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… How Outreageous !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 23rd,2013

.. Sherrod Brown (Eagle Scout 1969) and fellow Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon (Eagle Scout 1971) are urging their supporters today to tell the Boy Scouts of America to “do a good turn” on May 23 when their national council votes on admitting gay scouts . ..

.. The Boy Scouts last Friday announced a proposed compromise in which they would admit gay scouts, but bar gay adults from troop leadership. Brown, Merkley and Zach Wahls (Eagle Scout 2007), who heads Scouts for Equality, suggest this still would fail to embrace the moral values of scouting. They do not say so explicitly but their letter to the Boy Scouts of America — which they urge supporters to sign — calls for “a full non-discrimination policy” that includes leaders . ..

.. “For over 100 years, Scouting has helped shape the lives of millions of American youth, producing leaders who strengthen our communities, embody important moral values like honesty and service, and set examples for others at every turn,” their letter says. ..

… Sherrod Brown thinks that the Boy Scouts should accept both gay Scouts and gay Scout leadersza . So does his Senate colleague , Jeff Merkeley . Well , i am an Eagle Scout , well I was when I was a teenager . …

… Organizations are entitled to have their beliefs understood , and respected . They are allowed to set them because our society believes that groups , as well as individuals , have morals , and can and do set moral standards . They are also allowed to have them as from religion and religious faith , and to choose to freely associate (or not) with others . ..

…  Such acts and beliefs are not discrimination , but morality . …


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