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… The Folks in Chicago are Really Pissed [#His Lordship]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 11th,2017

.. the folks in Chicago , especially in the poorer neighborhoods , are heavily dependent on public assistance ….

.. they are obviously not getting all of the ” booty ” that they have been getting before …

.. [h/t — RebelPundit]..
.. [link] to the blog post / video …

.. amazingly enough , they are getting really teed off over what is going on down on the border ..

.. gee , I wonder why ?? …

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… This is Something that His Lordship will not Do … [#visit the border]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 9th,2014

.. he may or may not appreciate the symbolism .

.. I would think that he does so .

.. the press corpse would be with him …

.. [h/t — WashingtonFreeBeacon]..
.. [link] to the comments …

.. Congressman Cuellar has guts . He sees the problem . He also comes from a strongly Latino district . I also think he appreciates the political and moral danger to the DemoCraps and POTUS because of this crisis …

.. POTUS is too chicken , because the Press Corpse video would make it back into political commercials by folks of all stripes . This president is a Wuss , First Class . He does not make the gutsy political call …

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… Political News on the Economy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 19th,2013

.. At least , in 2014 , there is likely to be good news on the political front . Falling poll ratings and the perceptions of weakness in POTUS mean that there is going to be a limit to what he may well be able to get from the Hill . The continuing falling of the economy , while bad for POTUS , is probably going to be better news for the GOP .

.. The GOP may well want to repeal ObamaCrapCare . They will try , but they will keep the government open . POTUS will try to play games , and possibly try to pull off a temporary government shutdown . Considering his ego , and his big mouth , his tactic will backfire . At least , the sequester should likely remain in place , and continue to increase in amount . If the GOP plays its cards right in the debt limit fight , it may well get some added budget cuts . Possible , maybe even probable , but not necessarily definite .

.. The Dems are in deep trouble . They have a deeply unpopular President tied around their collective necks , and they know it . They may want to regain control of the House , but they should forget it . They are going to get hammered on the economy , and any and all kinks in O.C.C. are going to get blamed on them , not the GOP .

.. Obama  ‘ s sliding poll ratings make things incredibly difficult for the Dems . Pelosi is an incompentent twit . She is stuck (permanently) in fantasyland . Thankfully , even if lightening struck , and the DemoCraps regained control of the House , she would not be Speaker . Thank God , that is not going to happen  . At best , the DemoCraps will gain a few seats . If the elections were held now , they would get blown out again , and lose more than a dozen or more seats . The real danger for them is the Senate .

.. The Dems are in deep ,  deep trouble in the Senate . Important members of the Dem caucus (Carl Levin , Jay Rockefeller , and Max Baucus) are retiring , and in 3 of the 4 cases , the seats are likely to fall to the GOP . The GOP candidate recruitment this time around , so far , is far better , and the knucklehead factor is being held down . Other narrowly won seats , such as AK and AR are in deep trouble , and are also likely to fall to the GOP . Mary Landrieux is one of the few Dems running in Red States that has a decent chance of holding on . The political dynamic in Louisiana has changed quite a bit , as one can see by the political switch by State Senator Elbert Guillory (R-La) .

.. Blacks will still vote Democratic , but in not quite such large numbers . There is quite a bit of disappointment in the Black Community over Obama and his lack of production , and the historical factor is passing from the scene . It does not mean that Blacks will change sides all of a sudden , but a change of even a couple of percentage points will make a big , big difference .

..  What might shock people is if there is even a bigger break than that . It is more likely to happen , slowly ,  in the Jewish community . The demographics of conservative and orthodox Jews is in the GOP ‘ s favour , but it will take  time . The Latino community is more promising . Latinos have much more in common with the GOP than they do with the DemoCraps . It will take time , effort , and expense , but Latinos can and will listen to reason . Latinos do value their vote and their citizenship , since , for them , it was much harder for them to gain access to it and achieve it . They will not come over easy , but the demagogery of the DemoCraps will wear off over time .

.. Congress is not a lot better . At least , control of the U.S. Senate is likely to shift , either in 2014 (with the DemoCraps getting their butts kicked) , or in 2016 (when all of the Dems are swept out of the Door , and adult attention and leadership in the person of the GOP returns to town . In the interim , the change in the Senate will mean a fair bit of substantial change in tax policy . Orrin Hatch is a conservative ‘ s conservative , and is likely to be a dynamic leader of the Senate Finance Committee . It will also let POTUS know that there will be no more tax increases coming out of Crapitol Hill .
POTUS may want them , but by then , he will know that he will not get them .

.. Also , 2014 will see an increase in GOP govenors . Not much , but there will be a differeent cast of characters at the state level . The GOP is likely to see a marked increase in state legislators , as well as a takeover of control of a number of state legislative chambers . It will also make some fair progress in some surprising Blue states , likely including Illinois .

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.. the Bully Boys strike again !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 11th,2012

… the bullies that I am referring to are the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law …

… this is the bunch that Ralph Neas used to run , and Nan Aron now runs …

… well , a story from my local newspaper hit , and I think that many of you may well be interested in it . It involves billboards . A somewhat shadowy committee has financed and put up billboards on the near East Side of Cleveland . As one might think , yea , they are for a predominantly minority audience . The area that it was put up in in the city is not all black , but it is mostly black , with some Asians and Latinos mixed in . …

… Now , this is where the Lawyers Cmte is jumping in . They think that minorities cannot act and think for themselves , and they are acting in their stead . They are moving to intimidate the billboard company , Clear Channel Outdoor , to force them to take down the billboards …

… Here is the story , with a sample of the billboard …

Stan Donaldson, The Plain Dealer By Stan Donaldson, The Plain Dealer The Plain Dealer on October 10, 2012 at 8:05 PM, updated October
10, 2012 at 10:05 PM

VOTERBILLBOARD.JPGStan Donaldson, The Plain Dealer Organizers will protest in front this political ad at the intersection of East 35th Street and Cuyahoga Community College Avenue on Thursday. They say the sign discriminates against minority voters.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A civil rights group has called for a local advertiser to remove signage about voting fraud from dozens of billboards in Cleveland that it says unfairly target minorities.

The Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights, a voting advocacy group based in Washington, sent a letter this week to Clear Channel Outdoor in Parma requesting they take down signs that read “voter fraud is a felony.” The signs, which also list potential criminal penalties, have sprouted up in various sections of Cleveland and some suburbs since last week.

The group used census tract data to determine the demographics of the neighborhoods in which the signs were placed. Census tracts are areas that average about 4,000 residents and loosely follow neighborhood boundaries.

In addition to Cleveland, the billboards also have begun to appear in predominately black neighborhoods in Cincinnati and Milwaukee, the group said. The sponsor for the billboards is only listed as a private family foundation.

In its letter to Clear Channel, Lawyers’ Committee said the signs, “stigmatize the African-American community by implying that voter fraud is a more significant problem in African American neighborhoods than elsewhere,” and the billboards “attach an implicit threat of criminal prosecution to the civic act of voting.”

Eric Marshall, who manages legal mobilization for the Washington group, said Clear Channel should remove the signs from neighborhoods in Cleveland.

“These billboards are placed in predominately African American or Latino neighborhoods only,” Marshall said. “They send a pretty strong message, and a very dissuasive message that is not good for our democracy.”

For instance, in a census tract where a billboard was posted at the intersection of Cedar Avenue and East 79th Street, the voting age population was 96 percent black. In the area around a sign at Carnegie Avenue and East 36th Street, the population was 88 percent black.

And black residents accounted for 76 percent of the voting age population in a census tract near a billboard at East 35th Street and Community College Avenue.

Cleveland City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland and State Sen. Nina Turner will hold a rally at 11 a.m. Thursday in front of a billboard at the East 35th Street location to discuss their efforts to get the signs removed.

The politicians and some residents said the signs intimidate minority voters, felons and students who may not know their rights.

Rob Frost, chair of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party, said that he considers some political advertisements inflammatory, but that is part of having free speech. He added, though, that he would favor laws requiring full disclosure of who purchases billboard ads.

As for these billboards, he questioned if they target any particular segment of the population.

“It appears to not be a discriminatory effort, but a region wide effort that someone wants to get the word out about voter fraud,” Frost said. “Raising awareness about voter fraud and keeping this election fair helps us all have confidence in the results.”Ultimately, getting the billboards removed before the election may prove to be a tall order.

Jim Cullinan, a spokesman for Clear Channel, said the advertiser for the billboard has a contract for the signs to be posted at those locations.

“The advertisement has nothing to do with Clear Channel Outdoor, it was the advertiser,” Cullinan said.

He said the company understands the sensitivity of the signage and would start a dialogue with political leaders and community activists who have expressed their feelings about the billboards.

Cullinan said it not the company’s normal practice to install signs without naming the sponsor, but that the group, which requested anonymity, was able to get the language in their contract. He said the company now views that as a mistake and will not post signs without naming the official sponsor in the future.

“We prefer to have that disclaimer in any ad,” Cullinan said. “In our minds, it is an error that it was not in there.”

But Marshall, with the Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights, said Clear Channel should remove the signage from its billboards.

“Clear Channel has a choice,” Marshall said. “Contract or not, it is not right to be putting intimidating messages up in predominately minority neighborhoods.”

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