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… a Measure of Bigotry — the Students for Justice in Palestine …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,May 28th,2014

.. a , how much of a misnomer can you get ?

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..

.. [link] to the interview footage …

.. S.J.P. is for one thing … a one – state solution , all – Palestinian and Arab , with all those of the Jewish faith either expelled , or put to death . For them , it is that simple ….


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… Thank You Nick Searcy !! [#GosnellMovie endorsement]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 25th,2014

.. many of you know Nick Searcy for his acting on ” Justified ” on FX (I think) . I know him better from the crotchety security chief on the sci – fi adventure from a decade ago , entitled ” Seven Days . ”

.. not many Hollywood actors these days take loud public stands . Even fewer take those stands on moral issues on which they have strong moral stands . These folks avoid that stuff like the plague . Not Nicholas Searcy ..

.. In this case , it is a fundraiser for the movie , to be titled ” Gosnell . ” It is either to be a 2 to 3 hour TV movie , or possibly a 4 hour miniseries , about the actions and the story of the horrors of the now – infamous mass murderer and abortionist defrocked former Dr. Kermit Gosnell . He ran that hellhole of an abortion clinic just outside suburban Philadelphia for years , and got away with making many people ‘ s lives a living hell , ending the brief lives of many innocents . Even more tragic was the gross lack of media coverage of the trial , and the results thereof …

.. I heartily support this movie , Nick Searcy , and his fundraising effort . if you wish to contribute , go to : … . It is a movie that is being produced by Phelim McAleer and his friends . It is Phelim ‘ s YouTube ad that I am hoping that you will go to see this very worthy contribution by Nick . He has guts . May God Bless everyone involved so that this movie can be made …

.. [h/t — YouTube]..

.. [link] to the Nick Searcy speech … (it is a little less than 2 minutes , so it is not long) (please , go to watch it ! )

.. A big thank you ! to independent fundraising outfit IndieGogo for aiding greatly in this effort …

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… Thank You , Kevin Sorbo ! []…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 12th,2014

.. follks from all over creation are working to try to make a movie about the mass – murdering butcher , Dr. Kermit Gosnell .

.. it is a herculean effort . it will take a good bit of money , as well .

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..

.. [link] to the video interview and blog post …

.. conservative activist and actor Kevin Sorbo [“Hercules”] and his wife Samantha have made a video explaining why they are foursquare for the  movie . They are contributing their time , as well as their money to the effort .

.. I have contributed a little . I do not have very much money , but I think that this movie is very much worth it …

.. for those who want to contribute , go to []..

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