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… Basically , the Shippers [Bleeped] Up …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 26th,2013

.. why did the packages that were sent via U.P.S. and FedEx end up being late ?

.. what do I think ? I think that FedEx and U.P.S. and the others got caught with their pants down . They misunderestimated both the amount of packages that would be ordered this Christmas season . As it turns out , I think that the total was up . Not waaaay up , but up a fair bit . It was not just that , however .

.. They goofed on the timing . Goofing on both elements means that they did not have the human capital [people] that they needed when they were needed . They also did not have the physical capital [planes , pipeline space] that was substantial enough . Because of it , they got caught with excess shipping in the pipeplines at the wrong time . Guess what the result was ?

.. Some stuff was late . It happens . It was a business mistake . People will have to answer for it , to be sure . It is not a legal action [a tort] which would leave them vulnernable to lawsuits .

.. Some idiots will file , though . They will be dismissed , evetually , but not after the companies incur some legal bills as a result . Oh , Well . That is why we need tort reform …

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… Yea , Ace of Spades , It is How I Read it [Filner] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 30th,2013

.. Right now , folks , short of his resignation , the only way to get San Diego Mayor ( and former demoCrap Congresscritter ) Bob Filner is to recall him from office . The only problem : an ally of Filner ‘ s , Stampp Corbin , has taken out the petitions , and has posted the legal notice in the news media . You may wonder , what that means ?

.. Simple . No one else can take out petitions to recall Filner . Unless a judge (who may be a Filner crony) overturns the monkeyshines , the legal clock will run out (for now) on a recall effort .

.. It seems that the City of San Diego has rules for the recall of officeholders that are more stringent that those that are spelled out the the State constitution. The number of signatures is greater , the time perioud is lesser , and then there is the set – off perioud . Once an effort has failed , then six months must elapse before another can be mounted .

.. and an ally of Filner ‘ s is controlleing the recall petitions …

SAN DIEGO — LGBT Weekly publisher Stampp Corbin is being accused of filing a fraudulent recall notice in an effort to keep in office San Diego’s embattled Mayor Bob Filner, who faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment.
Corbin, who has a history of support and close involvement with Filner, surprised the San Diego political world on Thursday, July 25, when he was the first to initiate a recall notice against Filner via a classified ad in the UT San Diego.
According to the UT San Diego:
Publishing a notice starts a 60-day clock for the recall process, though the actual signature-gathering begins three weeks later. From there, 101,597 signatures must gathered within 39 days, with a 30-day extension allowed if needed.
Two days earlier, Corbin had published an opinion piece attacking the credibility of one of Filner’s accusers – his former fiancée Bronwyn Ingram. Some observers questioned Corbin’s motives, considering that Filner had appointed Corbin to a city commission.
By triggering the recall process on July 25, and without much fanfare, Corbin appears to be taking time away from organizers to mount a proper campaign. And it calls into question whether another recall effort led by land-use consultant Michael Pallamary, who has given Filner until today, July 29, to resign or face a recall petition, can now go forward.
In his classified ad, Corbin failed to outline in detail the case against Filner, other than “Accusations of sexual harassment by city worker against Mayor Filner.” To date, six other women outside of city government have come forward and accused Filner of sexual harassment.
Further complicating matters, Corbin has announced that he will not mount a funded campaign with paid campaign staff to collect signatures, and instead will simply make a copy of the petition available to anyone who stops by his office at LGBT Weekly.
Observers say the biggest risk is that Corbin could walk into the City Clerk’s Office any day with a few signatures, and get the petition rejected automatically. Such a rejection by the City would guarantee six extra months in office for Filner, as city rules prohibit filing of recall petitions against a city official if a petition has failed within the past six months.
Evidence against Corbin was circumstantial and speculative until a witness with insider information stepped forward to reveal his true motive, published in Sunday’s UT San Diego.
Susan Jester, head of the Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego County and a longtime political activist, said she had spoken to Corbin several times last week about the recall matter and is convinced that he is playing “Chicago-style politics.”
“He bragged to me that it would be a way to stop the group getting ready to file” their own recall drive, Jester told the UT San Diego. “He said, ‘It occurred to me that it would derail the other group.’”
Corbin denied the accusation when questioned by UT San Diego on Saturday night, but Jester wasn’t buying his explanation. She recalled Corbin telling her this:
“He was expressing a tactic in his mind, how to derail the Filner recall process,” Jester told the newspaper. “I thought at first he was half-joking. But I saw it on his Facebook page. It really infuriates me. We have a right as citizens to file a genuine recall. We have a mayor grossly out of control and ruining our city.”
In a separate piece published on, blogger Chris Reed labels Corbin as a “gay-baiting gay activist” for his efforts to play the gay card against Filner’s opponent in the 2012 election – Carl DeMaio. Reed also labels Corbin’s recall effort as a stunt to thwart a successful recall.
If Corbin is trying to keep Filner in office, he would be doing so in the face of overwhelming opposition to Filner within the LGBT community. On Friday, The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s board of directors went on record demanding Filner’s resignation and the San Diego Democrats for Equality issued the same demand on Thursday, along with the San Diego Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party.
As a matter of full disclosure, SDGLN Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with Carl DeMaio.
LEC here , again — You bet that it is a scam . The city charter ‘ s rules are tigher than the state ‘ s for a reason , to make recall efforts a pain in the [bleep] . Also , the scam effort and the legal notice wre meant to screw any other effort to try to take out Filner . I doubt any other one can be mounted , for now , unless the state courts intervene and slapp down Corbin for his fraud .

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… Nice Take , Dr. Charles ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 22nd,2013

.. Krauthammer , that is .

.. RealClearPolitics is carrying a video of the segment of his commentary from the beginning of the roundtable segment from Friday ‘ s edition of FoxNewsChannel ‘ s SpecialReport , which Bill Hemmer was guest hosting for Bret Baier . As usual , Dr. Krauthammer (who is a psychiatrist , and an active and practicing one) nails the issue right on the head . Just in case the video link [here] fails , the text I will provide below …

..CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I thought it was a political speech addressed to his constituency on the left, which I thought was unfortunate, even though it sounded like a philosophical speech addressed to the whole nation. I gave him and Holder credit all week for trying to deracialize the issue and what Obama did, I think, unfortunately today is to re-racialize it.

The first statement he issued after the verdict on Saturday, I think it was, was to talk about we have to honor what the jury decided. And then he spoke about helping our communities, thinking about our neighbors and gun control. But it wasn’t about race, and as we know from the trial, race was not an issue in the trial. The prosecution didn’t speak of race; the jury said it wasn’t an issue; the FBI investigation didn’t find any hint of racism in Zimmerman, but Obama reinjected it. Now, to give him the benefit of the doubt and I’m not sure why I still do. Three days in a row, I probably ought to consult a physician by now.

I think the main message of the speech was what he buried which was they are not going to continue, they’re not going to pursue a federal prosecution. He knows, Holder knows there is no case for a hate crime. But he buried it, it a throw-away line. And the rest — all the racial stuff, and the sympathy he expressed for all those who were upset — I think was a rhetorical fog, if you like, a compensation for the fact they are not going to get the demand that you’re going to hear in the demonstrations tomorrow for federal charge against Zimmerman. So I think it was a balancing act as a way to mitigate the fact that they are not going to pursue an unwinnable prosecution of Zimmerman. (Special Report, July 19, 2013)

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… Well , What now Genius , Plead Insanity …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,June 14th,2013

… Now , What will this Scumbag do for a Defense ? Plead Insanity ?

Accused Fort Hood Gunman Cannot Use Defending Taliban Defense

..  Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan cannot argue at trial that he was defending the Afghan Taliban when he opened fire in a 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, that killed 13 people, a military judge ruled on Friday. ” There was no evidence that there was any immediate threat to others from your fellow soldiers,” Colonel Tara Osborn said, denying Hasan ‘ s request to use the defense as he represents himself at his upcoming trial on 13 counts of first-degree murder.

.. Hasan, a 42-year-old U.S.-born Muslim, is accused of killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in an attack on soldiers at a readiness facility where many of those shot were preparing to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan.

.. ” I object , ” Hasan said when the judge ruled that he could not use his chosen defense. He also asked Osborn to delay the court martial by three months to allow him to prepare a new defense strategy and add to the witness lists. Osborn did not rule on that request .

.. With this guy , he is some piece of work . People deserve justice , not stalling . Strip him of his pro – se rights [to defend himself , with himself as a lawyer] , and reinstate his standby counsel . Get the damn court – martial under way . His victims deserve a timely decision on the merits . Hasan does not .

..  Hasan deserves an adequate , but not the 4 – corners strategy that he has been using . Move things along , and let the appeals court referree while the court – martial proceeds .

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