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… ObamaCrapCare — the Yin and the Yang of Skewering HHS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

… Her Royal Highness (HHS Secretary Kathleen G. Sebelius) was at it again , in public , in front of Congress .

.. This time , she tried pulling her act in front of the Senate . Unluckily for her , she was in front of the Finance Committee . The Senate Finance Committee is one of the most evenly divided committees that there is , which is bad enough for the DemoCraps . Even worse , the chairman of the committee is Max Baucus , of Montana . You may wonder why that is such a big deal ?

.. you want to see her Royal Highness get skewered , in public , by senior members ? … I thought that you would . Here are links to comments made by Senate Finance Chairman [Max Baucus] of Montana , and ranking Member [Orrin Hatch] of Utah .

.. Baucus is a moderate , especially in comparison to the loonies in the Senate DemoCrap leadership , such as tricky Dick Durbin and Dingy Harry Reid . Baucus is also pro – tax cut , contrary to most of his party . Most of them are a bunch of tax increase – hungry maniacs . Baucus is not . Baucus is also the author of the ObamaCrapCare legislation . If anyone understands what is going on in that monstrosity of a power grab , it would be Baucus . If anyone understands how badly the implementation of the ObamaCrapCare bill is going , he would know . These are not the only things .

.. Baucus is from Montana , a Red State . If anyone in the Senate DemoCrap caucus understands how big a mess things are right now , it is likely to be someone like a veteran like Max Baucus . Also , Baucus is retiring at the end of his current term , and his seat is likely to be filled by a conservative Republican . Baucus knows it . His retirement , his seniority , and his knowledge of the bill give him a particular level of insight on the bill that many of his Senate colleagues (on both sides of the isle) do not have .

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… Political News on the Economy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 19th,2013

.. At least , in 2014 , there is likely to be good news on the political front . Falling poll ratings and the perceptions of weakness in POTUS mean that there is going to be a limit to what he may well be able to get from the Hill . The continuing falling of the economy , while bad for POTUS , is probably going to be better news for the GOP .

.. The GOP may well want to repeal ObamaCrapCare . They will try , but they will keep the government open . POTUS will try to play games , and possibly try to pull off a temporary government shutdown . Considering his ego , and his big mouth , his tactic will backfire . At least , the sequester should likely remain in place , and continue to increase in amount . If the GOP plays its cards right in the debt limit fight , it may well get some added budget cuts . Possible , maybe even probable , but not necessarily definite .

.. The Dems are in deep trouble . They have a deeply unpopular President tied around their collective necks , and they know it . They may want to regain control of the House , but they should forget it . They are going to get hammered on the economy , and any and all kinks in O.C.C. are going to get blamed on them , not the GOP .

.. Obama  ‘ s sliding poll ratings make things incredibly difficult for the Dems . Pelosi is an incompentent twit . She is stuck (permanently) in fantasyland . Thankfully , even if lightening struck , and the DemoCraps regained control of the House , she would not be Speaker . Thank God , that is not going to happen  . At best , the DemoCraps will gain a few seats . If the elections were held now , they would get blown out again , and lose more than a dozen or more seats . The real danger for them is the Senate .

.. The Dems are in deep ,  deep trouble in the Senate . Important members of the Dem caucus (Carl Levin , Jay Rockefeller , and Max Baucus) are retiring , and in 3 of the 4 cases , the seats are likely to fall to the GOP . The GOP candidate recruitment this time around , so far , is far better , and the knucklehead factor is being held down . Other narrowly won seats , such as AK and AR are in deep trouble , and are also likely to fall to the GOP . Mary Landrieux is one of the few Dems running in Red States that has a decent chance of holding on . The political dynamic in Louisiana has changed quite a bit , as one can see by the political switch by State Senator Elbert Guillory (R-La) .

.. Blacks will still vote Democratic , but in not quite such large numbers . There is quite a bit of disappointment in the Black Community over Obama and his lack of production , and the historical factor is passing from the scene . It does not mean that Blacks will change sides all of a sudden , but a change of even a couple of percentage points will make a big , big difference .

..  What might shock people is if there is even a bigger break than that . It is more likely to happen , slowly ,  in the Jewish community . The demographics of conservative and orthodox Jews is in the GOP ‘ s favour , but it will take  time . The Latino community is more promising . Latinos have much more in common with the GOP than they do with the DemoCraps . It will take time , effort , and expense , but Latinos can and will listen to reason . Latinos do value their vote and their citizenship , since , for them , it was much harder for them to gain access to it and achieve it . They will not come over easy , but the demagogery of the DemoCraps will wear off over time .

.. Congress is not a lot better . At least , control of the U.S. Senate is likely to shift , either in 2014 (with the DemoCraps getting their butts kicked) , or in 2016 (when all of the Dems are swept out of the Door , and adult attention and leadership in the person of the GOP returns to town . In the interim , the change in the Senate will mean a fair bit of substantial change in tax policy . Orrin Hatch is a conservative ‘ s conservative , and is likely to be a dynamic leader of the Senate Finance Committee . It will also let POTUS know that there will be no more tax increases coming out of Crapitol Hill .
POTUS may want them , but by then , he will know that he will not get them .

.. Also , 2014 will see an increase in GOP govenors . Not much , but there will be a differeent cast of characters at the state level . The GOP is likely to see a marked increase in state legislators , as well as a takeover of control of a number of state legislative chambers . It will also make some fair progress in some surprising Blue states , likely including Illinois .

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… Oh , POTUS , Yes You Can [on Budget Cuts] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. and , yes you will …

.. POTUS is an arrogant bastard . He thinks that he can dictate terms of debate , as well as the terms of the bill that will reach his desk . It could not be further from the truth than that , that is for sure …

[-] the Senate — the GOP has 45 members . Unlike Illinois , where the GOP was a bunch of mindnumbed robots , the D.C. crowd is one of a different ilk . Just ask Dingy Harry Reid . Any deal will have problems passing , because Dingy Harry ‘ s power will start to ebb , once the cats realize he will not be the boss of the corral after next November …

[-] the House — any bill has to be passed by a majority of the majority . Boehner can do the math . He also knows that the GOP is likely to strengthen its numbers , and with the uproar over the Tea Party targeting , you can bet there will be more of them in the next Congress . POTUS will just love that . He will also have to accept the fact that he will have to negotiate , whether he likes it or not …

[-] the financial markets — they are not going to be wild about this , that is sure . However , with a weak President , the GOP is going to press what advantages it has for whatever it can get . it also does not have to worry about an “automatic” tax increase burrowed into things , like the last time ..

[-] the Fed Chairman — the markets are going to be far more worried about who the next Fed Chairman (or , Chairwoman) will be . They have to be concerned about the possibility that the inflation genie could get out of the bottle . They would prefer an inflationary hard – case as the chair . The House is out of it on this , but not the Senate . The 45 GOP members , plus the nervous Dems up next year can and will push POTUS to appoint one . Since Larry Summers has evidently withdrawn from consideration , do not expect Janet Yellen to get the nod , either . She is an inflation dove , one that the markets will not like . Obama is pigheaded and arrogant , but , hopefully , not that stupid . A short bear market will likely kill off Yellen .

[-] Mitch McConnell — He is likely to be the chief deal – maker . He is usually pretty good at math , and he will know what can pass , and at what price .

[-] taxes — No tax increases will pass , with either GOP caucus , no matter how much POTUS wants them . The last time , the GOP had an automatic one scheduled in pressuring them . Not this time . Tax cuts , unfortunately , not likely , either . POTUS will want higher rates & / or tax monies as part of any deal , and unless he gets a “bath of cold water” and grows up , there will not be any change in taxes or rates .

[-] Max Baucus — He is the chair of the Senate Finance Cmte , and can be very unpredictable . Baucus is a wild card , since he is retiring , and the GOP is likely to grab his seat , Tim Johnson ‘ s [SD] , and Jay Rockefeller [WV] . That is half of the GOP ‘ s battle . Mark Pryor in Ar is likely a “dead man walking” and Mary Landrieux in LA will try her best , but will likely have trouble holding on .

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… Realities intrude on Promises [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 18th,2013

.. not long ago , presidential candidate Barack Obama stood before Iowa voters and introduced a plan designed to extend

health care to all Americans.

.. “We can do this,” he said with confidence. “The time has come for universal, affordable healthcare in America.”

.. Three years ago, President Obama signed into law a plan designed to extend coverage to more than 30 million uninsured people.

“This is what change looks like,” he exulted.

.. But it has become clear that Obama’s vision for universal health care is dramatically different than it was that day in Iowa. The president has been forced to cut, reshape and compromise on his signature Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because of economic — and political — realities.

.. Obamacare, the president’s singular major domestic achievement, was immediately attacked by Republicans, conservatives, physicians, business groups — even members of his own Democratic Party — as too expensive, too cumbersome — and just plain unworkable.

“I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, said at an April budget meeting.

GOP legislators have consistently called for Obamacare’s repeal.

Then, this week, the Obama administration delayed the requirement that medium and large companies provide coverage for their workers or face heavy fines. And what started out as a promise of universal health care for all has now become something far different.

Here is how Obamacare’s scope has narrowed in recent years:

— Public option? Never mind.

— Long-term care insurance? No such thing.

— Coverage for the neediest? Not in every state.

Obamacare envisioned millions of the neediest Americans gaining health insurance by enrolling in Medicaid, with coverage starting in January. But the Supreme Court threw a wrench in that plan last year when it gave states the right to opt out of the Medicaid expansion plan.

Because of Republican opposition in many states, it looks like nearly two in three of those who would qualify for new Medicaid coverage may be out of luck because their state lawmakers have not agreed to expand the program.

What about workers? A longer wait.

Obamacare requires companies with 50 or more workers to offer affordable coverage to full-time employees or risk escalating tax penalties. Originally, that requirement was supposed to take effect on Jan. 1. But now the administration is pushing that requirement back a year, citing the complexity of the undertaking.

Most medium and large businesses already offer health insurance. Those most likely to be affected by the delay: low-wage workers at hotels, restaurants and stores.

.. In addition, because the individual mandate remains in place, workers may now be forced to buy their own insurance or pay a penalty because their employers don’t provide coverage, according to the Cato Institute, a Washington-based public policy think tank.

.. The administration’s decision essentially shifts the cost from employers to workers. This hardly seems fair, the Cato Institute contends, and may force the White House to even rethink the individual mandate.

Meanwhile, what’s left?

.. Starting next year, individuals will be required to carry health insurance or face fines.

.. People who are uninsured can to shop for affordable coverage through the online marketplaces that are scheduled to be in place on October 1st .

Those fears came to light this week, when the White House delayed the employer mandate until 2015 — leading many GOP legislators to echo predictions and cite yet another reason for doing away with Obamacare..

“This thing is so bad, that there’s no salvation for it,” Rep. Michael Burgess, a Republican who is an obstetrician in his Texas district, told Newsmax this week. “You’re seeing more evidence, every day, that the train wreck that Max Baucus foretold is going to occur.”

And throughout next year’s congressional election season, Republicans will work feverishly to tie Democratic hopefuls to Obamacare, GOP strategists say.

“It’s the gift that just keeps on giving,” Brad Todd, a Republican media consultant, told Politico. “For Republican political strategists, having Obamacare is like being in the Beer of the Month Club. Every month, you get a new care package in the mail.”

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the White House was delaying the mandate to save Democrats at the polls next year.

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… Why Obama ‘ s Second Term is a Bomb ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 11th,2013

[-] same old , same old political script , ready for the veiled counterpunch .

English: Barack Obama Deutsch: Barack Obama

… who do you think it is ?!?! …

[-] same old , same old message — get a jump , and go over on to the attack .
[-] the great American fib – a – thon on the Sequester .
[-] Obama wound up ratifying all but a sliver of the Bush tax cuts.
[-] Operation Punish the Public blew up in his face
[-] the Democrats are realizing that his attraction is not lasting for the Democratic Party , and will have massive damage with voting blocks , over time .
[-] You-know-who lost on gun control.
[-] His national-security flops on Benghazi, North Korea, Syria and more still
plague him while his secretary of defense is uninspiring and his secretary of
state is gaffe-prone. Obama gave lovely speeches after the Boston bombing, but
scrutiny is now being focused on potential lapses by the FBI and/or CIA.
[-] The economy remains anemic .
[-] Max Baucus has a big mouth
[-] A large group of Senate Democrats have announced retirement , rather than
face the music in 2014.
[-] His presidency has helped induce a wave of George W. Bush nostalgia . and There
is a long, long way to go before Obama leaves office.

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