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… Social Conservatives Do Care about Marriage …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 25th,2014

.. as do I …

.. that is why no – fault divorce should be torn dorn and abolished ..

.. [h/t — theAmericanConservative]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. the idea is to make people think about what marriage means … what it is  , what it means ,  what it is for , why to get married , and why to end a marriage …

.. probably one of the worst ideas was no – fault divorce . It allows two people  [a man and a woman , thank you very much] to end their relationship without realizing why ? …

.. if you have made a mistake , one of the most important things is that most important choice : why ?

.. the problem with no – fault divorce is that it allows you to avoid understanding and thinking about that choice . If you do not think about it , you just might forget about your history . If you do , then you just might be doomed to repeat that mistake …

.. the thing is not that it makes divorce a hassle . The idea of things like a cooling – off period , marriage classes (like my church , the Roman Catholic Church has) , and the elimination of no – fault divorce is that it makes people do one important thing …

.. T – H – I – N – K ..

.. Governments give sanction to marriage and to divorce . We have to deal with the results of both , most importantly , with children and child support , abuse , infidelity , and whatnot … . So , how a marriage comes about is the government ‘ s business , to a certain point . Given the appalling divorce rate , and the damage that divorce does to a family .. to be honest , how a divorce comes about is also in part a government ‘ s business .

.. there is not an establishment clause in the Constitution . Yes , it is important in this argument . It is a prohibition against a state –  sanctioned and ” established ” church , i.e. , as was the Church of England is in the U.K. . Does it matter ? Yes ..

.. Many people get married in a Church . They generally do not get divorced in one . However , the foundation of our law is our morality . A great deal of the foundation of our morality comes from the sense of right and wrong . The largest part , though , comes from our sense of faith . Even an atheist has faith , believe it or not .

.. We need to make couples think about who they are , why they get married , and why they get divorced . No , it is not making things a ” hassle . ” Society has that right to expect that of civilized and moral people to behave themselves in a civil and moral way , by thinking about what they are doing , and not just acting on their feelings …

.. Sure , the feelings of love are a damn important part of a relationship , and of marriage . But , it is not the only part . There are more practical considerations , folks .. Such as whether it is the right thing to do , or whether we should . That is the idea of marriage classes , in basic … to be sure and certain as is possible …

.. especially , in order to avoid the ” D ” word , if at all possible …

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… Marriage is for Me !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

Marriage is For Me !

.. No , I have never been married . But , I respect and admire my friends and family who are married . I believe that it is for the best for all that are concerned .

.. Yea , I am lonely . I have always wished to find the right person . God willing , I will . When that will happen , I do not know . But , I believe that it will happen ..

.. I am an idealist . I always have been . Even after all the things that I have been through down through the years , you might think that I may well be a cynic . I am not . I would rather live and die as an idealist , than to live one day as a cynic .

.. Love can come suddendly . It can , as I have found , come softly (from Jeannette Oke ‘ s books and movies) . Being friends first helps . But it is not always necessary .

.. Are there fears and anxieties ? Sure . Finding the right person , first of all . Not to be picky , no . I come with baggage . In my case , also a hot fuse . That is what scares me to death , more than anything else . I do not want to hurt the people that I care about , because I am a hot head ..

.. You might think that I had gotten advice from my parents . I thought that I had not . Then I realized that it was right in front of me . It was their example . They were not perfect . Far from it . But they made it work … every day , for almost 48 years . May God Bless them Always !

.. I believe that it takes not being selfish , but being selfless enough . A lot more than that . If one is too selfish , well , then , ….

Marriage is about family.
.. I realized that I had seen my parent ‘ s advice . My father was not a preacher . Not even close . A scoutmaster , yes . Nothing made him more proud than when both my brother John and I earned our Eagle Scout badges . It did not always make it easy to deal with a father and a scoutmaster . But , I finally understood . I wanted to achieve , but also did not want to embarass him . I did not . Generally , not publically . Sometimes , in private .
.. Yea , my father and I look a lot alike . But we are very different people . He passed away in June of 2005 . I think about him every day . Every day . My mom , too . My father was up – from – the – boostraps working class , not the best in school , and worked his fanny off to become a top flight electical engineer . Also , a top – flight technical writer . He was a 32nd degree FreeMason by his mid40s , and could have gone higher . Much higher .

.. What matter more . Our family . Not just Mom . My sister , Karen , my brother John , and me . Indian Guides . Boy Scouts . Church . American Legion . A Master Gardener , in retirement . All of that . One heck of an example . But not perfect , either .

.. God , I miss my mother . She passed away in January of 2000 . A top flight RN for almost 40 years . Most of her career was spent in maternity nursing at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland , Ohio . She was upper middle – class , and had to defy my grandmother to take the exams to enter nursing school . Doing it anytime took guts . Doing it in the early 1950s took a lot more guts .


.. Does it scare me ? Yes , it does . But , not as much as one might think . Even the likelyhood or possibility of being a step – parent . Who knows . Being an excellent role model matters the most . Especially in this day and age .

.. No , I am not that open . I am still shy . But our world has changed so much , and is still changing . Hopefully for the better . Making sure that technology is an aid , and not a crutch , is helpful .

My Siblings

.. Both are married . One for 18 years , the other for almost 35 years . Great job , you too . Especially with my nieces and nephew . My nephew is a newlywed . I wonder how my sister feels about becoming a Grandmaw [ha!ha!] . Just kidding , Sis ! I think that it would be great .

the ” M ” word
.. Do I wish I have talked to them about the ” M ” word ? Yea , I do . Those who know me would not be surprised that I did not . I am extraordinarily painfully shy . Still am . The experience of these years has helped to loosen some of the shyness .

.. No true relationship of love is just about you. Love is about the person you love . It is about being selfless .

.. And , the more that you love that person, the more love you receive . And not just from your significant other, but from their friends and their family and thousands of others you never would have met had your love remained self-centered.

.. Truly, love and marriage is for you . .

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… Those Idiots in California have Done It Again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 12th,2013

.. no , unbelievably , it is not on taxes , or on spending …

… or , even on even more debt …

… it is fertility treatments , not for married couples . That at least would make sense ….

… not even for POS (people of the opposite sex) … they did not have a  right to it , before . It may not be moral , but at least there is some kind of sense to it …

… it is fertility treatments for same – sex couples . How insane is that . Earth to the People ‘ s Republic of California , you need the intervention of a third party , no matter what , for a same – sex couple to have (conceive of) a child . It is just physically impossible for them to do it any other way , no matter what .

… same – sex relationships are , to me , immoral and unnatural . If God had intended for us to have same – sex couplings , He would have Constructed us diffferently . We are not , that is for sure .

… How insane is that . Guys and gals , it does not work that way . Come back to the straight and narrow …

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… Ah , D.O.D. , What you are Doing is Circumventing State Law …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 14th,2013

.. in the state in which a base is located .

.. In Ohio , where I am , a base of this size , where there is likely to be such a gay soldier / airman population is at Wright – Patterson Air Force Base . Wright – Pat (for short) is huge , with many thousands of officers and airmen and airwomen . It also has detachments from the other services . These folks , though , have a problem .

.. For them , they have wither to live on base , or within a reasonable distance of the base . That means about 30 to 40 miles . Down there (Wright – Pat is downstate , just northeast of the City of Dayton , actually in Fairborn) , that means those folks live entirely within the state of Ohio . Where , matter of fact , that so – called “Same Sex Marriage” is both illegal , as well as unconstitutional . Huge Oops !

.. Somehow , I do not think that even a significant chunk of the Senate (in Democratic hands , for now) , much less saying the House (which is GOP – controlled) are going to be too thrilled with such a stunt . Circumventing local laws , where marriage is governed , and allowed servicemen and servicewomen to abrogate those local laws is not going to go over very well .

.. You might think why I picked on Wright – Pat ? It is , by far , the largest military base in the state of Ohio . No other one is really in its size class . Also , one other factor . Guess in whose congressional district parts of the base are located ?

.. John Boehner . Yea , Speaker of the House John Boehner . Whoops .

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… are We destined for a Human Rights Act ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 3rd,2013

… are we destined for a “Human Rights Act?” …

.. at the rate that the radical left is going , they will not settle at  the legalization of “gay marriage.” they will keep pushing , pushing , pushing , seeking to deligitimize Christians and Christianity , taking away people ‘ s God –

given human rights and Constitutional Rights , under the cloak of “Human Rights,” such

as they have done in Canada ..

.. Canada does have constitutional protections for its citizens . It is called the

Charter of Rights and Freedoms . It evidently did not stop the passage of the Canada Human Rights Act , or the establishment of the Canada Human Rights Cmsn . The Cmsn is a

vehicle for radical leftists to wage “political war , ” Alinsky – style , on their perceived and actual opponents ..

.. Do we really want something like that here , or that kind of crap stripping away

our rights here in the U.S. ? I say hell , NO ! ..

n America, this pressure will take the form of “discriminatory” churches losing

government grants, permits, and participation in programs . It will be the death of

religious freedom by a thousand little cuts here and there : canceled speeches of

religious figures at state universities, lost HHS grants, the refusal of city

governments to recognize churches that don’t permit gay marriages, “hate crime”

legislation that extends to opposition to gay marriage, and so on. All of this will

have the effect of pressuring churches into blessing gay marriages .  .   While he can’t determine the sacraments for religions, Obama will try and marginalize those religions that don’t determine the sacraments in a manner he

considers “nondiscriminatory.”   The goal of the gay-marriage juggernaut is to make Christians pariahs, as irrelevant to

public life as racists. It doesn’t have to pass a Denmark-style law to force churches

to conduct gay marriages; it can achieve the same end through punitive political

correctness.   The gay-marriage juggernaut only speeds up at the sight of such gestures, seeing civil

marriage as just one stop on a longer road to a secularist state in which religion in

general and the Catholic Church in particular fall silent and compliant out of fear if

not law.   … such as this hate – filled rant by John Becker at the Huffington Post

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