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… Doesn’t this Judge Get It ?? [#Wisconsin][#voter id law]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 31st,2016

.. you would think that this judge would understand [already] that the 7th Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court soundly approved the voter id law in Wisconsin ..

.. unfortunately , this idiot judge just did not get the message .Worse , this idiot applied an unconstitutional approach [the disparate impact standard] in doing so .. . So what does he do ? ..

.. this judge sticks his nose in where it does not belong , not one damn bit . He strikes down the essence of the Voter I.D. law ..

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.. now it is up to the 7th Circuit and SCOTUS to set things right and just ..

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… What Comes With a Grant of Immunity [#legal steps]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 8th,2016

.. well , it is a request made to a federal district court judge . The judge makes the order official ..

.. it does not make the witness free to lie . Far from it . The one sin that a witness may not commit is perjury [lying about a material fact] . You commit perjury , you have committed a felony , and you are going to jail for a good – sized stretch [like 5 years] …

.. there is what is known as ‘ Use Immunity . ” The gRAnt of Use Immunity only gives the witness protection against the testimony that he / SHe gives in front of the grand jury . That , and only that . usually only use immunity is granted ..

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.. when a grant of full immunity is granted , the testimony that is wanted by the Government is very highly desired . The testimony will not go to waste . The Government wants to use it against someone else , like a much higher fish on the totem pole ..

.. gee , I wonder who ?? [read — Miz Hillary , Mr. Bill]..

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… It is Time for U.S. Attorneys to Step Up …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 12th,2014

.. they also have jurisdiction over the investigation of the Infernal Revenue Service …

.. if Main InJustice refuses to do its job , then a U.S. Attorney or 2 should step up . Especially one who is involved in an active court proceeding . The U.S. Atty can use the active case to start the investigation , and have the protection of an active case (and the involvement of a Federal District Court judge) in order to kick things off .

.. Once this becomes publically known , then Main InJustice cannot touch the U.S. Atty in question . They will be forced to set them up as a special counsel , in addition to their regular duties . The higher ups then cannot touch the U.S. Atty in question without risking impeachment and removal …

.. It could also come from a civil case . A Federal judge can appoint a special master to investigate the case in question . The judge can block Main InJustice from playing around with the case while the special master works . The judge and the special master can publish the findings as a part of the court case , and force the Department of Justice ‘ s hand .

.. Under our system , a judge cannot normally force a cabinet department to appoint a special counsel . However , once the findings of a special master become known in a civil case , then a mandamus action could well be brought in the appeallate court . That in and of itself would and could be explosive …

… [h/t — theAmericanSpectator]..
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