH:  Can I ask a question here?  Why would anybody believe what he says after the big lie about being able to keep — (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — concerns Americans who receive letters from their insurers that they may be losing the plans they bought in the old individual market —

RUSH:  Yeah.

OBAMA:  — often because they no longer meet the law’s requirements to cover basic benefits like prescription drugs or doctors visits.  Now, as I indicated earlier, I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans, particularly after assurances they heard from me that, if they had a plan that they liked, they could keep it.  And to those Americans, I hear you loud and clear.  I said that I would do everything we can to fix this problem, and today I’m offering an idea that will help do it.  Already people who have plan that predate the Affordable Care Act can keep those plans if they haven’t changed.  That was already in the law.  That’s what’s called a “grandfather clause.”  It was included in the law.

RUSH:  Still continuing the lie, folks.  (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — to people whose plans have changed since the law took effect, and to people who bought plans since the law took effect.  So state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can’t be sold in their states, but the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014, and Americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan.  We’re also requiring insurers who extend current plans to inform their customers about two things: one, that protections — what protections these renewed plans don’t include.  Number two, that the marketplace offers new options with better coverage and tax credits that might help you bring down the costs.  So if you received one of these letters, I’d encourage you to take a look at the marketplace, even if the website isn’t working as smoothly as it should be for everybody yet —

RUSH:  There isn’t —

OBAMA:  — a plan comparison tool that lets you browse costs for new plans near you is working just fine.

RUSH:  Jeez.

OBAMA:  Now, this fix won’t solve every problem for every person, but it’s gonna help a lot of people. Doing more will require more work with Congress.  And I’ve said from the beginning I’m willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to fix problems as they arise.

RUSH:  He’s lying again.

OBAMA:  This is an example of what I was talking about.  We can always make this law work better.  It is important to understand, though, that the old individual market was not working well.  And it’s important that we don’t pretend that somehow that’s a place worth going back to.  Too often it works fine as long as you stay healthy.  It doesn’t work well when you’re sick.  So year after year Americans were routinely exposed to financial ruin or denied coverage due to minor preexisting conditions or dropped from coverage altogether even if they paid their premiums on time.  That’s one of the reasons we pursued this reform in the first place.  And that’s why I will not accept proposals that are just another brazen attempt to undermine or repeal the overall law and drag us back into a broken system.

We will continue to make the case, even the folks who choose to keep their own plans, that they should shop around in the new marketplace because there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to buy better insurance at lower cost.  So we’re gonna do everything we can to help the Americans who’ve received these cancellation notices, but I also want everybody to remember there are still 40 million Americans who don’t have health insurance at all.  I’m not gonna walk away from 40 million people who have the chance to get health insurance for the first time, and I’m not gonna walk away from something that has helped the cost of health care grow at its slowest rate in 50 years.  So we’re at the opening weeks of the project to build a better health care system for everybody, a system that will offer real financial security and peace of mind to millions of Americans.

It is a complex process.  There are all kinds of challenges.  I’m sure there will be additional challenges that come up.  And it’s important that we’re honest and straightforward in terms of when we come up with a problem with these reforms and these laws that we address them.  But we’ve gotta move forward on this.  It took a hundred years for us to even get to the point where we could start talking about and implementing a law to make sure everybody’s got health insurance.  And my pledge to the American people is that we’re gonna solve the problems that are there, we’re gonna get it right, and the Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people.  So with that I’m gonna take your questions —

RUSH:  All right, we’re not gonna listen to questions because all of this is gobbledygook.  Greetings, my friends, and welcoming.  Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute, Advanced Conservative Studies.  Great to have you here.  Through all of that gobbledygook, let me try to translate what you just heard.  You would never know it, if you just listened to all that gobbledygook, you would never know that what Obama is doing is postponing the requirements that are forcing cancellations of your policies until after the elections.

He’s doing two things:  He’s telling the insurance companies, as a dictator would, what they can and can’t do or what they must or must not do, or what they have to and don’t have to do.  He is suggesting, for purely political purposes, that if you have your plan now and you like it, you can keep it for one more year so that you don’t get any angrier at Democrats than you are now and vote against them next November.

If your plan has been canceled, he has just ordered the insurance company to make it available to you, so that you can go back and get that plan.  The problem is that that plan was canceled precisely because it conflicts with his law, with Obamacare.  So he has declared war against the insurance companies here and is making it veritably impossible for them to do business.  This is purely political.

All of this gobbledygook is designed to make everybody think that somebody else came along and canceled your plan and he’s going to come to the rescue now and give you your plan back, but just for a year — and he reiterated the original lie.  He told you that when he told you that you could keep your plan “unless there’s a change in it.” He never said “unless there’s a change in it,” so he’s continuing the first lie — well, the second lie to cover the first lie — with this announcement today.

So essentially, this probably also serves the purpose of preempting the Upton bill in the House of Representatives, which we talked about yesterday as a potential trap for the Republicans, and there is a lot to wade through.  Folks, this an absolute swamp now.  It is an absolute disaster, and it’s also a minefield.  This is all anybody needs to know that government has no business doing any of this.  This, today, is an admission of abject failure in the president’s quest to actually destroy constitutional government.

Well, no, he’s not failing at that.  He’s actually succeeding at that.  What he’s trying to do here is just speed the process to get to the point where the government is the only provider of health insurance and health coverage.  That’s his ultimate aim, and all of this chaos is designed to speed that process.  What the president’s actually trying to do here is subvert democracy, in my opinion, with all of these mandates.

I want to take you back. Listen to something that I said on this program back on October 30th — just a couple of weeks ago, essentially.  I was talking about Obama and Obamacare, and Obama was making changes in it willy-nilly, and he was talking about how much he cared for people, and I was asking, “Well, why doesn’t he play dictator the other way?” And today he did.  So listen to this.  It runs about a minute and a half, but it is explanatory unto itself.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  If Obama is gonna go out now and play dictator, let’s realize he could play dictator in any direction he wants to go.  If he has the power to deny you your grandfathered plan, the one you liked and the one you were told you could keep, and if Obama didn’t know all of this was going on and he didn’t know all of these problems with the website, and if Obama really cares about being truthful and honest with you, then maybe Obama can play dictator and re-grandfather your plan.

If he can play dictator and take it away from you, then he can play dictator and fix it, I assume. If he’s gonna play dictator, if he’s gonna pretend the law is subject to his whims, then let’s all realize that he’d have the power to restore millions of health insurance policies by waiving that’s new Obamacare regulations, which is forcing insurance companies to cancel policies. … Well, he loves you, he has compassion for you, cares about the little guy.  Why doesn’t he get mad at all these people being canceled and go in there and fix it?

If he can play dictator and take things away, why can’t he play dictator and give ’em back?  Why doesn’t he fix it?  He knows people are being canceled in the hundreds of thousands.  Why doesn’t he fix it, if he really cares about you?  He told us if Congress didn’t give him everything he wanted he would simply do it himself.  Obama has said, again, folks — and we’ve played the sound bite — “Well, if Congress won’t do it, I’ll just go in, I’ll take care of it myself.”

RUSH:  So here he is doing it today, playing dictator the other way, reinstating your canceled plan, but just for a year.  But it isn’t gonna be that easy.  Your plan is gone.  And, by the way, he didn’t say anything about your getting your old premium back.  Who knows what the reinstated plan’s gonna cost you.  Remember, he’s doing this not because he cares about you.  He’s not doing this because he’s upset you’ve lost your plan.

He’s doing this because he’s losing the media, and he’s losing his fellow Democrats, and he’s losing the proposition. This is a purely political move today disguised as typical Democrat Party compassion.  “I’m worried to death about you losing your plan.  How could this have happened?”  He’s gonna blame the insurance companies, and if the Republicans aren’t careful, they’re gonna make that policy.

He’s gonna blame governors; he’s gonna blame all kinds of outsiders and invisible people for making this happen.  He’s riding in today as the white knight, playing dictator.  The thing that I want to remind everybody is that I thought it was settled law.  I thought it was the law of the land.  I thought back when Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and others were saying, “Look, let’s just delay this whole thing,” or “let’s just defund it and repeal it,” we couldn’t because it was the law of the land.

Remember all those angry lectures that Obamacare was settled law? The Democrats said, “It’s the law of the land. You can’t change it.” Well, so much for that.  So much for the rule of law. So much for constitutional republicanism.  Now we have the president playing dictator the other way to save his party’s bacon and to save his dream of government-run socialized medicine.  This is where we are, and the Republicans had better talk about this honestly.

This is not how things happen in a free country.  What is happening is wrong. All it adds up to is why this mess should be repealed and gotten rid of.  It is only gonna get worse.  How can we…? You know the big question is, given how frequently and how easily Obama lies, why do we even believe this today?  Why do we even believe this?  You know, there’s a bunch of people that also have to act and make this happen.

He’ll sit up there and play dictator and wave his magic wand and say, “I’m gonna give your policy back.”  Well, there’s a bunch of people in the insurance business here who now are gonna have to go back and say, “Gee, what do we do now?  I mean, we’re complying with one part of the law; now he’s saying we don’t have to. What do we charge for this?”  And what about the people that are gonna get their cancellation notices at work starting next year?

Oh, it’s just an abject mess and the chaos will play out to his advantage.  The more chaos, the more there will be calls to “fix it, to fix it, to fix it,” and the simple solution, it will be said, is, “Look, let’s just put one guy in charge of this. Let’s put the president in charge of it and be done with all this.  We’ll close the exchanges! We don’t want those anyway.”  He really doesn’t want the exchanges, folks, when you get down to brass tacks.

I mean, they’re just placeholders designed to make it look like it’s something that it’s not in this whole health care plan.  So we’ve had a series of time bombs here and the president determines when each one detonates, and that can’t stand.  You can’t run a country this way.  Simply can’t.  This bomb needs to be defused.  We’ve had enough explosions. There’s been enough damage and collateral damage, enough to know that we don’t need to any more.

This thing just needs to be shut down.  It is incompetent, it is impossible, it is amateurish, it is beneath this country to have something like this happen with something that is so important and so crucial to so many people, to have it bounced around as a political ping-pong ball, which is what’s happening.


RUSH:  So the fantasy continues.  The fantasy.  The fantasy that you can have the health care you want, it doesn’t cost you anything or much at all, and that if you ever get sick, you’re gonna get well immediately. It’s gonna all be handled and it’s never, ever gonna be a problem for anybody again.  The fantasy continues.  By the way, I just listened a bit more of Obama. He said, “You know, I wasn’t the only one that made that promise.

“A bunch of people up on Congress told you you’d keep your plan, too.”  That is just… That’s first grade kind of excuses. That’s Bart Simpson.  “I didn’t do it, you didn’t see me do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything!”  He’s up there saying, “Yeah, there were 10 or 12 other people on Capitol Hill making the same promise.  We all had our good intentions here.”

This is such a disaster, folks.  The original problem with this remains.  We have president of the United States who thinks that he can compel people to go buy something.  He thinks that he can compel people to go use something, even something they don’t want.  If they don’t buy it, they’re gonna get fined or penalized.  He goes so far as to deny what they want.

If they don’t go get what he wants them to have  — i.e., having their policies canceled.  This outrageous.  This is so un-American, this whole thing, and now what’s the “fix”?  The fix is for this guy to play dictator again and now command or compel the insurance companies to run their business the way he wants them to for the next year is that his part won’t be hurt in the elections next November.

This isn’t America, folks.


.. LEC again — Thanks , Rush !! ..

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… What Governor Kasich is doing is Wrong ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,October 15th,2013

… more than that , I believe what he is doing is unconstitutional …

… The State of Ohio has what is known as a Controlling Board . What it is is a (Fiscal) Contrl Board , that can make minor

English: The Great Seal of Ohio.

English: The Great Seal of Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

changes , within fiscal years , or between fiscal years . Oh yea , this stuff is authorized and approved by the Constitution of the State of Ohio . But what Gov. Kasich is proposing to do is waaaay off base .

.. John Kasich wants to utilize the Ohio Controlling Board to approve the rerouting of federal obamacrapcare funding to allow for the expansion of ObamaCrapCare to poor Ohioans . Normally , this is something that the Governor signs off on , after legislation is passed by the Ohio General Assembly [the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate , each voting to approve the bill] . It is also something that can be placed into Ohio ‘ s two – year biennial budget . However , it was not done in either case .

.. from PJMedia ‘ s Paula Bolyard
Despite Tea Party Opposition, Kasich Will Bypass Ohio Legislature to Expand Medicaid

This week, Ohio Governor John Kasich’s administration asked the seven-member Ohio Controlling Board to appropriate federal Obamacare funds for the purpose of Medicaid expansion, bypassing the state legislature.

The Obama administration approved Ohio’s request to amend its Medicaid program so that people making up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($32,499 for a household of four) would be covered. The state’s Medicaid director, John McCarthy, submitted the request Sept. 26 with a corresponding request for the Controlling Board to appropriate the federal funds without the approval of the Republican-controlled legislature, which has stalled Kasich’s plans for Medicaid expansion.

The Controlling Board consists of the chairs of the Senate and House Finance Committees (currently Republicans) and a

John Kasich

John Kasich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republican and Democrat from both houses. The director of the OMB (a Kasich appointee) serves as the board’s president. Generally, the board’s duties include transferring funds between line items or fiscal years, allowing for emergency funding, and approving grants and loans made by the Department of Development. There is speculation that the two Democrats and the Kasich appointee would vote for the Medicaid expansion, so Kasich would only need to secure one additional Republican vote to win approval from the board. Senate President Keith Faber, a Republican, said he believes Kasich has the authority to turn the decision over to the Controlling Board. “I’m certainly a defender of legislative rights, and I would think a better solution would be a legislative option, but the governor does have that authority,” he said.

However, questions remain about the authority of the board. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits the Controlling Board from carrying out any action “which does not carry out the legislative intent of the general assembly.” But Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols justified the action, saying, “Only the General Assembly can authorize Medicaid to spend funds in this way, either through a bill or the Controlling Board.” Kasich, vacationing in Europe, was not available for comment, the Dispatch reported.

Despite Kasich’s heavy-handed lobbying and arm-twisting on behalf of Medicaid expansion, the Republican legislature stripped the provision from Kasich’s biennial budget and has failed to act on his demands to expand the program to an estimated 270,000 additional Ohioans.

In 2011, Ohioans overwhelmingly voted for a ballot initiative to pass the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment, designed to protect citizens from the Affordable Care Act. Despite vocal opposition from Tea Party groups and many other conservative groups in the state, Kasich has continued to push for the expansion, collaborating with a variety of progressive groups to promote the measure. Amy Brighton, co-founder and co-coordinator of Medina Tea Party Patriots, said, “Obviously, the idea of a representative government doesn’t mean anything to Kasich and his Administration, since they are seeking to intentionally defy the will of Ohioans who overwhelmingly voted to pass the Healthcare Freedom Amendment in 2011.”

Kasich’s aggressive move to force Medicaid expansion without legislative approval comes as Republicans are working on reforms to existing programs to help the uninsured in the state. On Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled a Medicaid reform plan that would increase oversight, contain costs, and improve outcomes for patients. House Republicans have said they are working on more fiscally responsible plans to reform existing programs in order to better serve those without access to medical services.

But Greg Moody, director of the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, stressed the urgency of the situation. “To be able to get this done by Jan. 1, we are at the point where we do need to act now,” he said.

Rep. Ron Amstutz, chairman of House Finance and Appropriation Committee, released a statement critical of Kasich’s move to subvert the legislature.

“I have grave concerns about the place, the time and the substance of this proposed Controlling Board action,” Amstutz said. “Based on our solid track record of passing tough bills, I would expect a far superior and more creative solution by legislative enactment than what I fear may result from effectively crimping the legislative process.”

Amstutz, a leading candidate to replace term-limited House Speaker William Batchelder, has worked through the summer and in the early days of the legislative session on plans to reform the state’s medical care for the poor.

Brighton, from Medina Tea Party Patriots, said this decision could hurt Kasich’s re-election chances. “It’s interesting that Kasich would succumb to Pelosi-esque tactics to implement Medicaid expansion,” she said. “After forcing the healthcare law on the American people, Pelosi and the House Democrats faced electoral consequences. I guess Kasich is willing to take that chance.”

Kasich defeated Democrat Ted Strickland in the 2010 election by two points — 77,000 votes. That year, the Libertarian Party candidate garnered 92,000 votes, or two percent of the total. In 2014, a third-party candidate may play the spoiler for Kasich if he continues to lose support from the conservative base in a state where 57% of Republicans voted for conservative candidates and 10% voted libertarian in the 2010 Republican primary.

.. LEC here again — I do not think that the Ohio Supreme Court will allow this to happen . Governor Kasich ‘ s action through the Controlling Board will be challenged , I will guarantee that . The approval of H.H.S. to repurpose ObamaCrapCare funds is meaningless .

.. Where it applies is where it hits Medicaid . Each state ‘ s Medicaid program must be approved by it ‘  s state ‘ s legislature . Ohio ‘  s Medicaid program has been , but the proposed ObamaCrapCare expansion has not . The Ohio Legislature specifically acted to delete the expansion of the Medicaid program from the new budget that took effect July 1st , 2013 . That will stand up for quite a big in the eyes of the Ohio Supreme Court .

.. Ohio ‘ s Supreme Court is heavily conservative . It consists of 7 people , basically 5 conservatives , 1 loonie leftie , and 1 R.I.N.O. . It consists of 2 women (both GOP , both conservative , including Chief  Justice Maureen O ‘ Connor) , and 5 men . They will decide whether the act of the Controlling Board is legal , as well as constitutional . I believe that it is not either one . The expansion  will be delayed , until the Court can hear the case , and then make a decision .

.. Look for Chief Justice O ‘ Connor to write the opinion ….

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… See , We told Ya So [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 21st,2013

Obamacare’s Structure Leading to Hospital Cuts, Experts Say

Indiscriminate payment cuts, Medicaid expansion cutting into hospitals’ bottom line

..The Cleveland Clinic’s announcement this week that it is reducing its payroll to cut costs in response to ObamaCrapCare reveals the squeeze that President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation is putting on doctors and hospitals, health care experts say . The Clinic is ranked as one of the best hospitals in America and has been a model of health care innovation, with both presidential candidates praising it last year in a debate.

.. The Clinic tried to reduce its expenses and improve quality through several measures in anticipation of the full rollout of the

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

… the Cleveland Clinic …(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Affordable Care Act, commonly called ObamaCrapCare, according to a statement released by the hospital on Wednesday .However, these efforts were not enough to make the projected target of cuts that were required in the Clinic ‘ s proposed budget . Although we have made progress, we need to further reduce costs to the organization by $330 million in 2014,” the hospital said in a statement. “We are carefully evaluating all aspects of our system to accomplish this. Some of the initiatives include offering early retirement to 3,000 eligible employees, reducing operational costs, stricter review of filling vacant positions, and lastly workforce reductions.”

The Cleveland Clinic is not alone. Hospitals across the country are laying off workers and eliminating services because of Obamacare and other budgetary constrictions, as the Washington Free Beacon reported previously.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more reduction in labor force at hospitals because of Obamacare,” said Sally Pipes, a health care expert at the Pacific Research Institute.

.. One major reason is mandatory cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates under Obamacare, said James Capretta, a health care expert at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Medicare, the government’s health insurance program for the elderly, covers over a fifth of health care costs in the United States, meaning it makes up a significant portion of hospital revenue. The government reimburses hospitals for Medicare patients at a fixed rate based on the diagnosis, and the government increases these rates each year to cover the rising costs of health care. The federal government cuts these annual increases by about 1.1 percent under Obamacare, Capretta said.

“This is the main reason why the Cleveland Clinic and others are going to have to tighten their belts,” Capretta said.

.. The costs of Medicare and Medicaid, the government’s health insurance program for the poor, have continued to rise over the years, making reform of the programs necessary. However, the programs are hard to touch politically because they are so popular. As a result, the federal government simply pays doctors and hospitals less than private insurers for the services they provide. Today, for every dollar a private insurer pays a doctor or hospital, Medicare pays 70 or 80 cents, and Medicaid pays 50 cents or less (with the precise rates varying by the specific area), Roy said.

The quality of medical care could also go down under Obamacare, experts said.

ObamaCrapCare emphasizes Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), which are networks of doctors and hospitals that coordinate care in order to reduce costs, said Pipes. The goal of ACOs is for insurers to pay for quality of care, and as a result, the government will only pay a certain amount for services—and penalize doctors and hospitals if they go over that amount.

“Hospitals are going to be rewarded only if they keep costs down, so they’ll be looking for ways to reduce costs,” Pipes said.

The result could be rationed care so doctors and hospitals can keep their costs down, Pipes said. She compared ACOs to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which Americans have rejected in the past.

Capretta also noted the shift toward ACOs, although he did not predict that care could be rationed under them. Because of Obamacare’s incentives, hospitals are buying up independent doctors, which is reducing the overall number of independent doctors in America, Capretta noted.

The cut in the annual reimbursement rate could also hurt the quality of care, Capretta said, because they are universal and do not distinguish between good and bad care.

“It’s not really clear that this is going to result in a great efficiency gain across the system,” Capretta said.

LEC again — this is a [link] to the NBC affiliate , WKYC – TV , and a news piece that they did on the Cleveland Clinic story . Originally , Dr. Toby Cosgrove (a cardio – thoracic surgeon , by trade) , the Clinic ‘ s Chairman and CEO , was going to do a battery of interviews on the story . When he realized that a lot of questions were going to tie in the cuts to the Clinic ‘ s original support of ObamaCrapCare , he abruptly canceled them …

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… Now What is the ObamaCrap Administration Thinking ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 14th,2013

.. this bunch of ObamaCraps has been like a bunch of Keystone Kops , in that these days these seem to not be able to do anything right . It cannot get any worse , can it ?

.. Actually , believe it or not , yes , it can . It seems that the Department of Health and InHuman Services is seeking to ask for vast sums of information be gathered , and then be placed in the electronic form of our medical record . One might think , there is a great deal in there , already . No , not this stuff , evidently .

.. Ideally , one would think that the conversion to Electronic Health Records [E.H.R.s] would be voluntary , and market – based . Well , so far , it has not . People evidently want to make the investment in the technology , though , they just want to agree on a standard that everybody can live with .

..This is where the ObamaCraps have snuck their way in , and gotten their nose under the tent . Expecting that what would become ObamaCrapCare would eventually pass , these schucks put provisions into the Stimulus Bill . Supposedly , the conversion is still “voluntary,” but the government is now forcing the action . Providers will have their reimbursements docked 1 percent (or more) a year for those who do not comply . That is bad enough . Now , these idiots want to grab even more personal information from and through their health care providers , whether we like it or not .

… from the Washington Free Beacon

Government Seeking Inclusion of ‘Social and Behavioral’ Data in Health Records

Experts worry about security, use of such information

Kathleen Sebelius / AP

Kathleen Sebelius / AP

BY: Follow @GoliadGal September 13, 2013 3:30 pm


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wants to require health care providers to include “social and behavioral” data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and to link patient’s records to public health departments, it was announced last week.

Health care experts say the proposal raises additional privacy concerns over Americans’ personal health information, on top of worries that the Obamacare “data hub” could lead to abuse by bureaucrats and identify theft.

The CMS currently covers 100 million people through Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Hospital Insurance Program and is tasked with running Obamacare.

According to a solicitation posted by the Department of Health and Human Services on Sept. 4, the CMS is commissioning the National Academy of Sciences to study how best to add social and behavioral factors to electronic health record reporting.

The agency said adding social and behavioral data to patients’ online records will improve health care.

“Increasing EHR adoption has the potential to improve health and health care quality,” the contract’s statement of work (SOW) reads. “Parallel advances in analytic tools applied to such records are fueling new approaches to discovering determinants of population health.”

The project sets out to identify “core data standards for behavioral and social determinants of health to be included in EHRs.”

Critics suggested this would create new bureaucracies and negatively impact health care.

“This sounds like an example of the federal government further intruding on the practice of medicine,” said Chris Jacobs, a senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

“It’s including more pay for performance requirements on physicians to collect all sorts of data in order to get government reimbursements,” he said.

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act gave authority to the CMS to pay hospitals and doctors that make the switch to electronic health records, to “encourage widespread EHR adoption.”

Health care professionals who began participating in the program in 2011 or 2012 can receive up to $44,000 for using EHRs for Medicare and $63,750 for Medicaid over 5 and 6 years, respectively.

Though the program is “totally voluntary,” eligible professionals who are not using EHRs by 2015 will see a 1 percent reduction in their Medicare and Medicaid fees each year.

Jacobs says the government’s “pay for conformance” culture in health care is “telling doctors what they have to do and how they have to do it in order to receive government reimbursement.”

The “meaningful use” program already requires doctors and hospitals to report the demographics of a patient and if he smokes to qualify for its first step. The second stage, planned for 2014, will require recording a patient’s family health history.

The National Academy of Sciences will make recommendations for adding social and behavioral data for stage three, which will be unveiled in 2016.

A spokesman for the CMS told the Washington Free Beacon that the agency is in the early stages of crafting the requirements for this stage.

“While we know that they are considering [clinical quality measures], it would allow a greater variety of specialties and procedures to be included,” said Tony Salters, a spokesman for CMS. “This includes items like behavioral health, dental care, drug, and alcohol use, etc.”

The CMS issued a “sole source” contract to the National Academy of Sciences because of “its caliber and expertise in the medical profession,” they said.

A spokeswoman for the National Academy of Sciences told the Free Beacon that the study began on July 15.

Working with the Institute of Medicine, a committee is currently drafting suggestions for collecting social and behavioral data.

The committee will “identify core social and behavioral domains to be included in all EHRs,” the organization said.

Not only will the committee come up with what behavioral data will be collected, they will also suggest how that data can be shared with public health departments.

The contract orders the committee to identify, “Possibilities for linking EHRs to public health departments, social service agencies, or other relevant non-health care organizations and case studies, if possible, of where this has been done and how issues of privacy have been addressed.”

The committee will also look at the “obstacles” to collecting social data for EHRs, and “how these obstacles can be overcome.”

Jacobs said the study is troubling in light of security issues with the Obamacare “data hub,” which will collect Social Security numbers and personal information to verify participation in the health insurance marketplace, beginning on Oct. 1.

“We’ve already seen with the Obamacare data hub and the significant delays that have been associated with it,” he said. “Government auditors have raised concerns about maintaining timelines and implementation and whether the data hub can be implemented in a secure manner that ensures Americans’ medical and financial records aren’t at risk.”

Others have warned that the database is vulnerable to abuse by the numerous government agencies involved, including the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, state Medicaid databases, and the Social Security Administration.

The potential for social and behavioral data to be shared with government agencies is only more worrisome, Jacobs said.

“This study raises additional questions about the privacy and security implications of the federal government sharing personal health data with other organizations and entities,” he said.

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… Liberals loathe Freedom , love Dependency …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 22nd,2013

.. If you have been reading liberal websites and news stories lately (I do, and I encourage you to do so , too ) you’ve probably noticed an all-out assault on Walmart and its allegedly low compensation. Note that these critics are often the same ones asking for more government in Americans’ daily lives.

.. An article on AlterNet Wednesday, for example, bore the title “Walmart’s latest ploy to replace the middle class with an underclass forced to buy its short-lived, shoddy goods,” and focused on the retailing giant’s “Buy America” pledge. The numbers behind that pledge sound good but lack substance, according to the article. Come to think of it, that sounds like a lot of bills in Congress.

.. The title certainly illustrates the thinking behind the Walmart hate, but it also raises this question: If these critics on the left are so concerned about people being dependent on Walmart, why aren’t they equally concerned about people being dependent on government  ?

.. Searching AlterNet for “government dependence” brings up multiple items denouncing Republicans for talking about dependence. A search for “food stamps” brings up legions of items denouncing Republicans for daring to suggest cutting $4 billion a year from a program that already spends over $70 billion a year. Similar results were found for “welfare,” “Medicaid,” and “Medicare.”

.. Searching for these terms on ThinkProgress and Mother Jones is no different. ThinkProgress even praised North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory for vetoing a bill that would have mandated drug testing for welfare recipients (no-questions-asked dependence?).

Perhaps the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Sean Hackbarth summed it up best, writing “Business = evil. Government = benevolent. #LiberalLogic” on Twitter.

.. At least one can understand why these idiots do not like freedom and liberty . They would rather be tethered to the government “teat” than be independent and self – sustaining and on their own . They would rather have people dependent on these government programs in perpetuity instead of treating them as they were originally intended : as an assist to regain one ‘  s footing in life .

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… We need to Address the Fundamental Causes of the Last Recession …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 18th,2013

[-] foolish policies

repeal Dodd – Frank – it has had the unintended backwards effect , and has centralized banking in the money center banks . Our banking sector needs to shrink in size , and in number , but not by stupidity . The small fry and the mid – size banks help keep the big boys on their toes …

modify Sarbanes – Oxley – A smaller form of Sarbanes – Oxley should still be around , but only for the mid – sized and larger businesses . Not for small business . Same effect on business , as it has on banking … Small business keeps America humming ,  and is our economy ‘ s chief job engine .

balance the federal budget – not just the way it is now . Take  out Socialist Security from the equation . Then , balance it . It will then give us a truer and more accurate picture of our national finances .

reform Socialist Security , Medicare , and Medicaid — it has to be done . No forward progress can be made as a society until it is done , and done right . It should be done in a bipartisan manner , because neither party will (in all likelihood) have enough power and control to jam thru its own ideas .

reintroduce inflation into the system — the financial sector can handle it . It just needs to be kept in check , and at a low level , and not at an artificialy low level

encourage one or two large accounting firms — try not to harass them to death . Accenture PLC would be ideal , along with Grant Thornton , and BDO Seidman . There could be others . The accounting firm mergers were NOT a mistake . Crushing Arthur Anderson however , was a big blunder , because it left only 4 large accounting firms . dummies ! Accenture was originally the consulting arm of Arthur Andersen , and it would be poetic justice for it to return to the field .

encourage the laws of supply and demand — using artifically low interest rates is a fools errand . It will only work for so long .

encourage investment , not penalize it — it may take another severe recession to get it thru  the ObamaCraps ‘ thick skulls . You cannot create jobs out of thin air . It takes investment capital , and encouragement of the same for folks to want to create it . Not a magican ‘ s wand , or a  politician ‘ s speech .

exchange trading of  mortgage backed securities — MBS will work . You just need to bring back private investment into the sector , and trade the securities on an exchange , preferrable more than one . the competition cannot hurt , and usually helps drive the market .

The White House and Congress have done little to fix what caused the Great Recession: a growing trade deficit with China that saps demand for U.S. goods and destroys jobs; dysfunctional federal policies that invest in bogus alternative energy schemes and limit drilling for oil offshore; burdensome business regulations that raise the cost of new projects; and bank reforms that enrich the Wall Street Banks, while starving America’s biggest jobs creators — small businesses — of credit.

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… Sebelius , You are Nuts [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 17th,2013

.. Kathleen Sebelius seems to think that the imposition of ObamaCrapCare is something like the Civil Rights Movement . That is most definitely far , far from the truth ..

.. The Civil Rights Movement is truly one of the great crusades of our times , or of any time and age . It completed the accomplishment of freedom of the races by engaging in the law full freedom of legal protections , in housing , economics , voting rights , and citizenship . It has begun the task of erasing the stain of the Jim Crow era of legal perversion by freeing a people . It completes the task of individual freedom , not group rights .

.. ObamaCrapCare is an obcence joke . It attempts to impose by socialism something that has no place in the law . It is not even true insurance . Insurance is , by its nature , limited to rare occurences . Health insurance has been perverted , and is not even true “insurance.” It is most definitely nothing , absolutely nothing like the Civil Rights Movement .

… someone should also remind her that opponents of ObamaCrapCare are not “enemies . “

spokeswitch Sebelius

spokeswitch Sebelius

… from Newsmax . com …

Health and Human  Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Tuesday urged NAACP members to bring  the same passionate fight to enrolling people in Obamacare that they brought to  the struggle for civil rights.

“Start spreading the word,” Sebelius said  in a speech to the organization’s national convention in Orlando.  “Download  tool kits and customize fliers to hang up at local businesses and restaurants  and barbershops and beauty salons.”

Sebelius has been working extra hard  to raise awareness of the new law before insurance-exchange marketplaces open on  Oct. 1 and begin enrolling consumers in healthcare  insurance, many of them for the first time in their lives, Politico  reports.

She also asked religious leaders to help spread the  word about the healthcare-reform law and how to  apply for coverage under its various programs.  

“Few voices are  more powerful than yours,” she told delegates. “Those are the ones trusted in  communities. Use those voices to educate and motivate.”

Sebelius called  on the NAACP to put as much effort into helping Obamacare work as it has over  the years in the fight for civil rights. 

“You showed it early in the  fight against lynching and discrimination. You showed it by showing inalienable  rights are secured in the courtroom and at the ballot box,” she said. “You  showed it by supporting a health law 100 years in the making.”

Sebelius  also urged the convention to disregard the calls in Washington for repeal of the  law, passed in 2010, and in Republican-led states, where there still is  opposition to creating healthcare exchanges and expanding Medicaid programs as  called for under Obamacare.

The exchanges are to open Oct. 1 in every  state, “despite what governors say,” Sebelius declared. Americans are required  to have health  insurance by Jan. 1, 2014.

“The Supreme Court has issued its decision  [upholding the law]; the people have spoken. President Obama was  re-elected.”

But, she warned, “the enemy is at the door and we know that  they would like to dismantle these initiatives.”

Related articles

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Part 4 — Medicaid

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 25th,2012

  this part is very esoteric to most folks , but it is quite simple. the ObamaCrapCare Act is seeking to dragoon our states and blackmail them into adding millions of people to the Medicaid rolls, with little (3 years) aid from a Federal Government that cannot afford it.

  Also, in particular many states either have just or are about to get their financial books back in balance, and adding so many people (as the Mother of All Unfunded Mandates) is going to put them effectively into bankruptcy, or pretty close to it.

  If the whole bill (part 3) comes about, then the states will not have to worry, but even if it does, i believe that the Supreme Court will decide on this part of the case, nonetheless. They would not have set things up this way, if they were not planning to make a decision.

  I am not entirely sure, but I think that they will decide (5-4, or 6-3) to strike this part down. Having states meet financial requirements for aid from the feds is one thing, but dragooning them into effective bankruptcy by threating their ENTIRE Medicaid funding is something else .

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