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… Er , No ! [#fight for Religious Liberty in D.C.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 20th,2016

.. somehow , even being in the Nation ‘ s capital , the D.C. City Council seems to have not gotten the message …t

.. we have constitutional protections to religious freedom [the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights , duh !]…

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news account …

.. what is the City Council doing ? They are trying to force any person or organization [whether they be for – profit or non – profit] to bend to their legal will . Specifically , they want these groups to adopt standards related to sexual orientation in legal and other matters …

.. it repeals an exemption that existed in law for many decades . Now , the city ‘ s Human Rights Act will control affairs , which is even more sweeping an issue regarding sexual orientation . No , bad move . It should not happen . It must not happen . Congress must step in …

.. Congress has a clear power in the Constitution as regards to the government of the Nation ‘ s Seat of Government . Much of the time , especially with Home Rule , Congress stays out of the way . However , there are times that Congress either needs to or must step in . In this case , Congress must step in , whether POTUS likes it or not ….

…it must do so in this case , and edit D.C. law to ensure that individuals and organizations rights are protected in the nation ‘ s capital . It may end up wrapping in gun rights , as regards Palmer v DC as well , if the D.C. City Council does not get its act together and follow the Home Rule Act , as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights ….

— [update] — right now , this one is tied up in court . it will be for  some time , though …

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… the I.R.S. is Doing What [#secret deal]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 29th,2016

.. you have got to be kidding .

.. making a secret deal is bad enough . Doing it with the anti – religious radicals at the Freedom from Religion Foundation is even worse …

.. What could be even worse ? ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog article …

.. these two parties working to enforce a blatanly unconstitutional law . That is the definition of worse . The Johnson amendment was a creation of then – Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson . He hated the guts of a number of Texas pastors who were blasting him and his policies . So , he developed a way to work to ” silence ” them . Thus the Johnson Amendment …

.. given the legislative history , and the bill ‘ s intent , it is clearly unconstitutional . It was intended to silence people who had and have every perfect right to speak out in public . Even if they want to politic from the pulpit …. Given past and present practice , the DummyCraps are hardly one to complain about it . They get away with bloody murder every election season , so zip it . Quit complaining about it . Strike the damn amendment …

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… Earth to Oregon [#religious freedom]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 6th,2016

.. people ‘ s constitutional rights come before state law , dummies …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news post // video segment …

.. Aaron and Melissa Klein co – own Sweet Cakes by Melissa . They are under fire because they are conservative Christians . They do not believe in so – called – same – sex marriage ceremonies . They do , like many of us , believe that marriage is the union between one man and one woman …

.. Well , that state panel is threatening to fine them up to $150k . Yes , that much , folks . Just for standing up for their religious beliefs ….

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… Is This School District Nuts [#religious freedom]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 21st,2016

.. this school district [Pine Creek High School] in Colorado has a period during the middle of the school day that allows , in essence , for the equivalent of ” recess . ”

.. So , these students organized a prayer group to pray during this time . They prayed , sang religious songs , and discussed issues from a Christian perspective . So , one would figure , who would have a problem with that ?? …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. other than radicals like the Freedom from Religion Foundation , the School District [the one that runs Pine Creek High] itself did . They complained that there is a so – called constitutional ” separation of church and state , ” and that they could not allow any religious – themed activities during the school day …

.. Right ?? Wrong !! . That time is recess time . The students are free to do whatever they want with their time during this period of the school day . They can do so as long as it does not disrupt the operations or other activities of the school …

.. so , what else happened ? The student group sued . They engaged the Alliance Defending Freedom foundation to handle the legal action . No resolution as of yet …

.. I wish these young people good luck . They deserve to win their case , and to receive damages and an injuction against the school district . That way , any other district so situated will not be tempted to repeat something like this using the ” separation of church and state ” excuse …

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… It Figures ! [#Ferguson Aerial Blackout]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 9th,2014

.. the word has finally gotten out , courtesy of F.O.I.A. …

.. also , the A.P. ..

.. the Feds were playing fast and cute with the Constitution …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news …

.. the FAA imposed a media aerial blackout in the skies over Ferguson , Mo for two weeks in August of this year … they did it not for safety reasons , as they had originally had hinted …

.. they did it to keep the media out …. O-U-T of the airspace … so that they could not film and / or record the protests and riots from above …

.. hmmm …

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… Earth to Massachusettes [#pro – life case]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 13th,2014

.. haven’t you dummies heard of McCullen v Coakley ? Duh !! ..

.. passing another pro – death anti – speech zones bill ? ..

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. Un – Uh … It will be tossed by a court in your local jurisdiction . Well , it sure as hell should be ..

.. if not , it will be by the 1st Circuit Appeals Court , you dummies …

.. the US Supreme Court decision was unanimous . 9 to 0 . Get the point . You can have a ” buffer zone ” law , yes . But having something like was proposed in the new state law ? No , not even close . Something that especially that is content – based …. the Supremes have said that that manuveur is a very very big no – no …

.. [h/t ––]..

.. [link]–to the news piece ..

.. nice try , pro – death crowd …. try again …

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… It Figures [#Democracy Alliance]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 20th,2014

.. these people are a pile of scum .

.. how dare they try to suppress our civil rights …

.. [h/t — WashingtonFreeBeacon]..
.. [link] to the article ..

.. you really should read this article . It is a real dandy . It describes the antics of the so – called ” Democracy Alliance ” in simple , yet harrowing detail …

The campaign finance reform efforts of a massive network of liberal and Democratic groups are explicitly designed to limit conservatives’ ability to oppose key parts of the left’s agenda, according to the head of the group coordinating those efforts.

The admission comes as parts of that network attempt to present the case for campaign finance reform as politically and ideologically neutral, and to recruit and reach out to conservatives and Republicans who might support it under those pretenses.

Democracy Alliance president Gara LaMarche presented the organization’s push for such reform, which involves a litany of major left-wing political and policy groups, not simply as a foil against corruption or corporate capture but as a prerequisite for the group’s other policy goals, all of which are left of center.

In a presentation at the Democracy Alliance’s April donor conference in Chicago, LaMarche lamented recent Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United vs. FEC and McCutcheon vs. FEC—that loosened restrictions, respectively, on political speech by corporations and unions and individual campaign contributions.

“If we can’t succeed in turning this around, and it will take some years to do it, we will never make the progress we need to make on critical issues facing the country and the world like climate change and gun violence,” he said, according to prepared remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Altering the nation’s campaign finance laws, he said, would allow the Democracy Alliance and its network of affiliated groups to more easily advance liberal policies that have nothing to do with campaign finance.

“In that crucial sense, dealing with the distorting effect of money on our politics is a prerequisite to every other advance we seek,” LaMarche said.

The Democracy Alliance and groups to which it steers tens of millions of dollars every year frequently denounce Republican political donors, chiefly libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

“Increasingly, elections in the U.S. are in the grip of a handful of our version of the Russian oligarchs,” LaMarche told DA conference attendees. “The money in this room does its best to compete in our current broken system, but unlike our conservative counterparts, we want a new system in which all voices and votes are equal.”

Democracy Alliance critics say that concern for a supposedly level political playing field actually masks the group’s true intent: to restrict its political opponents’ ability to oppose the larger left-wing policy agenda.

Hans Von Spakovsky, a former Federal Election Commissioner and the head of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, said LaMarche’s comments betray the partisan motives behind the group’s campaign finance reform push.

“This is really a stunning admission by the misnamed Democracy Alliance that the real purpose of so called campaign finance reform is to silence those who don’t agree with the progressive, liberal agenda of Gara LaMarche and all of his political allies, who consist of the most liberal donors in the country,” he wrote in an email.

Von Spakovsky said LaMarche and his organization want to “throw out the First Amendment—the Bill of Rights is obviously an inconvenient, archaic anomaly to him.”

The DA’s push for campaign finance reform has involved a number of groups that its donors fund that push for additional restrictions on social welfare nonprofits and corporate political spending (though labor unions are rarely targeted).

One of those groups, the Fund for the Republic, has worked to present the case for such reforms as bipartisan and politically neutral.

The group recently hired a number of Republicans in an effort to reach out to potential conservative supporters, though one of those Republicans was formerly a senior staffer for the Democratic governor of Massachusetts.

Despite denunciations from LaMarche and others associated with the group of the country’s post-Citizens United campaign finance landscape, Democracy Alliance conference attendees have encouraged its network of high-dollar donors to support political groups empowered by the Citizens Untied decision.

The Alliance’s perceived closeness with the Democratic Party and the Obama White House led to a schism among its supported groups in 2012. A number of them, seen as more movement than party-oriented, parted ways with the Alliance as a result.

LaMarche acknowledged those misgivings in a June letter to former Democracy Alliance donors urging them to take another look at the group and its work.

“Some former partners had the perception we were not sufficiently independent of the Democratic Party or the White House, or failed to take a long enough view of infrastructure and power-building beyond the next election cycle,” he wrote.

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… I stand with Masterpiece Cakeshop …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 15th,2014

.. and its owner , Jack Phillips ..

.. Jack Phillips is an evangelical Christian . He founded his business in Lakewood , Colorado (a suburb of Denver) in the summer of 1993 . One would think that a small businessman , one who does cakes and other bakery products would not cause a big ruckus . One would be wrong ..

.. As an evangelical Christian , Jack Phillips will not do any events for same – sex ceremonies . He has done business with many same – sex couples for other events . He just will not do so for so – called ” same – sex weddings ” and other ceremonies of the like , because of his religious beliefs . As a result , a ” couple ” sued Phillips in the courts in 2012 …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the blog piece ..

.. The Colorado ” Civil Rights ” Commision upheld the act of an administrative law judge , finding Phillips and his business [Masterpiece Cakeshop] , guilty of discrimination in failing to serve the ” couple . ” It also ordered other ” remedial ” acts for Phillips to undertake . Why ?

.. The Commission has forgotten that Phillips has constitutional rights under the First Amendment , and that those apply to the states , courtesy of the 14th Amendment . Ergo , his constitutional rights to freedom of religion outweigh those created by statute by the State of Colorado . Colorado and other similarly activist states should remember that when they try to pull a stunt such as this …

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… Disgusting ! [Mock Eviction Notices at N.Y.U.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,May 4th,2014

.. you heard it right , folks .

.. this student group at N.Y.U. , called the Students for Justice for Palestine [s.j.p.] , slipped ” mock ” eviction notices under the doors of jewish students at N.Y.U. …

.. Not Funny ! Libelous ! Slanderous ! Anti – Semitic ! …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the interview footage ..

.. the interview is a segment from ” On The Record ” with Greta Van Susteren . She interviewed a TruthRevolt reporter who is also a New York University [N.Y.U.] student …

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… We have Freedon of Religion …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 1st,2014

.. since when is the Holy Bible inappropriate reading material ..

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. especially for a 2nd grade child ..

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… Bravo , Ben [Shapiro] ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 29th,2014

.. Ben Shapiro appeared on the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly on Friday night [04/25/2014] , and reamed Brandeis University and its president a couple of brand new ones .

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the interview footage ..

.. Brandeis needed to be called out on the carpet . They collapsed to the dark forces of immoral tertitude . These are the kind of folks who will never understand what kind of message Dr. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is trying to bring forth …

.. more than that , those folks cannot stand criticism . They will act to suppress and eliminate the criticism and speech of those who act to oppose them …

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… This Bunch of Loonies Needs to Understand a Few Things …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 26th,2014

.. I am talking about the Freedom from Religion Foundation .

.. it seems that they have made it their mission in life to chase religion and faith from the public sphere and the public square …

.. just to remind them : …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the post news …

.. we have a First Amendment to the United States Constitution ; and ,

.. it provides for the Freedom of Religion ; and ,

.. the provision that supposedly states that prohibits the establishment of religion refers to the establishment of a state church , as was done and still is done in England with the [Anglican] Church in England . Otherwise , the exercise of religion is allowed in public , you morons …

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… John Gizzi is Right …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 22nd,2014

… and , it is not the amount of money that is important in campaign donations …

.. it is the right to make that donation that is the most important . That is what makes the campaign contribution turn into a First Amendment – protected object of speech ..

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the news report …

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… No , You Idiot [on Voter IDs] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 20th,2014

.. POTUS has to be out of his mind ..

.. having citizens use IDs in order to vote helps to preserve democracy ..

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the blogpost ..

.. how he can claim otherwise is beyond me . The problem is that Obama is an evil and narcissistic bastard . He is an Alinskyite , and that is all that he knows …

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… Our Uniformed Military (enlisted & officers) have as much right to Religious Liberty as Anyone Else …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 25th,2013

.. Since when do outside groups have the right to impose religious censorship on our nation ‘ s military ? This is crazy !

.. Good Lord , they have enough to worry about , as it is . Their first job , Job One , is our nation ‘ s defense . Their efforts are second to none . Their abilities to perform their jobs and their missions are second to none . Our nation ‘ s military , its technology , its strategy , and its ability are second to none .

.. So when it is said that having religious faith , and showing the same , and speaking about it , is against the good order and discipline

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in the military service . When does the civilian leadership have the right to impose anti – religious censorship , impinging on the religious freedom and rights of our fellow citizens in uniform ? Why ?

.. These radicals , such as the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation ” and the ” Freedom from Religion Foundation ” have perverted our Constitution , and its freedoms and rights . Most of all , our religious freedoms , for civilian and military alike , in the First Amendment to the Constitution , in the Bill of Rights . What it stands for is not the prohibition of religion in the public sphere . Not at all . It stand for the free exercise thereof , and the prohibition of a “state church.” Not for the suppresion of religion and faith .

.. Our history , military and otherwise , is clear on those points . First and foremost , is the 1st Amendment ‘ s targeting of religious freedom . Our founders wanted to be absolutely sure and clear that all of us have the free and clear right to practice our faith , or to not practice it , if that is our choice . Also , the provision of chaplains of various faiths . These people (men and women) are priests , pastors , rabbis , and imans , there to minister to the religious needs of our troops & Marines . Most of all , without impignging on the good order and discipline in the ranks , is their rights to make statements of religious and moral issues , that are a part of their job as a religious leader from the pulpit .

.. I post this article from Breitbart Media ‘ s “Big Government” of the insanity that is going on in the current atmosphere . It is time that a thorough cleansing of the anti – religious bigots from the public sphere take place …

A Christian chaplain in the military is being officially censored for engaging in free speech, and anti-Christian activists are demanding he be punished.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes is a Christian chaplain currently serving in the U.S. Air Force. He is stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska. As an ordained clergyman whose duties are to provide religious instruction and spiritual counseling, he has a page on the base’s website called “Chaplain’s Corner.”

Reyes recently wrote an essay entitled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave All in World War II.” This common saying is attributed to a Catholic priest in World War II, made famous when President Dwight D. Eisenhower said during a 1954 speech: “I am delighted that our veterans are sponsoring a movement to increase our awareness of God in our daily lives. In battle, they learned a great truth that there are no atheists in the foxholes.”

As reported by Fox News’s Todd Starnes, when Reyes referenced this famous line in his essay, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) contacted the base commander, Col. Brian Duffy, demanding he take action on Reyes’s “anti-secular diatribe.”

MRFF’s letter says that by Reyes’s “use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, ‘no atheists in foxholes,’ he defiles the dignity of service members.” They accuse him of violating military regulations.

My legal research on this issue uncovered no regulation prohibiting Reyes’ speech, which looks like expression protected by the free speech and religious freedom provisions of the First Amendment. Military leaders did not respond to Fox’s inquiries asking the Air Force to identify any such rules.

Nonetheless, only five hours after MRFF’s complaint, the essay was removed from the website. Duffy has profusely apologized to MRFF for not stopping this religious leader from sharing religious thoughts.

But this response—which again appears to be a violation of Reyes’s First Amendment rights—is insufficient for MRFF. They said, “Faith based hate, is hate all the same,” and, “Lt. Col. Reyes must be appropriately punished.” (Emphasis added).

So MRFF is saying that the coercive power of government must be used to punish a military officer, who is also an ordained Christian minister, for making ordinary religious references consistent with his faith.

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council—one of the leaders of a new religious liberty coalition for the military—responded, “A chaplain has been censored for expressing his beliefs about the role of faith in the lives of service members… Why do we have chaplains if they aren’t allowed to fulfill that purpose?”

MRFF is activist Mikey Weinstein’s organization. He called observant Christians “fundamentalist monsters” seeking to impose a “reign of theocratic terror,” and he described sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military as an act of “spiritual rape” that makes believers “enemies of the Constitution” who are committing an act of “sedition and treason” against this nation.

The Obama-Hagel Defense Department and Air Force have met with Weinstein and MRFF over a period of four years and recently told Congress that there are no problems with suppressing religious speech in the military. However, because this growing wave of anti-Christian extremism has been exposed to the public, the U.S. House has inserted new religious liberty protections for military members in pending legislation.

President Obama threatens to veto the legislation. Reyes’s story makes it more likely that Congress will stand its ground and fight to protect the religious liberty of him and countless others in the military, as those service members continue risking their lives to fight for all Americans.

Breitbart News legal columnist Ken Klukowski is senior fellow for religious liberty at the Family Research Council and on faculty at Liberty University School of Law. Follow him on Twitter @kenklukowski.


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… Have they Gone Mad ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,May 12th,2013

.. this is another one from LI . However , this one is far more important , especially if you have college age kids , especially young men …

.. its breadth and depth are outrageous and scary . What the ObamaCraps involved are trying to do is beyond outrageous . It is waaaaay beyond a grotesque misuse and abuse of power . It acts , in effect , to try to turn our colleges and universities into
prisoner – of – war camps . and , no , I am not kidding …

The FIRE: “The government has mandated speech codes on all campuses”

Posted by William A. Jacobson   Friday, May 10, 2013 at 5:56pm

“I hoped I would never see this day, but I feared I would.”
The Foundation for Individual Rights In Higher Education (FIRE) is the premier
non-partisan organization fighting to protect free speech and other
constitutional rights on campus.  The FIRE defends everyone’s rights, regardless
of political affiliation.
We have cited The FIRE numerous times here and at College Insurrection, and they
have submitted a few guests posts on campus issues.
The FIRE is not an organization prone to hyperbole.
… So when I received this email late this afternoon from FIRE Senior Vice
President Robert Shibley, it got my attention:

THIS. IS. OUTRAGEOUS. The government has mandated speech codes on all campuses.
I hoped I would never see this day, but I feared I would.
This press release was linked in the email:

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2013—In a shocking affront to the United States
Constitution, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education have joined together
to mandate that virtually every college and university in the United States
establish unconstitutional speech codes that violate the First Amendment and
decades of legal precedent.
“I am appalled by this attack on free speech on campus from our own government,”
said Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in
Education (FIRE), which has been leading the fight against unconstitutional
speech codes on America’s college campuses since its founding in 1999. “In 2011,
the Department of Education took a hatchet to due process protections for
students accused of sexual misconduct. Now the Department of Education has
enlisted the help of the Department of Justice to mandate campus speech codes so
broad that virtually every student will regularly violate them. The DOE and DOJ
are ignoring decades of legal decisions, the Constitution, and common sense, and
it is time for colleges and the public to push back.”
In a letter sent yesterday to the University of Montana that explicitly states
that it is intended as “a blueprint for colleges and universities throughout the
country,” the Departments of Justice and Education have mandated a
breathtakingly broad definition of sexual harassment that makes virtually every
student in the United States a harasser while ignoring the First Amendment. The
mandate applies to every college receiving federal funding—virtually every
American institution of higher education nationwide, public or private.
The letter states that “sexual harassment should be more broadly defined as ‘any
unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature’” including “verbal conduct” (that is,
speech). It then explicitly states that allegedly harassing expression need not
even be offensive to an “objectively reasonable person of the same gender in the
same situation”—if the listener takes offense to sexually related speech for any
reason, no matter how irrationally or unreasonably, the speaker may be punished.
This result directly contradicts previous Department of Education guidance on
sexual harassment. In 2003, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil
Rights (OCR) stated that harassment “must include something beyond the mere
expression of views, words, symbols or thoughts that some person finds
offensive.” Further, the letter made clear that “OCR’s standards require that
the conduct be evaluated from the perspective of a reasonable person in the
alleged victim’s position, considering all the circumstances, including the
alleged victim’s age.”
Among the forms of expression now punishable on America’s campuses by order of
the federal government are :

 — Any expression related to sexual topics that offends any person . This
 leaves a wide range of expressive activity -— a campus performance of “The Vagina
 Monologues,” a presentation on safe sex practices, a debate about sexual morality ,
 a discussion of gay marriage, or a classroom lecture on Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita
 [-—] subject to discipline.
 — Any sexually themed joke overheard by any person who finds that joke
 offensive for any reason.
 — Any request for dates or any flirtation that is not welcomed by the recipient
 of such a request or flirtation.
There is likely no student on any campus anywhere who is not guilty of at least
one of these “offenses.” Any attempt to enforce this rule evenhandedly and
comprehensively will be impossible….
Read the rest at the link.
The FIRE has set up an Action Page where you can send emails to the Departments
of Education and Justice.  Here are the contact persons if you want to email
them directly (as always, be polite):

Seth Galanter
Office for Civil Rights, Dept. of Education

Chief Anurima Bhargava
Civil Rights Division, Dept. of Justice
 ** my note — this link is the legal agreement between the University of Montana , the Department of Education , and the ObamaCrap Department of InJustice . And yes , the university ‘ s president , on the school ‘ s behalf , did sign the settlement …
This is a continuation of the reign of politically correct terror on campuses,
in which conservatives and men inevitably will be the ones singled out, a point
we made in Kangaroo courts for men on campus.
Though extensive due process protections apply to the investigation of crimes,
and to criminal trials, perhaps the most important part of the criminal process
— the decision whether to charge a defendant, and with what — is almost entirely
discretionary.  Given the plethora of criminal laws and regulations in today’s
society, this due process gap allows prosecutors to charge almost anyone they
take a deep interest in.  This Essay discusses the problem in the context of
recent prosecutorial controversies involving the cases of Aaron Swartz and David
Gregory, and offers some suggested remedies, along with a call for further
Now everything is a speech crime on campus, and the administrators get to pick
and choose who is guilty.

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