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… What is Sauce for the Goose [Colorado Senate campaign ad]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 2nd,2014

.. is sauce for the gander ..

.. now that these DemoCrap activists like George Soros (who is well known) , and now Tom Steyer (who is now getting the media anal exam) are being publically identified and ventilated , the DemoCrap candidates who are supported by them are getting a taste of their own medicine . Dingy Harry has his Koch Brothers fixation ; now it is the Dems ‘ turn to get roasted …

.. [h/t — WashingtonFreeBeacon]..
.. [link] to the campaign ad ..

.. this one is a dandy . it is only an interest group ad , so it allows the likely Republican nominee , Congressman Cory Gardiner , to keep above the fray . These days , political candidates have to ” ride the wave ” of their political message , instead of controlling the message themselves . If they can generate substantial free media , along with their own ads , well then …

.. this is only the beginning . Given his ecosocialism and criminal gross hypocricy , Mark Udall is going to be tarred with both Soros and Steyer all campaign long . He has nothing to complain about …


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… This is a Dandy Interview [Daily Caller — J. Christian Adams]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 20th,2013

.. the interviewer is Virginia Thomas . She writes on a part – time basis for the Daily Caller , and does these interviews , periodically . Yes , She is that Ginny Thomas , the political activist and bride of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas . She is , as always , incisive and informative .

.. the following is the text from the article [h/t — theDailyCaller] ..

J. Christian Adams is a talented lawyer who worked inside Eric Holder’s Justice Department until he could take it no longer. He left in 2010 and wrote a New York Times bestselling book, “Injustice,” to expose what he saw and learned.

Today, he is practicing law, speaking out against the Justice Department, writing for PJ Media and battling his first Internal Revenue Service audit on the side. In the second of this three-part interview, Adams says he believes the institution of law is under attack like never before.

“[The law is] meant to be a leveler, and that’s what’s unique about our country, about America, is we’re the first country ever founded for the principle that every individual has individual dignity, divine inspired individual dignity, to be treated by their government as an individual, not differently than somebody whose brother is an earl,” he said. “These people in power reject at its core that principle. They believe that power is given out based on political donations, ideology, opposition to coal — name it. It’s something that you gain favor and are treated differently by your government based on who you are, and that’s so anti-American.”

Adams went on to say that Republicans and their consultants are stuck in the ’90s and not battling the left effectively.

“We’re in a different kind of world now where the left is on the march through the institutions, through the government, through the academy, and they have brass knuckles,” he said. “And they have their media outlets, and they have Media Matters, and MSNBC, and ThinkProgress and George Soros, and I can go down the list. And the right is just getting started. And they don’t have the same sorts of institutional weaponry that the left does. So it becomes very easy to deceive when your arsenal is bigger. And I think that was the problem in the last election.”

Under the Obama Justice Department, he said, “law is a tool to help those in power aid those they agree with. It is not a great leveler. It’s no longer a means to make everybody equal and to create those fences that everybody must stay within. It’s a way to punish your opponents and reward your enemies.”

Adams puts some hope in the power of the purse, if the Republican-controlled House of Representatives would just “line out” radical policies and budgets with the authority our founders gave them.

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