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… Now This ?!?! [#WS GAB][#IRSGate]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 22nd,2015

.. e – mails between Lois Lerner and Kevin Kennedy , the director of Wisconsin Governmental Accountability Board [G.A.B.] reveal acts of co – ordination between the IRS official and the G.A.B. …

.. it now connects into Wisconsin politics . Wisconsin has a peculiar law [called the ” John Doe ” law] that allows prosecutors to conduct secret investigations into targets without their knowledge . It gets worse . The ” John Doe ” law does not allow the targets , once they find out about the investigation [and its demands] to either publically comment on the investigation , or to engage a defense counse in order to defend themselves . That is bad , but it gets worse ..

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.. THE GAB ‘ s goverening board [composed of 7 unelected judges] voted to not allow the Director and the staff to not co – operate with the various John Doe inquiries . yet the Direct and the staff did so anyway …

.. things are bad enough , and it calls for , to be honest , it cries out for a federal investigation and the appointment of a special prosecutor . Bet yet , it should call for the appointment of an Independent Counsel ..

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