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… The United Methodist Church is heading for Deep Trouble [#gay issues]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 23rd,2016

.. The Methodists , like many Protestant faiths , has had to have dealings w. gays , lesbians , and LGBT issues . UM doctrine defines gays and lesbians as incompatible w. Church teachings . There have even been theological ” trials ” over the issue . But the issue is not going away . Not one bit ..

.. A number of UM jurisdictions are in open rebellion over the issues. They have held and ” consecrated ” gay weddings ‘ , and have selected openly gay clergy to their local pulpits . The higher levels act as if the issue is going away , , or that they wish that the issue would fade away . It will not ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post news ..

.. Now the rebellion is reaching the higher levels of the UM church . It is reaching a point that the church body as a whole will have to address . Now a Western District in Arizona has elected an openly gay bishop . Now what ?? ..

.. Exactly that . Now what ?? The Methodists cannot hide their heads in the sand , and wish that the issue would go away . It will not ..

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… Carl De Maio has some serious guts [GOP candidate // CA]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,May 14th,2014

.. if you have not heard of him , you will .

.. around these parts of the country , the answer is , huh ?? ..

.. Carl De Maio is / was a City Councilman in San Diego . He is a fervent and strong , fairly conservative guy . He is also gay . So what ? ..

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the candidate ‘ s comments ..

.. De Maio ran for Mayor of San Diego in 2012 . Unfortunately , he lost (narrowly) to Bob (Filthy) Filner , who is now gone . He is now running for the 52nd Congressional district seat , one that is currently held by a DemoCrap (I am not sure which one) ..

.. given the circumstances , de Maio would not have an easy time . This year and this time around , he has a real chance of knocking off an incumbent DemoCrap . Good . Whether he is gay or not should not matter . Whether he is electable and can serve well in office is important ..

.. good luck to you , Carl . I for one will be following your race to see what happens …

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… Yea , Ace of Spades , It is How I Read it [Filner] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 30th,2013

.. Right now , folks , short of his resignation , the only way to get San Diego Mayor ( and former demoCrap Congresscritter ) Bob Filner is to recall him from office . The only problem : an ally of Filner ‘ s , Stampp Corbin , has taken out the petitions , and has posted the legal notice in the news media . You may wonder , what that means ?

.. Simple . No one else can take out petitions to recall Filner . Unless a judge (who may be a Filner crony) overturns the monkeyshines , the legal clock will run out (for now) on a recall effort .

.. It seems that the City of San Diego has rules for the recall of officeholders that are more stringent that those that are spelled out the the State constitution. The number of signatures is greater , the time perioud is lesser , and then there is the set – off perioud . Once an effort has failed , then six months must elapse before another can be mounted .

.. and an ally of Filner ‘ s is controlleing the recall petitions …

SAN DIEGO — LGBT Weekly publisher Stampp Corbin is being accused of filing a fraudulent recall notice in an effort to keep in office San Diego’s embattled Mayor Bob Filner, who faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment.
Corbin, who has a history of support and close involvement with Filner, surprised the San Diego political world on Thursday, July 25, when he was the first to initiate a recall notice against Filner via a classified ad in the UT San Diego.
According to the UT San Diego:
Publishing a notice starts a 60-day clock for the recall process, though the actual signature-gathering begins three weeks later. From there, 101,597 signatures must gathered within 39 days, with a 30-day extension allowed if needed.
Two days earlier, Corbin had published an opinion piece attacking the credibility of one of Filner’s accusers – his former fiancée Bronwyn Ingram. Some observers questioned Corbin’s motives, considering that Filner had appointed Corbin to a city commission.
By triggering the recall process on July 25, and without much fanfare, Corbin appears to be taking time away from organizers to mount a proper campaign. And it calls into question whether another recall effort led by land-use consultant Michael Pallamary, who has given Filner until today, July 29, to resign or face a recall petition, can now go forward.
In his classified ad, Corbin failed to outline in detail the case against Filner, other than “Accusations of sexual harassment by city worker against Mayor Filner.” To date, six other women outside of city government have come forward and accused Filner of sexual harassment.
Further complicating matters, Corbin has announced that he will not mount a funded campaign with paid campaign staff to collect signatures, and instead will simply make a copy of the petition available to anyone who stops by his office at LGBT Weekly.
Observers say the biggest risk is that Corbin could walk into the City Clerk’s Office any day with a few signatures, and get the petition rejected automatically. Such a rejection by the City would guarantee six extra months in office for Filner, as city rules prohibit filing of recall petitions against a city official if a petition has failed within the past six months.
Evidence against Corbin was circumstantial and speculative until a witness with insider information stepped forward to reveal his true motive, published in Sunday’s UT San Diego.
Susan Jester, head of the Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego County and a longtime political activist, said she had spoken to Corbin several times last week about the recall matter and is convinced that he is playing “Chicago-style politics.”
“He bragged to me that it would be a way to stop the group getting ready to file” their own recall drive, Jester told the UT San Diego. “He said, ‘It occurred to me that it would derail the other group.’”
Corbin denied the accusation when questioned by UT San Diego on Saturday night, but Jester wasn’t buying his explanation. She recalled Corbin telling her this:
“He was expressing a tactic in his mind, how to derail the Filner recall process,” Jester told the newspaper. “I thought at first he was half-joking. But I saw it on his Facebook page. It really infuriates me. We have a right as citizens to file a genuine recall. We have a mayor grossly out of control and ruining our city.”
In a separate piece published on, blogger Chris Reed labels Corbin as a “gay-baiting gay activist” for his efforts to play the gay card against Filner’s opponent in the 2012 election – Carl DeMaio. Reed also labels Corbin’s recall effort as a stunt to thwart a successful recall.
If Corbin is trying to keep Filner in office, he would be doing so in the face of overwhelming opposition to Filner within the LGBT community. On Friday, The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s board of directors went on record demanding Filner’s resignation and the San Diego Democrats for Equality issued the same demand on Thursday, along with the San Diego Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party.
As a matter of full disclosure, SDGLN Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with Carl DeMaio.
LEC here , again — You bet that it is a scam . The city charter ‘ s rules are tigher than the state ‘ s for a reason , to make recall efforts a pain in the [bleep] . Also , the scam effort and the legal notice wre meant to screw any other effort to try to take out Filner . I doubt any other one can be mounted , for now , unless the state courts intervene and slapp down Corbin for his fraud .

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… Some Sense of Priorities , huh ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,June 15th,2013

.. It figures , for the ObamaCraps .

.. just when it seems that the ObamaCrap Administration might finally get off of its collective A-S-S to

John Brennan - Caricature

John Brennan – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

help deal with the rebels and the situation in Syria , it shows what it really thinks of the whole

situation . When the announcement is made for the change in policy , who makes it  ?

.. POTUS ? Nope .

.. VPOTUS ? Nope .

.. even FLOTUS ? Nope .

.. a cabinet official worth something ? Nope .

.. Who did the deed ? the Deputy National Security Adviser , of all people . Ben Rhoades . a lower – level

flunkie . for God ‘ s sake , a political hack .

.. Where was you-know-who ?

.. emceeing a LGBT event in the East Room . Also , acting as the basketball junkie in chief , hosting the

Indiana Fever , the 2012 – 2013 W.N.B.A. champions .

.. Some whacko sense , huh !

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… Pam Geller is worthy of our support !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 6th,2013

English: Photo of Pamela Geller

English: Photo of Pamela Geller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


.. for those who do not know , Pamela Geller is a pro – liberty activist , not an anti – islam activist , or an anti – gay activist . She has worked tirelessly to alert so many people to the dangers that various groups present to our freedoms and liberties .  She has worked endlessly to raise funds and to advertise her causes , taking many chances with her own freedom and safety . As a result , she has come under assault countless numbers of times ..

.. Now , perhaps , she is taking on one of her toughest audiences . She is trying to bring awareness to the gay and lesbian communities of greater San Francisco about the dangers of radical Islam . I am no fan of the LGBT community , but they are in great danger from those true believers of Islam , for homosexuality in Islam is a mortal sin  , punishable by death .

.. On April 2, Salon magazine carried a column by Chris Stedman accusing Pamela Geller of trying to drive a wedge between gays and Muslims. To do this, Stedman depicts Geller as a desperate, anti-Muslim zealot who is loathed by the gay community ..

.. The problem : Geller is neither anti-Muslim nor without her supporters in the gay community. But these are facts that appear to have eluded Stedman . So that you can evaluated his column for youself , here is his aforementioned [column]

.. and here is an [article] from the San Francisco Examiner , showing the local

reaction to Pam ‘ s activities ..   

.. and [this] is an example from Long Island , NY (Nassau County) , where a public

official misused his office in order to get a speech of hers canceled ..

.. Please visit her website , how and when you can . Its name is Atlas Shrugged . Its

web address is

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