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… Bravo , Dubya [Thank you , Mr. President]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,June 27th,2014

.. when I think of the term with Barack Obama , it fills me with dread and disgust ..

.. but , how I feel about it changes when it comes to George W. Bush . He still is an amazing man . He still continues on a life of public service , even though it has been 5 years since he left the White House and the presidency .

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the show segment ..

.. in this case , former President Bush was featured in a special segment on ABC ‘ s This Week with George Stephanopoulous . It was a special segment that was produced for the Memorial Day weekend …

.. he was featured in the ” Sunday Spotlight ” for his continued mission to help and contribute to our nation ‘ s veterans . Mr. Bush organizes several types of projects through his Presidential Center in order to help vets continue to adjust and retrain in their return to civilian life . It also helps those that have been wounded in the service of their country deal with the terms of their injuries , and to enable them to move on in life …

.. Thank You and God Bless You , Mr. President ! …

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… Congratulations , Mr. President !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,June 13th,2014

.. that is , to former President George H. W. Bush , who turned 90 years old on June 12th , 2014 …

.. as is his wont , he still enjoys parachute jumping . Even though the first one that he ever did (during his fateful Navy mission during World War II) ended up with him in the Pacific Ocean . Also , since he no longer has use of his legs , due to Parkinson ‘ s Syndrome …

.. [h/t — FoxNews]..
.. [link] to the story // video ..

.. other than the syndrome , he is in pretty good shape for any age .

.. He tandem jumped with a retired member of the Army ‘ s Golden Knights parachute team . They did the feat from 6,000 feet over the area of his family ‘ s Kennebunkport summer home in Maine …

.. not bad for 90 …. Happy Birthday , Mr. President !!!! …

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… People really Wonder about Our Standing in the World …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 12th,2014

.. well , at least in the Presidency of George W. Bush , we were respected , if not feared . September 11th , 2001 awakened the sleeping giant …

.. that is something that many nations are spooked by . A benign giant (the United States) is something that they prefer to deal with . A sleeping giant would be even better . An angry and awakened giant ? Look out …

.. however , they definitely do not want weakness in American . Indecision , Indecisivieness , and immaturity are dangerous for everyone . That is what we have right now in Barack Obama in the White House . The Euros may not want an angry giant , but they definitely do not want a weak – at – the – knees one . Which is exactly the way we are behaving right now …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to Dr. Krauthammer ‘ s comments . Take a look at them , and tell me what you think …

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… How Cute ! [Washington ComPost Creative Editing] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 3rd,2013

.. the folks over at the Washington ComPost have been known to be creative . However , this is going more than a little bit over the line , folks .

.. POTUS sent a letter to the editor to the ComPost . They printed it as a picture , which is unusual , and even left enough room for POTUS ‘ notoriously massive signature (and ego) . If you want to see it , the link for the letter is [here] .

.. Here is where the letter gets creative . You expect a letter to the editor to get edited for brevity , language , and whatnot . When it is the President of the United States , you do not expect it to get edited , or even censored . What no one should expect is when the ComPost edits out sections of the letter , to take a significant section of it almost completely out of context …

.. Here is the complete and unedited text of the letter …

[h/t — the Weekly Standard]

To the dedicated and hard-working employees of the United States Government:

The Federal Government is America’s largest employer, with more than 2 million civilian workers and 1.4 million active duty military who serve in all 50 States and around the world.

But Congress has failed to meet its responsibility to pass a budget before the fiscal year begins today. And that means much of our Government must shut down effective today.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to tell you what you mean to me – and to the country.

That begins by saying thank you for the work you do every day – work that is vitally important to our national security and to American families’ economic security. You defend our country overseas and ensure that our troops receive the benefits they deserve when they come home. You guard our borders nad protect our civil rights. You help small business expand and gain new footholds in overseas markets. You guide hundreds of thousands of people each day through the glory of America’s national parks and monuments, from Yosemite to the State of Liberty. And much more.

You do all this in a political climate that, too often in recent years, has treated you like a punching bag. You have endured three years of a Federal pay freeze, harmful sequester cuts, and now, a shutdown of our Government. And yet, you persevere, continuing to serve the American people with passion, professionalism, and skill.

None of this is fair to you. And should it continue, it will make it more difficult to keep attracting the kind of driven, patriotic, idealistic Americans to public service that our citizens deserve and that our system of self-government demands.

Public service is noble. Public service is important. And by choosing public service, you carry on a proud tradition at the heart of osme of this country’s greatest and most lasting achievements. In fact, more than 50 current or former Federal employees have received the Nobel Prize for their efforts. It was grants from the Department of Energy that helped businesses unlock new sources of renewable energy, and from the National Science Foundation that helped entrepreneurs like the founders of Google change the world. It is your efforts hat will help this country meet the great challenge of our time – rebuilding an economy where all who work hard can get ahead.

So while the budget fights in Washington are too often partisan, your service to the countyry must never be. As on eof my predecessors, President George H.W. Bush, once said, “There is nothing more fulfilling than to serve your country and your fellow citizens and to do it well. And that is what our system of self-government depends on.”

This shutdown was completely preventable. It should not have happened. And the House of Representatives can end it as soon as it follows the Senate’s lead, and funds your work in the United States Government without trying to attach highly controversial and partisan measures in the process.

Hopefully, we will resolve this quickly. In the meantime, I want you to know – whether you are a young person who just joined public service because you want to make a difference, or a career employee who has dedicated your life to that pursuit – you and your families remain at the front of my mind. Your agency leaders and I will continue to defend your wrk at a time when that work has rarely been more important. We will continue to work with your agencies to kep you and your familiies apprised and informed of what is happening. And I will continue to do everything in my power to get the House of Representatives to allow our Government to repoen as quickly as possible, and make sure you receive the pay that you have earned.

Thank you, again, for your service, your sacrifice, and everything you do every day for this country we love so much.


LEC here again — what an arrogant [bleep] … the edited out section are highlighted in BOLD . Nice try , ComPost , but this is not the first time that you have pulled this kind of stunt . Guess what ? You got caught …

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… It is Amazing How Little People Remember about Our History …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 4th,2013

… from PJMedia ‘ Tatler … (and FoxNews) …

High School ‘Art Project’ Asks Students to Stand on American Flag

Posted By Rick Moran

A high school art teacher recreated an exhibit by a revolutionary Communist from 1989 that has the entire town of Paducah, Kentucky, up in arms.

Fox News report:

Students at a Kentucky high school were encouraged to step on an American flag that had been placed on the floor as part of an art display, outraging parents and students.

The display at McCracken County High School, was a re-creation of “Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 installation titled “The Proper Way

... how disgusting and disgraceful is this ?!?! ...

… how disgusting and disgraceful is this ?!?! …

to Display an American Flag.”

A photograph shows a music stand on top of the flag that had been placed in a hallway, in a story first reported by Kathleen Fox, a reporter with The Paducah Sun.

As part of the art exhibit, students were encouraged to stand on the flag and write their reflections on how they felt standing on the flag.

Local residents filled social networking sites with their outrage over the flag desecration with many calling for the art teacher to be fired.

“The teacher should be fired and run out of town,” wrote one outraged Paducah resident. “I have a son serving to protect this flag at this very moment.”

“It is a sad day when the symbol of this great nation is relegated to occupy the floor,” a reader wrote. “It is a truly sorrowful day when the one who placed it there has the nerve to ask, ‘How does it make you feel?’”

“I doubt this teacher intended the disrespect her art project exhibited,” one reader wrote. “But nonetheless, it was really a despicable assignment.”

Art teacher Shand Stamper has since apologized for the controversial art display – telling The Paducah Sun that it was not a specifically assigned project. The newspaper reported she sent a written letter of apology to school administrators.

“I love our flag and the nation it stands for. I love the freedom I enjoy because of our brave veterans. I feel sick and deeply sad that through my actions I have dishonored these men and women and also poorly represented you all,” she wrote in a letter obtained by the newspaper. “(To say) I am devastated by my actions bringing outrage and negativity on you is a gross understatement.”

It turns out that this exhibit is rather famous — in some artistic quarters. Dread Scott Tyler, a self-described revolutionary Communist, created it when he was a student at the Art Institute of Chicago. What deep thoughts attended this artistic gem?

I made some forays and experiments into installation work for audience participation because I wanted to do artwork people couldn’t just dismiss the politics of. Whether they liked it or didn’t like it, whether they agreed with me or didn’t agree with me, I wanted them to have some engagement with the work. So even if they thought, “this guy’s a real assh*le and he has no clue what he’s talking about,” I wanted them to be very much bound up with saying, “this guy’s a real assh*le and he has no clue what he’s talking about.” And have that be part of the work. I started doing these works that had photo montages on the walls, and encouraged people to take a copy and explain why they chose to take it in the book below. So it was this participatory piece. I started doing these, and I kind of thought they were successful.

Yes, Mr. Tyler. You’re a real assh*le and don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

Mr. Tyler’s masterpiece was condemned by President George H.W. Bush, who called it “disgraceful” on the floor of the Senate. And it became the catalyst for flag-desecration legislation. All this must have been heady stuff for a 24-year-old commie.

So why did this execrable display make a re-appearance in Paducah, Kentucky? The teacher’s excuse — that it wasn’t “a specifically assigned project” — could mean anything. If she was trying to say something about freedom of speech, she could have easily chosen a less controversial, less outrageous example. Indeed, Mr. Tyler may be a commie, the teacher may be a dolt, the school principle may have a hole in his head — but that doesn’t negate the fact that the display is a form of speech and therefore protected by the U.S. Constitution.

And then Principal Michael Ceglinski filled the hole in his head and did something outstanding:

Administrators held a ceremonial flag retiring ceremony for the American Flag at the center of controversy at the McCracken County High School. It caught the attention of two students who taped an arts project Monday. It also caught the attention of James Courtney, a Vietnam Veteran.

“I wanted to be sure it was done right,” he said.

He joined a handful of other veterans outside the school. Courtney says he was appalled to learn the flag he fought for would end up on the ground. “Anything that happens to the flag, that’s not right, a piece of you is with it,” Courtney said.

Principal Michael Ceglinski says it’s important for students to know one of the ways to properly retire the flag. “Turn something positive into it by the learning experience of our kids,” he said.

The flag was cut and grouped by color – then placed in a burn barrel. Ceglinski said he hopes parents and students understand the school is doing the right thing. “We wanted to make sure that we ended this in the right way. It obviously got started on the wrong foot,” he said.

Free speech is a very dangerous thing. It has toppled dictators, ended oppression, stopped wars, and inspired entire populations. It also makes fools out of art teachers and school administrators.

At least in this case, all’s well that ends well.

LEC again — how short are our memories . I remember when this was first done in the late 1980s . Man , was there one hell of an uproar over the desecration of the flag . There are many ways to display it . Descecrating it on the floor is definitely NOT one of them .

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… the ObamaCraps could Not be This Stupid …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 21st,2013

.. courtesy of an article that I read on Newsmax

.. POTUS and his fellow ObamaCraps actually considered downgrading relations with the Vatican (technically , with the Holy See) . Not for constitutional reasons . That is something I could understand , although being a Catholic , I would still hate it . It was for policy reasons .

.. It seems that the ObamaCraps had a devil of a time finding a new Ambassador to the Vatican . Their first one had resigned , and

Vatican City

Vatican City (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

they could not find a new one . They did not (obviously) want to make the move before the 2012 election . However , they did want to make the move . Incredible .

.. It seems that their radical social policy agenda got in the way . The way that they were harassing and intimidating Catholic parishes and institutions here in the U.S. was obviously not winning friends and influencing people in the Curia . Encouraging policies that smacked of liberation theology did not help , either .

… from …

During the past year, the Obama administration strongly  considered ending diplomatic relations with the Vatican as it pondered whether  it should appoint a new envoy to the Holy See, Newsmax has learned.

The  recent Obama nomination and Senate confirmation  on August 1 of Ken Hackett as the new U.S. Ambassador has ended internal Obama  administration debate on the matter.

“I have heard the rumors and I believe them to be true,” Jim Nicholson,  former U.S Ambassador to the Vatican under President George W. Bush, told  Newsmax. “It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Obama White House  seriously discussed downgrading U.S. diplomatic relations with the Holy See,  given the devalued view they clearly hold this relationship in.”

“This administration does not want a strong Catholic Church, nor a strong  relationship with it, as it sees the Church as an obstacle to its liberal social  agenda,”  Nicholson said.

The Obama administration has been in conflict with the Roman Catholic Church  on a host of issues ranging from Obamacare’s contraceptive requirements for  Catholic hospitals to the administration’s strong stance in favor of abortion  rights.

After Obama’s first ambassador, Miguel Diaz, resigned last year,  President Barack Obama had difficulty identifying a nominee who would represent  his administration, but at the same time would be acceptable to the Holy See,  according to one source familiar with the selection.

Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens (Photo credit: MarcelGermain)

Faced with finding  such a candidate, the Obama administration considered closing its Vatican  offices, and opening offices in the U.S.’s Rome embassy for a smaller office to  deal with Catholic matters.

In the end, the Obama administration moved to  select Hackett, whose choice has won strong applause from Catholic leaders of  all political stripes.
Hackett is the retired president of Catholic  Relief Services (CRS), one of the Church’s largest social  welfare organizations supported by the U.S. Catholic bishops. Hackett, a  graduate of Boston College, also served in the Peace Corps.
“I think Ken  Hackett is an excellent choice,” Thomas P. Melady, who was Ambassador to the  Holy See under President George H.W. Bush, told Newsmax.
Melady, who is  also a past president of Sacred Heart College in Connecticut, noted that prior  to assuming the presidency of CRS in 1993, Hackett began his career  with the group in Africa and oversaw its operations in East Africa during the  Somali crisis in the late 1980s.
“The Holy See needs a good person and  they’ve got one,” Francis Rooney, George W. Bush’s envoy to the Vatican, told  the Catholic Standard, saying Hackett “is tremendously qualified to do the job,  given his background with Catholic Relief Services.”
Along with what he  called “an excellent record” at CRS, Melady said that the nominee “knows the  hierarchy at the Vatican well from his years [at CRS] and that is very  important.”
Since the U.S. extended full diplomatic recognition to the  Holy See under President Ronald Reagan, U.S. ambassadors to the Vatican have  always been practicing Catholics who accept the teachings of their church — even  when they conflict with those of the administration in the White House.
Melady pointed out that the two ambassadors to the Vatican under Democratic  President Bill Clinton — former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn and Rep. Lindy Boggs of  Louisiana — were both strong abortion opponents and took stands that differed  strongly with the stated policy of their party and Clinton himself.
The  same was true of Diaz, President Obama’s ambassador throughout his first term.
Because more than six months went from the time of Diaz’s resignation  and the naming of Hackett to succeed him, there were mounting rumors that the  administration was having difficulty recruiting someone to represent it at the  Holy See.
“As far as I know, while there was talk of many choices to be  ambassador, there were no formal offers made before the White House went to Ken  Hackett,” Melady said

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… It says something about Our Country these days …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 19th,2013

.. when a rodeo clown is the funniest and most mature political figure in the news these days . Well , with the DemoCraps , what did you expect ??

.. Waaaaaaah ! Waaaaaaaaah ! when you-know-who is criticized . What a bunch of crybabies . What goes around , comes around . Get a thicker skin , and grow a ” pair . ”

… courtesy of Legal Insurrection .com …
History started with Obama: Crowd taunts and mocks President, what have we become America?

There is full blown Democratic furor over Tuffy the Rodeo Clown. The incident is being portrayed as racially motivated, and the

... ha!ha!ha!ha! ...

… ha!ha!ha!ha! …

repurcussions have been severe.

Tuffy (Facebook support page here) has been fired and banned for life from the Missouri State Fair, the announcer has resigned, the rodeo association is requiring sensitivity training, and politicians like Claire McCaskill are trying to cash in politically.

A little history is in order. The vitriol and mockery unleashed at George W. Bush is well documented, and George H.W. Bush received precisely the same rodeo treatment (even down to the broom up the rear end).

Hell, when G.W.B. was President even secession talk was cool, just ask Lawrence O’Donnell.

From the archives.

Presidential disrespect went around and now comes around:

What does it say about America in 2013 that a Rodeo Clown is more politically mature than the prevailing political and media establishments? Via NPR:

Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown at the center of the controversy over the skit at the Missouri State Fair in which a man wearing a President Obama mask was mocked, says “nothing racist was ever implied.”

“Comedians all over the country have used political figures to make fun of current events, it’s nothing new,” Gessling has told digitalBURG, a student-run news service from the University of Central Missouri. “I never tried to be a racist or anything like that. I love all people no matter their background. I live to make people laugh. When TV comedians are doing it every day, Rush Limbaugh is doing it every day, people on Facebook are doing it every day 10 times more than me. I was just trying to make light of the situation, that’s it.”

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