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… So What is the Fuss [#NC][#HB2]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 14th,2016

.. NC Gov Pat McCrory is the former Mayor of Charlotte . He knows his hometown very , very well . So when the Charlotte City Council decided to wild on gay and lesbian rights , the NC legislature stepped in and shut things down ..

.. and how !! ..

.. the solution is HB2 . It is really not that complicated or difficult to understand . It does some simple things …

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.. first , it standardizes gay and lesbian rights in state law . The cities and counties cannot play around with their own laws , as the city of Charlotte had done . The law is uniform throughout the state of N.C. ..

.. second , it allows , in law , transgenders to change their gender indentity on their birth certificate , once they have completed [w. a doctor ‘ s certification] the transgender process . Once its done , then o.k.

.. third , it does not allow transgenders to utilize public facilities [such as public johns and changing facilities] that they identify with their new gender . Charlotte had passed a law to allow this . HB # 2 overturns it .. The rest , see # 2 ..

.. it is tht simple ..


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… The GOP CounterAttack is forming Up [#exec amnesty battle]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,November 22nd,2014

.. basically , it is to get into the new Congress , ..

.. pass appropriations bills in regular order , and then ..

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.. the political weapon of choice is in this case called an appropriations rider . A rider is attached to an appropriations bill , placing a limit and  / or prohibition on the POTUS and the Cabinet department in question covered by the bill . The current prohibition on the closure of the Detainee Facility [Defense Bill] is an example of this prohibition . The prohibition covers the entire government , so the Administration cannot circumvent the rider via another bill . Thus , the ObamaCraps political stunt , in theory , would be stopped , if it were not vetoed first ….

.. Congress would then deal with the individual appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security . You may ask , why ? It is the cabinet department where the former parts of the old I.N.S. are located [in two or three pieces]…

.. then , there will be a minor shutdown battle over D.H.S. . The media damage will likely be minimal , because there are virtually no things that POTUS and his flunkies can close down , and the credibility of POTUS & Co. is virtually shot to hell in a handbasket …

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