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… I meant It ! The Illinois Gun Bill is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 17th,2013

.. junk it. it has passed the Illinois legislature , and by overwhelming majorities . They will be enough to over – ride any possible veto by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) . It does not mean that it is good law  . I do not think that it is good enough . Not even close .

.. I will guarantee you , Quinn does not like the bill . He hates it . He also realizes that Illinois ‘ finances are in the tank . And POTUS is

English: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn addresses...

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no help . They have bigger fish to fry .

.. However , the court case (Moore v Madigan) and the Federal Court (the 7th Circuit) have given them no choice . They have to deal with it . If they do not , then the court will , by throwing out the whole schebang . Then things will get really wild , where there is no law at all  . They are scared of that , but they are even more scared of an appeal  to the U.S. Supreme Court .

.. If this one were to land in D.C. (whose gun laws are even more ridiculous) , then it could make the circus in Illinois pale in comparison to what could happen nationwide . There are some states ,  such as New York ‘ s Williams Act and SAFE Act , that could conceivably be in danger if Moore v Madigan went to D.C.

.. Of all irony , the Federal Appeals Court (the Seventh Circuit) sits in Chicago . They have to watching all of this that is going on with a great deal of interest . They have already made their ruling in Moore v. Madigan , but have stayed it . They have also granted an extension , so that Quinn can evaluate it , either sign or veto it , and then the Legislature can attempt to override . It means that Quinn and the legislature effectively have , no pun intended , well maybe it is , a ” gun at their head . ” They have to do something . No excuses . No cheapy exit strategy . And the court is watching .

.. In my previous post , I linked to that CBS Chicago piece about all of the carnage from that weekend . What a bloodbath . Chicago ‘ s gun laws are a joke . An obscene joke . People are dying because they cannot defend themselves . It is about damn time that they can . And not with that bloody  FOID card . A state I.D. or driver ‘ s license should do , along with a clean (no felonies) criminal record .

.. Requiring training for concealed carry makes sense . Most of the states that have it require it . I am from Ohio . Ohio has it . Ohio is also a “shall issue ” state . it means , once you complete the course , apply for the permit , and complete the criminal background check (no felonies , of course) , you may receive the permit . Yea , it does not mean that you can behave like Wyatt Earp and his brothers at the O.K. Corral . Ohio has quite a few restrictions on where guns are allowed , and not allowed [to deal with the concealed – carry permits] . But , here murders are waaay down . Not in Chicago . Their murder rate is “through the roof . ”

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