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… the Possibility of Michael Bloomberg [#POTUS]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 1st,2015

.. if he ran IN the Democratic primary , it would cause no end of problems for Miz Hillary . Bloomberg is worth over $10 billion , so he could self – fund his own campaign . He could end up building his own political organization , independent of the regular Dem parties in the states [and the D.N.C.] . That would literally force Miz Hillary to compete for the nomination , if she really wanted it …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. if Bloomberg ran for POTUS as an Independent , he could run a really effective campaign . He would have to building his own political organization outside of any political party , though , That That should not be a significant hurdle for someone who has build the size of business that Bloomberg has . the headaches for the Dems would not end there ..

.. Bloomberg running as an independent would cause no end of problems for the Democrats . He would first have to get on the ballot . Except for New York , that would not be a significant hurdle . Popular support may well be there . most of all , it would throw normally blue states into play for everyone to win , and not just the Dems . Which would scare the hell out of them …

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… Joe Lhota in New York City [Mayor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

… this endorsement may be something of a wish . But it is my fervent wish that a sane and reasonable person be elected Mayor of

MTA Chairman and CEO Joe Lhota on the Scene

MTA Chairman and CEO Joe Lhota on the Scene (Photo credit: MTAPhotos)

New York City .

.. New York City has made great progress over the last 20 years . The murder rate in the city and in each borough has shrunk drastically . The rate of crime has , in most parts of the city , has declined markedly . Most of the city is a very marketable place to be and to be seen . Business in the city has never been better . Yet , this progress in the city ‘ s life is not irreversible .

.. It is progress that is not irreversible . It can be lost , if things are not taken care of very carefully . The election of a loonie – leftie democrap , an ObamaCrap clone , one such as Bill deBlasio , would be a serious setback in the city . It would show that the City may have to take a step or two back , before it takes more steps forward .

.. Hopefully , the voters of New York City will come to their senses . Joe Lhota in New York City …

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… Frank Jackson in Cleveland [Mayor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. I know , I know , Jackson is a Democrat . i do not endorse or vote for Democraps all that often . In the city of Cleveland ‘ s case

Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, at th...

… Frank Jackson, mayor of the City of Cleveland … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, the city has gotten very lucky .

.. Jackson was originally a political hack . He was a longtime city councilman , from the near – East Side , from a very poor area of neighboorhoods . He ran for Mayor the first time , and he won . I had my doubts about the guy . I still do . However , he has earned his shot at another term .

.. Jackson is not a big publicity seeker . Most big – city mayors are publicity hounds . Frank Jackson is not . He prefers to spread the credit around , and not to draw it to himself . Any big – city mayor that is worth a gosh darn needs to be a fairly decent administrator . Jackson is , however , suprisingly , a very good one . He sets the budget , and campaigns hard for it . He does not beat around the bush on the subject …

.. Jackson is also fairly good at building bridges with other people and other parties . He worked hard to get the Medical Merchandise Mart [the Center for Health Transformation] sited , financed , and built ,  and along with it , got a brand new Convention Center for the City out of the deal . Also , he has build bridges with Republicans and with Democrats , outside of the city . He is pushing hard for the city ‘ s control of the school district , and for the school voucher program . That is a surprise , for a  Democrat , to take on the teacher  ‘ s unions  on  vouchers . Yet he has done it , and done it successfully .

.. Frank Jackson in Cleveland [Mayor] …

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… These Cities should try Studying Constitutional Law [Washington , D.C.] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 12th,2013

.. at least , for now , our nation ‘ s capital has come to its senses .

.. The Mayor of Washington , D.C. , Vincent Grey , has vetoed the so — called “living wage” bill . Thanks be to God for that . At least someone around the capital has tried to study basic economics , as well as constitutional law .

.. Wal-mart is a corporation , yes . However , under the law , it is considered a person . What that means is that these “persons” also have constitutional rights , as well as real flesh-and-blood people . In this case , besides the protections for the private obligation of contract , is what is known as a “bill of attainder . ”

.. In our constitution , you cannot punish someone (a person , or a corporation) without due process [procedural and substantive] of law . The use of a Bill of Attainder denies a person that right . The D.C. living wage law is a Bill of Attainder , because it is specifically targeted at one company .

.. The D.C. City Council may want to override . They may even have the votes to override . But , are they that crazy to do so ? Do they want to waste tax money on the damage verdict that will result from a court case . WalMart has the resources to fight , and Mayor Grey is willing to help them .

.. from the Washington ComPost …

Mayor Gray vetoes ‘living wage’ bill aimed at Wal-Mart, setting up decisive council vote

By , Updated: Thursday, September 12, 11:25 AM

District Mayor Vincent C. Gray vetoed legislation Thursday that would force the city’s largest retailers to pay a super-minimum wage to their workers, ending two months of uncertainty over the controversial bill’s fate and setting up a decisive override vote at the D.C. Council as early as Tuesday.

The debate over the bill, the Large Retailer Accountability Act, has polarized local leaders while garnering national attention and putting focus on the low wages many retail chains pay their workers.

Gray (D) announced his veto in a letter to Council Chairman Phil Mendelson delivered Thursday morning that explained his opposition to the bill and disclosed his intention to seek a minimum-wage hike for all employers, not just large retailers.

(Make your case: Do you support the mayor’s decision?)

Mendelson said he was “disappointed” by the mayor’s decision, which he said is “not good for workers.”

In the letter, Gray said the bill was “not a true living-wage bill, because it would raise the minimum wage only for a small fraction of the District’s workforce.” He added the bill is a “job-killer,” citing threats from Wal-Mart and other retailers that they will not locate to the city if the bill becomes law.

“If I were to sign this bill into law, it would do nothing but hinder our ability to create jobs, drive away retailers, and set us back on the path to prosperity for all,” he said.

Gray did not say what minimum wage he would seek except that there should be a “reasonable increase.”

The bill would require retailers with corporate sales of $1 billion or more and operating District stores of at least 75,000 square feet to pay their employees a “living wage” — no less than $12.50 an hour in combined wages and benefits. The proposal includes an exception for employers who collectively bargain with their employees, and existing employers have four years to come into compliance under the law.

The city’s existing minimum wage is $8.25 an hour. The bill would raise the annual earnings of a full-time employee making the lowest legally permissible wage from about $17,000 to $26,000.

While the bill’s supporters repeatedly insisted it was not targeted at Wal-Mart, the debate was inextricably tied to the retail giant’s plans, announced in late 2010, to open as many as six stores in the city in the coming months and years.

The union exemption and square-footage requirement rankled Wal-Mart officials, who said those provisions created an uneven playing field — particularly with respect to the unionized grocery chains they plan to compete with in the city.

A day ahead of the bill’s final passage last month, Wal-Mart told council members and the public that it would abandon plans for three of the six stores and explore options for withdrawing from the others should legislators proceed. The ultimatum changed no votes on the council.

Wal-Mart spokesman Steven Restivo called the veto “good news for D.C. residents,” saying Gray chose “jobs, economic development and common sense over special interests.”

Restivo said the company will move forward with its first stores in the District: “We look forward to finishing the work we started in the city almost three years ago.”

Wal-Mart’s entry into the city has prompted a political identity crisis for many elected officials, forced to reconcile their liberal, pro-union sentiments with the desire to create jobs and better retail options for their constituents.

Key council members, including Mendelson (D) and Business Affairs Committee chair Vincent B. Orange (D-At Large), were unabashed in support of the bill, giving it momentum that similar measures had lacked in prior council terms.

But Gray made no secret in recent months that, for him, jobs and retail took priority.

Wal-Mart’s entry into the city was an early political coup for Gray, and he personally lobbied — some say threatened — top company executives to commit to a store at the Skyland Town Center development not far from Gray’s home in Ward 7.

The Skyland store is among those Wal-Mart has threatened to abandon should the living-wage bill become law. The developer of the project, Gary D. Rappaport, has said the project cannot move forward at this time without Wal-Mart’s commitment.

If the council fails to override the veto, Restivo said, “all stores are back on.”

Gray gave little indication in recent weeks that he was seriously entertaining signing the bill. His deputy mayor for planning and economic development, Victor L. Hoskins, warned after the council vote that the bill would devastate the city’s retail development efforts, and his communications staff shared letters urging a veto — and none encouraging him to sign it. In interviews, Gray was quick to cite arguments against the bill but rarely acknowledged supporters’ point of view.

The coalition of labor unions, city clergy and progressive political activists backing the bill have over the past six weeks canvassed neighborhoods and held media events in hopes of pressuring Gray into signing the bill. Wal-Mart and other large retailers, they argued, could pay their workers better wages without significantly harming their bottom lines.

Some said they considered Wal-Mart’s ultimatum a bluff; others said they would rather see the retailer walk away than accept its “poverty wages.” Wal-Mart has pushed back on the notion that its wages are considerably less than other retailers, saying its pay would be “competitive” and accusing the grocery workers’ union of signing a contract that pays some of its members wages that would not comply with the living-wage law.

Business groups, other retailers and even former mayor Anthony A. Williams urged Gray to veto the bill, citing the potential job losses, the effect on grocery access, “retail leakage” to the suburbs and potential harm to the city’s business reputation.

Gray’s decision sets up a final political showdown with the council, which can override the veto with a two-thirds vote within 30 days. Mendelson told his colleagues Thursday that the override vote will take place Tuesday, at the council’s first legislative meeting since giving the bill final passage in July.

An override would require the approval of nine of the council’s 13 members. The bill passed last month by an 8-5 margin, and no member has acknowledged since that their vote could change.

The District’s living wage measure has followed a nearly identical trajectory to a similar bill taken up by the Chicago city council in 2006. With Wal-Mart planning its first stores there, lawmakers passed the bill, sending it to Mayor Richard M. Daley, who vetoed it. An override vote narrowly failed.

Wal-Mart now operates 10 Chicago stores.

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… Gee , will Miracles Never Cease …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 10th,2013

.. Sen . Babs Boxer and I agree on something , Filthy Bob Filner [D-SD] should step down from office . She is not the only one. DiFi wants him out . Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants him out . But , anyone else ?

.. Right now , no . Not as of yet . So that you actually believe it , I am going to repost Babs Boxer ‘ s letter (courtesy of the Washington Examiner) …

Dear Bob,

We’ve known each other for a long time, and have worked together on many issues that are important to the people of San Diego – from creating jobs to protecting the environment to helping our veterans.

So I am speaking to you now on a personal and professional level, and asking you to step down as mayor and get the help you need as a private citizen.

I have already said publicly that you should resign your office as mayor because of the shocking revelations by many women about your behavior toward them.

But now I must say this directly to you: Bob, you must resign because you have betrayed the trust of the women you have victimized, the San Diegans you represent and the people you have worked with throughout your decades in public life.

I have worked for so many years to prevent and punish sexual violence and sexual harassment, wherever they occur. As we fight in the Senate to stand up for the men and women in our military who are survivors of sexual assault, I have heard their stories, seen the anguish in their faces, listened to them talk about the pain that will always be with them. Let me be clear: The latest revelations regarding your behavior toward women recovering from sexual assault – women who desperately need our help – have shaken me to my core.

Bob, you have already hurt so many people. To avoid hurting your victims and the people of San Diego more than you already have, you should step down immediately.



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… Therapy is not Enough , “Fellows” , Leave ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 26th,2013

.. It seems that the “Three Musketeers” have not gotten the hint . Eliot Spitzer is still maintaining his campaign for New York City Comptroller . Why anyone would let some so irresponsible anywhere near the public ‘ s purse is crazy , beyond belief . He is not the only lunatic .

.. Anthony Weiner(snitzel) is still trying to stay in the race for Mayor of New York City . Why he thought that he could run for office in the first place , who knows . His wife ‘ s forgiveness is not enough . A record of responsible behaviour would be helpful . Preferrably in the private sector . Anyone would have to be crazy to let him anywhere near the Mayor ‘ s race , much less the Mayor ‘ s office . Why he decided to stay in the race is anyone ‘ s guess . Humiliating his wife , once again , was not enough .

.. The last musketeer , Bob Filner , a former Congresscritter , and current Mayor of San Diego , just does not seem to get it . He has abused women . He has felt them up . He has kissed them , without their consent . And even worse than that . I am willing to guess that rape or sexual assault is part of his resume . Yet , he will not get the hint , and resign .

.. Guys , it is time to take a loaded hint . Take your flawed charachter , and even more flawed ideas , and even more flawed ambitions , and go . Permanently .

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… A Politician is a Serial Sexual Harasser [Bob Filner — SD,CA] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 19th,2013

… can you guess his political party ? …

[big h/t — theOtherMcCain]

It’s time once again to play our favorite game, “Name That Party”!

“God forbid, if you were a single woman he found the least bit attractive. He was relentless and disgusting, and sometimes unforgiving.”

Need a hint? Amanda Marcotte hasn’t said a word about this creep. And no, not on her Twitter feed today, either, that I can tell. But then again, maybe you need some more clues.

A city councilwoman and two lawyers, formerly allies of the mayor, held a press conference to air the charges lodged against Mayor Filner by a variety of women.

Hmmm. What party could this be?

Donna Frye described other specifics about a victim: “He grabbed her, kissed her, jamming his tongue down her throat.” Frye went on to describe another encounter: “The Mayor quickly had his hand down the inside of her bra.”

Gee, maybe this creepy molester should be getting some attention from the media — “War on Women,” and all that — but Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner is scheduled to give the keynote speech at a benefit for victims of sexual assault, so I guess his heart is in the right place.

And his tongue is down your throat.

And his hand is inside your bra.

… have you guessed yet ? … Huh ?

D – E – M – O – C  – R – A – T .

what else did you expect ?

former House (of Representatives) Democrat .

yea , a former Congresscritter !

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… Spot On , Dr. Krauthammer [on WalMart] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 11th,2013

walmart beijing

walmart beijing (Photo credit: galaygobi)

.. WalMart is working its fanny off to bring jobs to the inner cities . The best way for that is for them to bring regular WalMart stores , SuperCentres , and support centers to those area . The lower prices that these shops would bring would likely be a heaven – sent blessing to the local market . The jobs , it would be said , would be even better for the local economy .

.. WalMarts are not small stores . The average regular store is around 70k to 75k square ft in size . The supercentres are around 175k to 225k sq ft in size . And , their product offerings are second to none . You name , just about , they usually have it .

.. Yet , the company receives a great deal of resistance and flack from the business , from unions , and from politicians . The businesses fear the competition . The unions fear the loss of dues , and the jobs of their members . The politicians ‘ interests are usually tied in to those of the previous two .

.. In Washington , D.C. , Mayor Vincent Gray is trying to bring WalMart to the city . Nonetheless , the D.C. city council has other ideas in mind . Like enacting what is known as a “living wage” law for the city . For the whole city ? Nooooo ! Only for companies whose stores are 75k square feet , or larger . Guess who that means ?

.. Yep . WalMart . No one else generally has stores that big . If the D.C. City Council passed that law for the whole city , at least (if not suicidal) , it would be understandible . They did not . Mayor Gray will veto the bill , but the Council may well override him . Congress should step in .

.. Congress is given (in the Constitution) exclusive jurisdiction over legislation over the District . In this case , it should step in , and slap the D.C. Council down . That is , unless the Courts beat them to it . What the Council has passed , is , as Dr. Charles Krauthammer put on this night ‘ s edition of Special Report , a bill of attainder ..

.. Big Oops !

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