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… Earth calling Jen [Syrian Chem Weaps Attack] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 23rd,2013

.. the Jen i am referring to is a hack ..

.. yes , a hack . Her name is Jen Psaki . She was a longtime Dem operative , and political spokeswoman . Believe it or not , she is now the spokeswoman for our country at the State Department . May God Help Us .

.. You may wonder why ? it is because from the clear evidence on the TV and electronic news , from the sum total of it , that Bashaar Assad ‘ s regime has used chemical weapons in its nation ‘ s civil war . Psaki is trying to split hairs , very abrasively and arrogantly , not saying one way or the other that the attacks occured , when it is absolutely and abudantly clear that it has happened . God , is she an arrogant witch , or what ?

.. [here] , see it for yourself . Even better , watch the other link on the opening , where Shepard Smith (who is not the best interviewer in the pack) of FoxNews kick her butt inside out , and make her look like a colossal idiot …

.. [here] , even better , watch James Rosen (who is a top – flight questioner) skewer her at the podium …


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… What is She Thinking ? [State Dept Spokeswoman blunder] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 20th,2013

.. Earth to Jen Psaki . The Muslim Brotherhood are anti – democratic . They are the primogenitors of just about every terrorist movement around in Africa (yes , Africa) and the Middle East

.. Do You and the ObamaCraps really want a Sunni Muslim version of Iran , sitting on (both) the Meditteranean Sea , and the Red Sea , sitting athwart the Suez Canal ?

.. Do You and the ObamaCraps really want to support mass murdering religious bigots , who , if they could get away with it , would murder 8 milliion Coptic Christians and 8 million more Israelis ?

.. Do You and the ObamaCraps really support an anti – democratic movement , one that stands for “one man , one vote , once ?”

.. Do and and the ObamaCraps really support a true Arab Spring , or a deep and frosty Arab winter , with millions of common Arabs being subjugated under the thumb of the Mullahs in Teheran ?

.. Well , where do you and the ObamaCraps really stand ?

.. See for yourself [link] ..

.. They should be banned , you damn idiot ! ..

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