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… There is the Possibility for Witness Tampering [#bergdahl]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 10th,2014

.. I do agree , there is some possibility for witness tampering in the Bergdahl case …

.. that presumes that the ObamaCraps have someone who is in the know on the inside of the investigation . That will not be easy . With this White House , they will have every incentive to try to meddle . They have already totally botched the handling of this case as it is . So , there is motive ..

.. however , I do believe in the professionalism of JAG Corps . Especially in the JAG HQ . That is an honor posting . No , you are not generally going to find any ” Harmon Rabb ” types in the military services . That kind of colourful personality just would not be tolerated . A little bit of a personality , well , yes …

.. [h/t — NiceDeb]..
.. [link] to the show segment …

.. in the military services , there are offenses that in a civilian would be moral offenses . In the military [under the U.C.M.J. , or Uniform Code of Military Justice] these offenses would be considered crimes , punishable by many different types of punishment , including dismissal from the service , as well as confinement [jail] , and others ….

.. in this case , the one that Dr. Krauthammer is worried about would be considered ” Unlawful Command Influence . ” If it is a civilian that does it , then the military judge has to consider whether the rights of the accused have been violated . If it is someone in uniform , especially an officer , then , it is a crime , and the same judgement would have to be made .

..Even if Bergdahl is guilty as sin , if his rights are violated by anyone , then he could well be set free as a result . What might have been done would have been considered to be prosecutorial misconduct . Then , double jeopardy atttaches , Bye – bye case ..

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