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… What are They Thinking ?!?! [#Operation Choke Point]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 10th,2016

.. I am sorry that I did not know what Operation Choke Point was , before .

.. I do now .

.. It is unquestionably illegal , an illegal use of congressionally appropriated funds for which there is no moral or legitimate purpose . People who run legal businesses have a right to do business , without hindrance . Banks and other financial institutions may choose to or not to do business with them . They have the right to choose to enter or exit areas of business that they find tasteful . If they find them distasteful , then they will not do so . But , it is their choice …

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. Governments have at their discretion a great deal of power . They should use it responsiby and carefully . It is not the province of the government , however , to grossly misuse its law enforcement and regulatory powers to harass , intimidate , and / or penalize them . They have a right to do business with whom they choose . They do not have a right to put them out of business by indirectly targeting them by their financial intermediaries [the banks / s&ls , etc]. It is not just unfair , it is illegal and unconstitutional …

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