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… Well , It is Here [#Ebola]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 2nd,2014

.. given the size of the outbreak in West Africa , it should not be a big surprise to anyone …

.. it is not a time to panic . This version of Ebola is not Airborne , at least not as of yet …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article …

.. the sooner this outbreak can be beaten , though , the better . It is going to get worse here in the U.S. before it gets better . There will be more cases , and in more parts of the country …

.. Different industries [funeral homes , cemeteries , crematories , hospitals , sanitoriums , etc] will have to take precautions . Yes , you saw me type out the ” s ” word : sanitorium … They were extraordinary effective in helping to combat tuberculosis . They can be again , especially in a public health emergency , if needed …

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… Sick [#Sex Ed Curriculum 101] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 23rd,2014

.. when you send kids to school , especially middle school , what do you expect …

.. reading ,

.. writing ,

.. arithmetic ,

.. geometry ,

.. music ,

.. reasoning (clear thinking) , and

.. sex ed ..

.. WHAT !! ..

.. that is what you general get these days in school . All of the above , even in elementary school . in my day , we got very little in the way of ” health ” class in grade school ; the fun stuff (as it was) came in middle school [junior high] …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt] ..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. well , this Kansas 6th grader earlier this year sure got a surprise . Well , to say , her father got one hell of a shock when she brought some of this ” health ” class information home to show him ….

.. one would think that the health class [read : sex ed] would at least be hard PG to R rated . When you see this little piece of trash , well …

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… The Continuing Problems with the Latest ObamaCrapCare change …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

.. the other night , the Obama administration announced two big changes to Obamacare, for people who have seen their individual-market insurance plans canceled this year: They won’t have to comply with the individual mandate, meaning they can go without insurance and not pay the not-insubstantial fine (1 percent of their income, basically); and if they do want insurance, they can buy a “catastrophic” plan on the exchanges, which is cheaper than any of the other plans available.

..  This will make life easier , in the short term , for some number of Americans — millions have seen their plans canceled, though the White House suggests just half a million of them still haven’t signed up for new plans, gotten Medicaid, or enrolled in an exchange plan .

.. These changes could be “a very big problem for the law.” Here is why :

[-] It violates our system of governance — Presidents are not dictators . They do not have the right to make these kind of changes at a whim .

[-] Lack of Congressional Oversight — for the obvious reasons .

[-] The way it treats the uninsured is unfair and potentially politically unsustainable.

Now that the law’s requirements have been significantly weakened for people who did have insurance in 2013, it’s going to be hard to stand by them for people who didn’t.

In theory, this does reflect one of the principles of how the health-insurance market works: Under pre-Obamacare law, consumers were guaranteed the right to renew their policies (with some cost changes, of course). If you were uninsured, on the other hand, you could have a much harder time finding coverage on the individual market — which is why, for instance, people are allowed to maintain employer coverage for a certain period of time after leaving a job. But Obamacare is supposed to be about expanding coverage, and the inequities this change will create can be really problematic.

More simply, of course, people whose plans have been canceled will now simply be able to go without insurance, period, at no cost. People who were uninsured in 2012, meanwhile, will have to pay the penalty — for now.

[-] The way it treats almost everyone else is unfair: The exchanges have been open for three months now, and plenty of Americans have committed to buy plans that were either more expensive than they want or that they didn’t want in the first place. If people whose individual-market plans have been canceled knew this was going to happen, they could have waited to buy a catastrophic plan, or bought one on the non-exchange market, or gone without insurance entirely.

[-] Adverse selection  — This means people who might otherwise buy insurance — say, middle-aged people with potentially looming health problems — can go without it, and if a serious health-care problem comes up, they can just enroll in the exchanges. Not everyone will take advantage of this, but at the margins, it allows people who might otherwise worry about catastrophic health-care bills to stay out of the exchanges, and ensures some flow of very sick, expensive people into them. Health insurance companies can’t change their rates to take account of that, and that information disconnect is what economists call “adverse selection.” On the margins, it will raise premiums for healthy people on the exchanges, and make insurers more wary of participating.

[-] More adverse selection — The catastrophic plans that the Obama administration will now let anyone with a canceled plan enroll in this year were originally set up for anyone under the age of 30, and for anyone who gets a hardship exemption. Now, they’ll see an influx of people who had their plans canceled, a group that insurers don’t actually know much about — and for whom they haven’t set their premiums.

[-] Even more adverse selection  — The catastrophic-insurance markets and the rest of the exchanges are separate risk pools. Within a given state, individual insurers don’t really have to worry about enrolling too many unhealthy or old people, because of something implemented by Obamacare called “risk adjustment.”

Insurers with sicker groups get compensated, basically, by insurers that enrolled healthier groups. In all, the insurers want healthier and bigger pools, because they can take on more financial risk safely and make more money, but risk adjustment means it’s lot less useful for them to try to attract healthy enrollees.

The Obama administration is now going to alter the parameters for the catastrophic pool and the normal exchange pool in every state. If their claim that just half a million people who are getting hardship exemptions is accurate, this will also just be a marginal adjustment — but still one the insurance industry wasn’t expecting.

[-] Increased confusion — While there are a lot of groups communicating directly with actual enrollees, the information trickling down from a CMS report, filtered through the media, is not going to help Americans make informed decisions about their plans.

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… Fibaroni [ObamaCrapCare – related] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 20th,2013

.. the ObamaCraps propagated the Big Lie on your doctor , your insurance , and your medicine . Back in 2010 , they knew very well that millions of people were going to lose their insurance ….

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the videos ..

.. then they proceeded to repeat the lie , over and over again ..

.. In the coming year [2014] , it will get worse . Much worse . The business market is going to subject to the same problems that that the indivdual health insurance market is going through , now . The requirements of ObamaCrapCare [the essential benefits packages , the regulations , the med loss ratio invasion , among many] are going to make what is going on this fall look like a garden party , by comparison . Guess What is also coming up ?

.. the 2014 Congressional midterm elections . The economy is not in the best of shape , the job market sucks , inflation could well take off , and the federales are monkeying around with people ‘ s health care — just in time for the Midterms . The DemoCraps are running scared , especially in districts and states that are at least decently competitive .

.. It will help the GOP to gain seats in the House of Representatives . How many , God knows . The Senate is in play , though . 3 to 4 seats , net , are likely to flip to the GOP , meaning the Republicans need at least 3 more seats (net) to take over the Senate . The way things are going , it could be a whole lot more than that …

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… Great Call , Charles [ on ObamaCrapCare Media Strategy ] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 13th,2013

.. he calls out the DemoCraps on their trying to blow smoke in people ‘ s ears about the change in enrollment numbers on ObamaCrapCare ..

.. [link] to the video ..

.. if the ObamaCraps and the DemoCraps are going to have a prayer of meeting their goals on ObamaCrapCare , they are going to have to do a much better job of construction , not to mention marketing .

.. Their marketing efforts are a complete bomb . All those cancellation notices and the media attention being paid to the people being screwed out of their relationships with their hospitals and doctors has done a great deal of damage to the image of ObamaCrapCare . They have to speed up enrollments , just to catch up with the cancelations . That does not account for all of the uninsured , and the disastrous shape of Medicaid . Blowing alot of smoke up people ‘ s rear ends is no cure for the failure .

.. The failures on the construction of ObamaCrapCare are much , much worse . The complete and total lack of security is inexcusable . You expect people to trust their most private health and financial information to a bunch of government flunkies , then to a website that has no sense of security in it at all ? Are you guys crazy ?

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… What a liar [POTUS and His Big Mouth]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 3rd,2013

.. here is his Royal Highness , sticking his foot in his mouth on CNBC

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… It is a Gosnell World …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 13th,2013

.. What is it that makes people , including the LameStreamMedia , all but ignore the horrors perpetrated by Kermit Gosnell . Why ? Why do they only have a passing interest in this incredibly gruesome case ? What can be done about it ?

.. The LSM has done a horrendous job of covering this story , if and or when they have covered the story at all . They are notoriously inhumane , if conscious at all , on the subject of abortion . Some have said that the mainstream media has done a poor job of covering this man and his evil deeds , because its agenda does not include honesty on the subject of abortion .

.. Life does not go on and has not for more than 50 million human beings in America. For 40 years it has been legal and culturally acceptable for a mother to pay a third party to have her baby killed . And for more than 40 years it has been legal for doctors to prescribe chemicals to their female patients that will affect their bodies in such a way that they will not get pregnant or, if they do, the baby will die before he or she is a week old. Few women are ever told this because the practice of obstetrics has been in the deception business for a very long time, at least when it comes to sexual relations and pregnancy . This is why so few abortion proponents ever mention the word “baby.” It is bad for business.

.. Gosnell ‘ s story is a indignity and an outrage . It is a horror beyond words . He is in many ways the poster bost for murder and mayhem in our country . He has terrorized and killed babies, maimed women, and only God knows what else with impunity since 1972. But then he got sloppy and murdered one too many babies born alive after abortion . To my mind no end is in sight for such stories — not until my fellow Americans come to realize that human beings exist from the point of their creation and that their lives are not debatable. They are not fungible , nor are they disposable.

.. Abortion has dimmed our sense of decency and dignity , especially where human life , and its preservation is concerned . Abortion has dulled our appreciation for the human being. Abortion has facilitated our denial that selfless love is more important than self gratification . The result of that , though , is apathy , and that is what the Gosnell trial is about — apathy that dismisses humanity for the sake of convenience.

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… Sorry , Folks …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 10th,2013

… It is what happens … when one is sick , especially with a serious illness . In my case , it is two of them . MRSA and Cellulitis . …

… Yeeow . Neither one of them is easy to fight . I had to do so at the same time . thankfully , I am doing much better . I still have to pace myself , though , and be more careful about what I am doing , and how much I do it , while I continue to gain strength …

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