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… Getting Roasted [about ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 17th,2013

.. you need to see this video clip [here] .

.. It is about a California woman . Her name is Diane van Peursem , normally a housewife . She is a mother of two children , and is a part – time worker at Disneyland . She was abruptly dropped by her insurance carrier , courtesy of the “essential benefits” rules enacted by the ObamaCraps in ObamaCrapCare .

A California woman was abruptly dropped from her insurance company.

Deanne Van Peursem, mother of a teenage daughter and part time worker at Disneyland was notified via a letter that her that her current insurance plan did not meet the requirements set by Obamacare and that she was being dropped from coverage with their company.

Van Peursem is one of the 1.1 million Californians whose health insurance was dropped due to harsh regulations imposed by Obamacare. Obamacare has ten minimum standards, including: maternity care, emergency visits, and mental health treatment.

Van Peursem told KCAL- “We need to find other means for people who are very low income to be able to afford the insurance.”

She spoke honestly when asked by KCAL what she thought of Obama’s last-ditch attempt to remedy the Obamacare disaster on Thursday by allowing Americans to keep their current health insurance plans, “I think he was dishonest about it because I understand that everybody is supposed to have healthcare, that they [the Obama administration] want everybody to have healthcare, but it’s still hard because there’s people who still cannot afford it.”

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LEC again — Give ‘ em hell , Diane !

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