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… So , John Kasich and Ted Cruz Team Up [#political alliance]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 26th,2016

.. but what do they want to accomplish ?/ …

.. the Donald is picking up steam . He virtually swept New York , and has been heating uphis political act . He acts a great deal more presidential than even Miz Hillary does , and certainly more than Ted Cruz . Also , he is closing the polling margins w. you-know-who as well . So the Donald is far from a lost cause ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. but John Kasich and Ted Cruz have ” teamed ” up todealwith the Donald . In Indiana , Kasich has effectively withdrawn from the race , ceding the state to Cruz . Out wn from several western states , including Oregon and Washington , giving Kasich a one-on-one shot at Trump . But , will it do any good ??..

.. that is the effective question : will the team – up of Cruz and Kasich help either one of them , or will it backfire ?!?! ..


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… The Way Things are Going in Ohio [#Elections 2014]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,October 28th,2014

.. I think that I can safely make my predictitons , now …

.. [-] Governor & Lt. Governor — John Kasich and Mary Taylor

This will set Kasich up to be a presidential contender , that is , if he really wants to do so . There is some question whether he really does or not . Taylor , well , she could emerge as a candidate for Governor in 2018 . She will be one of many , especially from a deep GOP bench …

.. [-] Treasurer — Josh Mandel

Mandel could be setting himself up for a rematch with US Senator Sherrod Brown in 2018 . Then , Brown will be forced to run in an off – year election , and without presidential support on the ballot . A matchup like that favours Mandel , especially coming out of NE Ohio …

A Republican coming out of NE Ohio [Mandel] is huge trouble for the DemoCraps . Their margin out of Cuyahoga County is usually cut drastically , and the surrounding counties are much larger [Lake , Lorain , Geauga , Summit , & Medina] and far more GOP – friendly …

.. [-] Auditor — Dave Yost

Yost may end up going for either AG or for Treasurer . Not sure , do not know him all that well …

.. [-] Secretary of State — Jon Husted

good question on his future prospects . May want to try for Governor or Lt. Governor , maybe AG …

.. [-] Congress

currently — 12 GOP , 4 DemoCrap …

the only district that might have a chance of flipping is the downstate one around Columbus , the one that is currently held by Congresscritter Joyce Beatty . it is only a minority – influence district [about 32% black] , and is surrounded by heavily GOP – friendly turf …

.. [-] State House

currently — 60 GOP , 39 DemoCrap ..

the GOP should add seats . The only question is how many ? I am thinking 3 to 5 , maybe even 6 . Such a total [63 to 66] would be devastating for the Dems . Here is why :

[1] it takes a 3/5 majority to override a Governor ‘ s veto . A legislature that is fe3ling its oats could buck the Gov and jam though legislation of its liking …

[2] social or business legislation can be tacked onto the new [or a revision] budget bill . Any budget bill adopted with a 3/5ths vote cannot be repealed by a referendum or initiative (as Senate Bill 5 was)…

[3] also , a regular bill adopted with a 3/5ths vote of both chambers takes effect immediately . It too cannot also be repealed by referendum …

.. [-] State Senate

currently — 23 GOP , 10 DemoCrap …

it is kinda hard for the GOP to add any seats . They control pretty much every seat that they can . However , there are 1 or 2 marginal Dem seats that can be picked off in an off – year election . I think that the GOP will grab one of them , maybe both ….

.. so , you see what I think . The DemoCraps are trying . The Downballots [SecState , AG , Auditor] are advertising , but that will not be of much help . The Governor candidate for the DemoCraps [Ed Fitzgerald] has not aired one TV ad …

.. not One . That is a prescription for a mega – blowout , folks . How big ? maybe 15% in margin , possibly 20% , or more ….

.. we will see ….

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… Now What is Fitzgerald Thinking ?!?! [#gigagaffe , again]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 16th,2014

.. this has not been a fun week for Cuyahoga County executive Ed Fitzgerald …

.. Who ? …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news blog / cartoon ..

.. I am originally from Lakewood , Ohio . I am also a proud graduate of Lakewood High School , Class of 1983 . Fitz was once the mayor of my hometown of Lakewood . He cut that time short when he ran for and won election as Cuyahoga County ‘ s first Executive …

.. apparently , during that time , or much of it , dumb – dumb Fitz did not have a permanent driver license . He was on Lakewood ‘ s City Council when he let his license lapse in 2002 . Stoopid ! …

darcy cartoon (ed fitzgerald)

.. worse , the news came out that two years ago , dumb – dumb was caught in an indiscretion . There was a trade mission that came to Greater Cleveland . One of the delegates was a woman [a legally licensed driver in her home country of Ireland]. Mr. Stupid was caught in a manufacturer ‘ s parking lot , at 4:30am in the morning , of all things , with this lady , when a nearby worker called the police . No , he was not arrested . But , he took her home , and then drove home .. Without a regular driver license . Big Whoops …

.. One of the agencies that the Governor of Ohio is responsible for is the Department of Public Safety . One of those departments that it runs is the Bureau of Motor Vehicles . This agency deals with the issuing of , among other things , driver licenses . Stoopid …

.. now , this …. Fitz writes a publically issued letter about his son ‘ s cancer is still in remission . All in the same week . Why ? …

.. Well , whatever chance this idiot had of winning the Ohio Governor ‘ s race is now G – O – N – E !!!! …

.. — note — the cartoonist [for the Cleveland Plain Dealer] , Jeff Darcy , is a well – known leftie … you can tell how far Fitz has sank when Darcy is picking on him …

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… Ohio Political News [#Ohio Governor]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 4th,2014

.. nothing major in the Senate , at least this year …

.. the state – wide races are the ones that are up . Most of the DemoCraps are little – known weenies , ones who will rise or fall with the fate of their top – of – the – ticket Governor ‘ s candidate …

.. right now , it looks real bad for the Dems …

.. [h/t — m.NationalReview//Campaign-Spot]..
.. [link] to the campaign news …

.. remember , this is from Quinnipiac University [New York] . So , it is a DemoCrap – leaning poll …

.. John Kasich is leading Cuyahoga Cty Exec Ed Fitzgerald 51% to 36% … The internals in the poll are worse …. Much worse … Kasich is up big on independents , and is doing better among Dems than this poll will admit . Also , Kasich is leading by 2% among women , which is disastrous for a DemoCrap [meaning Fitzgerald]…

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… the Matchup is Now Set [Ohio] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 12th,2014

.. well , Ohio has joined the primary party ..

.. no major surprises in the primary races ..

.. the big thing here in Ohio is that 1 – term Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald is the DemoCrap nominee for Governor against incumbent Republican John Kasich . Kasich is a fairly health favourite for re – election against the underqualified Fitzgerald , who does not deserve to move up just because he is making the trains move on time and un – corruptly ..

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… What Governor Kasich is doing is Wrong ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,October 15th,2013

… more than that , I believe what he is doing is unconstitutional …

… The State of Ohio has what is known as a Controlling Board . What it is is a (Fiscal) Contrl Board , that can make minor

English: The Great Seal of Ohio.

English: The Great Seal of Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

changes , within fiscal years , or between fiscal years . Oh yea , this stuff is authorized and approved by the Constitution of the State of Ohio . But what Gov. Kasich is proposing to do is waaaay off base .

.. John Kasich wants to utilize the Ohio Controlling Board to approve the rerouting of federal obamacrapcare funding to allow for the expansion of ObamaCrapCare to poor Ohioans . Normally , this is something that the Governor signs off on , after legislation is passed by the Ohio General Assembly [the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate , each voting to approve the bill] . It is also something that can be placed into Ohio ‘ s two – year biennial budget . However , it was not done in either case .

.. from PJMedia ‘ s Paula Bolyard
Despite Tea Party Opposition, Kasich Will Bypass Ohio Legislature to Expand Medicaid

This week, Ohio Governor John Kasich’s administration asked the seven-member Ohio Controlling Board to appropriate federal Obamacare funds for the purpose of Medicaid expansion, bypassing the state legislature.

The Obama administration approved Ohio’s request to amend its Medicaid program so that people making up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($32,499 for a household of four) would be covered. The state’s Medicaid director, John McCarthy, submitted the request Sept. 26 with a corresponding request for the Controlling Board to appropriate the federal funds without the approval of the Republican-controlled legislature, which has stalled Kasich’s plans for Medicaid expansion.

The Controlling Board consists of the chairs of the Senate and House Finance Committees (currently Republicans) and a

John Kasich

John Kasich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republican and Democrat from both houses. The director of the OMB (a Kasich appointee) serves as the board’s president. Generally, the board’s duties include transferring funds between line items or fiscal years, allowing for emergency funding, and approving grants and loans made by the Department of Development. There is speculation that the two Democrats and the Kasich appointee would vote for the Medicaid expansion, so Kasich would only need to secure one additional Republican vote to win approval from the board. Senate President Keith Faber, a Republican, said he believes Kasich has the authority to turn the decision over to the Controlling Board. “I’m certainly a defender of legislative rights, and I would think a better solution would be a legislative option, but the governor does have that authority,” he said.

However, questions remain about the authority of the board. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits the Controlling Board from carrying out any action “which does not carry out the legislative intent of the general assembly.” But Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols justified the action, saying, “Only the General Assembly can authorize Medicaid to spend funds in this way, either through a bill or the Controlling Board.” Kasich, vacationing in Europe, was not available for comment, the Dispatch reported.

Despite Kasich’s heavy-handed lobbying and arm-twisting on behalf of Medicaid expansion, the Republican legislature stripped the provision from Kasich’s biennial budget and has failed to act on his demands to expand the program to an estimated 270,000 additional Ohioans.

In 2011, Ohioans overwhelmingly voted for a ballot initiative to pass the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment, designed to protect citizens from the Affordable Care Act. Despite vocal opposition from Tea Party groups and many other conservative groups in the state, Kasich has continued to push for the expansion, collaborating with a variety of progressive groups to promote the measure. Amy Brighton, co-founder and co-coordinator of Medina Tea Party Patriots, said, “Obviously, the idea of a representative government doesn’t mean anything to Kasich and his Administration, since they are seeking to intentionally defy the will of Ohioans who overwhelmingly voted to pass the Healthcare Freedom Amendment in 2011.”

Kasich’s aggressive move to force Medicaid expansion without legislative approval comes as Republicans are working on reforms to existing programs to help the uninsured in the state. On Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled a Medicaid reform plan that would increase oversight, contain costs, and improve outcomes for patients. House Republicans have said they are working on more fiscally responsible plans to reform existing programs in order to better serve those without access to medical services.

But Greg Moody, director of the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, stressed the urgency of the situation. “To be able to get this done by Jan. 1, we are at the point where we do need to act now,” he said.

Rep. Ron Amstutz, chairman of House Finance and Appropriation Committee, released a statement critical of Kasich’s move to subvert the legislature.

“I have grave concerns about the place, the time and the substance of this proposed Controlling Board action,” Amstutz said. “Based on our solid track record of passing tough bills, I would expect a far superior and more creative solution by legislative enactment than what I fear may result from effectively crimping the legislative process.”

Amstutz, a leading candidate to replace term-limited House Speaker William Batchelder, has worked through the summer and in the early days of the legislative session on plans to reform the state’s medical care for the poor.

Brighton, from Medina Tea Party Patriots, said this decision could hurt Kasich’s re-election chances. “It’s interesting that Kasich would succumb to Pelosi-esque tactics to implement Medicaid expansion,” she said. “After forcing the healthcare law on the American people, Pelosi and the House Democrats faced electoral consequences. I guess Kasich is willing to take that chance.”

Kasich defeated Democrat Ted Strickland in the 2010 election by two points — 77,000 votes. That year, the Libertarian Party candidate garnered 92,000 votes, or two percent of the total. In 2014, a third-party candidate may play the spoiler for Kasich if he continues to lose support from the conservative base in a state where 57% of Republicans voted for conservative candidates and 10% voted libertarian in the 2010 Republican primary.

.. LEC here again — I do not think that the Ohio Supreme Court will allow this to happen . Governor Kasich ‘ s action through the Controlling Board will be challenged , I will guarantee that . The approval of H.H.S. to repurpose ObamaCrapCare funds is meaningless .

.. Where it applies is where it hits Medicaid . Each state ‘ s Medicaid program must be approved by it ‘  s state ‘ s legislature . Ohio ‘  s Medicaid program has been , but the proposed ObamaCrapCare expansion has not . The Ohio Legislature specifically acted to delete the expansion of the Medicaid program from the new budget that took effect July 1st , 2013 . That will stand up for quite a big in the eyes of the Ohio Supreme Court .

.. Ohio ‘ s Supreme Court is heavily conservative . It consists of 7 people , basically 5 conservatives , 1 loonie leftie , and 1 R.I.N.O. . It consists of 2 women (both GOP , both conservative , including Chief  Justice Maureen O ‘ Connor) , and 5 men . They will decide whether the act of the Controlling Board is legal , as well as constitutional . I believe that it is not either one . The expansion  will be delayed , until the Court can hear the case , and then make a decision .

.. Look for Chief Justice O ‘ Connor to write the opinion ….

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… There are (Pro Life) Reasons for This …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 2nd,2013

Ohio Abortion Restrictions: Gov. John Kasich Signs New State Budget Containing Anti-Abortion Measures

.. Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill 59 on Sunday night, which includes some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the

John Kasich

John Kasich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

country .

.. With the passage of Ohio’s new state budget, women in that state have lost access to low-cost family planning services, access to public hospitals during a health emergency , and contrary to public reports , not their right to privacy .

..  On Sunday night, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill 59, the new $62 billion state budget that includes a $2.7 billion tax cut and increases the sales tax rate from 5.5 percent to 5.75 percent . The budget also included several anti-abortion measures, including one that will force any woman seeking an abortion to undergo a trans-abdominal ultrasound.

.. Another measure of the budget puts Planned Parenthood last on the list of family-planning dollars, which essentially cuts off $1.4 million in federal funding . Opponents of the new abortion restriction said that three clinics in Ohio would likely close now that the measure is implemented .

.. What is good  is that the bill does provide funding for “crisis pregnancy centers,” which are often run by religious organizations . These centers do not offer abortion referral services.

.. Any abortion providers that manage to remain open under these restrictions are compelled to tell women “of the probable anatomical and physiological characteristics” of a fetus during various stages of its development. They must give women seeking abortions information on adoptions and alternative family planning options.

LEC here — in Ohio , there is very good reason that these restrictions were put in the state budget . One is that Planned Murderhood does not deserve any public funding , at all , ever . More than that , the Ohio Constitution bars a referendum or initiative against any item in the state budget . As  a  result , these issues are now law , and are final .

It is how the right – to – work  – related issues should have been handled two years ago . They were passes independently , in an  individual bill . As a result , they were vulnerable to an initiative ,  and they were attacked , and then repealed . They should have been put in  the budget that was just completed on Sunday . If they had been , they would still bie a part of the law .

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… Fitz must be wary …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

… Ed Fitzgerald is a newbie in statewide politics in Ohio . He has no idea , as of yet , how nasty , how vicious , and expensive that it is . That being , he is also inexperienced as hell statewide . He has never run a state wide campaign of any kind . He has not undergone the fund raising ordeal that it is to gather the tens of millions of dollars that it will take to win a statewide party primary , much less a fall general election campaign against a fairly popular (& improving) incumbent governor , John Kasich , espc. If possible , Kasich may well have presidential ambitions .


Fitzgerald ‘ s advantages –

[-] telegenic –

[-] inexperienced – normally , you would want experience . coming from the mess that was Cuya Cty , not so much

[-] statewide Dem machine – even with all of the fuckups , Ohio Dems can and do still win statewide elections . just not as much as before…

[-] national backing [Dems] – Obama & the DNC owe Ohio Dems big time , and for obvious reasons .

[-] national motivation [unions] – the unions have lots of motivation . and going after Kasich in a general election campaign may well be more practical than starting World War III in another iniatiative campaign . Ohio ‘ s GOP is unlikely to make the same mistake , twice , and they dominate the legislature

[-] profession – Fitzgerald is (was) an FBI agent , which never hurts , and can help , espc w.

[-] corruption – free – so far – Fitz was not a part of the old regime in Cuyahoga County , and did not and would not participate in the massive corruption scandal which , ironically , eventually led to him becoming Cuya Cty ‘ s first Executive .

Disadvantages –

[-] inexperienced – Fitz is in his first term , and has not had much of a chance to establish a record . In Cuya Cty ‘ s case , that may not be so bad , because just making the trains run on time without any taint of corruption should give the conductor a big lift

[-] unknown – in Ohio , you generally do not win statewide on your first attempt . Sometimes , it happens .

[-] incumbent – John Kasich is in a similar position as the governor that Fitz is as Cuya Cty Exec . Having the trains run on time corruption free , and an improving economy , help the incumbent , and make it much harder for a challenger …

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