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… When You have lost Prof. Larry Tribe [#con law opinion][#epa powergrab]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 16th,2016

.. you are in real trouble …

.. Professor Tribe is a liberal ‘ s liberal . he does not side with businesses all that often . He works with business even less . Which makes his study and his appearance on the behalf of the Peabody Corporation all that more surprising . That is just the beginning of the surprise , though …

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.. the huge shock for just about everyone was the legal and constitutional backside that he ripped from the hide of the ObamaCrap Administration , especially for its antics involving the E.P.A. . He gave the ObamaCraps a very hard lesson in , what is , in effect , Con Law 101 , the Separation of Powers …

.. something like this will carry on long and hard after this . This testimony and the study is something that is legal scholarship capable , and can be quoted in legal briefs , even if Prof . Tribe did not exactly intend it that way . Well , , it will be used that way , though …

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… What is It with Judge Merrick Garland ?? [#judicial activist]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 21st,2016

.. he is a fine lawyer , a top graduate of Harvard Law School ..

.. he was an excellent prosecutor , leading the team that went after Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing case ..

.. he has been a decent judge and appeals court judge ..

.. but ..

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.. he is a judicial activist . Yes , that is a serious problem ..

.. Yes , he is not as bad a nominee as POTUS could have chosen . There are radical nuts out there , ones such as Patricia Merritt and Goodwin Liu , that POTUS might have chosen . There is also good reason why POTUS did not choose them — they would not have had a whisp of a prayer of getting a hearing , much less getting confirmed to SCOTUS . So POTUS did not nominate them . He went with someone safer , like Garland ..

.. but Garland is still a judicial activist . A moderate , yes , but still a judicial activist by definition . POTUS has poisoned the federal bench enough with these radical activists . it will take months , if not years of impeachment trails and convictions to remove them all . So do allow this guy on the court ..

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