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… This D.C. Gun Bill Will not Cut It [#Second Amendment]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 25th,2016

.. these folks do not get it ..

.. the right ” to keep and bear arms ” is an individual right , enshrined in our Constitution . It cannot be abridged by anyone …

.. the D.C. City Council seems to think that they still can …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. they lost the court case [Palmer v D.C.] very badly . The federal judge [a part timer who is normally from N.Y. State , but who also sits in D.C.] ripped the city , the City Council , the Mayor (Vincent Gray) and Congress a brand new one . As he put it , people have a right to have a gun in D.C. …

.. a ” may issue ” bill will not cut it . It leaves far too much discretion over people ‘ s constitutional rights in the hands of the D.C. City Government . It belongs with the people , not the bureaucracy …

.. the judge could impose a ” bill , ” or he could request Congress to step in . The D.C. City Government may not get the message . Someone will have to bang them over the head to get it to them …

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… What Judge would Do This ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. this action was taken by a judge in response to a lawsuit .

.. Connecticut gun owners have been burdened by a new law that was passed post – Sandy Hook that acts to ban guns and limit munitions . This judge has forgotten about pending judicial precedent , such as Heller and McDonald v City of Chicago . So , this activist judge allowed the new law to stand …

.. what is amazing is that these activist judges fail to read the Constitution , specificially the Second Amendment . They also tend to forget that the Bill of Rights , taken as a whole , is a body of law that is desgined to protect Individual rights , not collective rights , such as those of groups of so – called protected classes .

.. The entire Constitution is itself written and designed to protect the rights of the individual against the actions of the state and the government . That shoots down actions taken by those who try to interpret the Second Amendment to act a collective right . It is not that at all . It is a protection of the rights of the individual against the government , not the government against the indivual . So act to preserve the rights of the individual , and vacate this idiotic ruling …

.. [h/t — Liberty Unyielding] ..

.. [link] ..

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… Nicely Done , Illinois [Gun Bill passes]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 9th,2013

.. the Legislature , that is .

.. and to you , Governor Patrick Quinn . Up yours ! ..

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois became the last state in the nation to allow public possession of concealed guns as lawmakers rushed Tuesday to finalize a proposal ahead of a federal court’s deadline.

Both chambers of the Legislature voted to override changes Gov. Pat Quinn made to the bill they approved more than a month ago. Even some critics of the law argued it was better to approve something rather than risk the courts allowing virtually unregulated concealed weapons in Chicago, which has endured severe gun violence in recent months.

The Senate voted 41-17 in favor of the override Tuesday afternoon after the House voted 77-31, margins that met the three-fifths threshold needed to set aside the amendatory veto. Quinn had used his veto authority to suggest changes such as prohibiting guns in restaurants that serve alcohol and limiting gun-toting citizens to one firearm at a time.

Rep. Brandon Phelps, a Democrat from southern Illinois, predicted a history-making day in which lawmakers would dismiss Quinn’s changes as politically motivated.

The law as approved by the Legislature permits anyone with a Firearm Owner’s Identification card who has passed a background check and undergone gun-safety training of 16 hours – longest of any state – to obtain a concealed-carry permit for $150.

The Illinois State Police would have six months to set up a system to start accepting applications. Spokeswoman Monique Bond said police expect 300,000 applications in the first year.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in December that it’s unconstitutional for Illinois to ban concealed carry. The court gave state officials until June 9 to rectify the shortfall, and later extended that by a month.

.. Opinions varied about what would have happened had a law not taken effect. Gun supporters said it would have meant with no law governing gun possession, any type of firearm could be carried anywhere, at any time. Those supporting stricter gun control said local communities would have been able to set up tough restrictions.

.. Gun –  Rights advocates got the permissive law they wanted . They could well have gotten instead a New York-style plan that gives law enforcement authorities wide discretion over who gets permits . In exchange, Chicago Democrats repulsed by gun violence got a long list of places deemed off limits to guns, including schools, libraries, parks and mass transit buses and trains.

LEC here — I believe that the Federal Appeals Court will sign off on this bill . It may not be everything that they want . But the Illinois Legislature went through one hell of a fight to get to this point .

.. Even so , Moore v. Madigan will still be hanging over the heads and hands of Quinn and the Legislature . If there is any backsliding , any at all , the plaintiffs and / or the Court could re – open the case . If that were to happen , then God in Heaven help the people of the State of Illinois .

.. As to the above , and it could still happen if the Court rejects the bill , it would be anything , anywhere , at anytime , for anyone . The  court case would mean no restrictions would be allowed , period . Only if they were done state – wide would they be allowed at all .

.. I wonder . Will the court allow the F.O.I.D. process ,  or force the state to allow citizens to produce just legal id [driver license , passport , or state id] ? I will check the decision to see …

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