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… What Judge would Do This ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. this action was taken by a judge in response to a lawsuit .

.. Connecticut gun owners have been burdened by a new law that was passed post – Sandy Hook that acts to ban guns and limit munitions . This judge has forgotten about pending judicial precedent , such as Heller and McDonald v City of Chicago . So , this activist judge allowed the new law to stand …

.. what is amazing is that these activist judges fail to read the Constitution , specificially the Second Amendment . They also tend to forget that the Bill of Rights , taken as a whole , is a body of law that is desgined to protect Individual rights , not collective rights , such as those of groups of so – called protected classes .

.. The entire Constitution is itself written and designed to protect the rights of the individual against the actions of the state and the government . That shoots down actions taken by those who try to interpret the Second Amendment to act a collective right . It is not that at all . It is a protection of the rights of the individual against the government , not the government against the indivual . So act to preserve the rights of the individual , and vacate this idiotic ruling …

.. [h/t — Liberty Unyielding] ..

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