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… Can’t These Guys Behave Themselves [#Campaign 2016]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 31st,2016

.. at least , guys , behave yourselves , and campaign with some class and some dignity ..

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.. if you want to be POTUS , act like it . Do Not use the current occupant of the office as a guide . His example is definitely not one to follow …


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… What werre the NV Dems Thinking [#absentee ballot process][#military][#US]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 24th,2016

.. getting absentee ballots to our overseas military is never easy . You have to think ahead , and to plan ahead in order for them to get their ballots in enough time for them to be able to vote , especially without being rushed . Then it takes more time for their ballots to be returned ..

.. then you have a caucus . That presents even more headaches ..

.. Caucuses are meetings . People take time out of their day [or evening] to stand up for their political principles , and those candidates whom they might support . However , this becomes a very big issue for the uniformed military ..

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.. in other countries , their military services are rife with politics . As a result , the professional level of theose nation ‘ s armed services suffers as a result . our does not , and does not permit it . But it does permit [and encourage ] people to vote …

.. but what the DemOCrap party in Nevada did in their recent caucus is a disgrace . They had our troops in the field spend 3 to 4 hours on the phone [on an international call] to participate in their local caucus . Are you kidding ?? Those calls are extraordinarily expensive , as well as time – wasting . Be real ..

.. The Nevada GOP was far more practical . They did things the olde fashioned way . They had our troops participate with their candidate preferences [in the caucus] with an absentee ballot . Simple enough ..

.. There has to be a better way . Maybe the Nevada GOP Already has it ..

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