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… I can Understand the “Dream”ers [Immigration issue

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 17th,2013

.. these young people were brought into the country by their parents , and grew up here , and knew no better . However , they are still “illegals . ”

.. I am going to guess that , with a ne immigration bill bill that may well make it through , these young people will have their status legalized . However , the standards are likely to be tighter . The year of arrival is likely to be mored , in which direction , I do not know . Their age at arrival is likely to be lowered . Basically , they will be able to stay , and achieve amnesty .

.. I am pro – immigraion . However , I am very much pro – legal immigration . If there is to be “amnesty , ” there will be one hell of a price to pay for it . One of the highest is that there should be a great deal more legal immigration , based upon skills and skill level . Also , investors , along with STEM , should be emphasized . Also , family reunification should and must be limited to immediate family only . Not to extended family , Uh – unh .

.. I also do support the idea of the “dreamers . ” It must be done in law , not in regulation . What the ObamaCraps have done in the immigration law enforcement is gross perversion of prosecutorial discretion , as well as decency . Legalization must be done in law , not perverted regs . The ObamaCraps should remember to enforce the body of law “as a whole,” and not in pieces and parts …

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… It is LawFare , Plain and Simple [on Immigration] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 11th,2013

.. Lawfare is an unusual term . Most folks are not all that familiar with it . Basically , what it is is using the system to wage legal war against the system itself .

.. It has been done for years . The Anachist Communist Lunatics Union has been at it for decades . Other players are more recent converts to the cause . Take note of this …

What are Those Idiots Thinking ??!?!

.. I am talking about theose idiots at the Depatarment of homeland Security !

.. Amazingly , they are trying their level best on how to not manage the nation ‘ s immigration law . One can support the ideal of the DREAM Act . i am somewhat lukewarm on it . But it is not the job of DHS to grossly misuse and abuse proseuctorial discretion to change the law .

.. Prosecutorial Disccretion is a valued hallmark of our judicial system . We can just not simply attempt to try each and every civil and criminal case . In cannot be done . Different prosecutors have different priorities . However , you make choices , set priorities , and work to make the  system work .  AT least , that is how it is supposed to wrok .

.. However , P.D.  (for short) involves enforcing the law . The entire body of law . Even when you make choices , you are enforcing the body of law (civil and criminal) as a whole . Most of all , you are not trying or ateempting by administrative fiat , to change the law . That act is the province of Congress . The President and his or her administration is charged with enforcing the law . For him or her , it is their duty . For the Presidential Oath is by itself , stated in the Constitution . All other federal officials , including military officers , admin officials , judges , and the Vice President , take the exact same oath . POTUS does not . He (or she) shall take care “that the laws be faithfully executed ” is how it is stated . That discretion does not allow for POTUS (or admin officials , at her or his direction) to change the law by fiat . That is the most obscene and gross misuse of power , and the act of a dictator .

.. What is going on out at the border is a disgrace . This article , from Brietbart Media (Big Government) is a simple example of how things at the border are getting waaay out of hand . It will backfire on them , and spectacularly so ….

KSAZ reports the new tactic could easily overwhelm the immigration system, quoting immigration attorney and former immigration official Pete Nunez:

“To make our system even more ridiculous than it has been in the past,” he adds. “There are no detention facilities for families, so the family would have to be split up. We don’t want to split families up, so we end up releasing people out into the community on bond, on bail.”
Nunez says, “It’s a huge loophole.”

“There has to be a policy change, something implemented, an emergency implementation that will stop this, or otherwise we will have thousands coming in.”

The goal, however, may be to overwhelm the system. This apparent new tactic comes on the heels of widely publicized activism by a group called ‘The Dream 9‘ who also used a claim of asylum to gain re-entry to the country. As leftist organization Colorlines

reported last week:

All nine of the activists have now established credible fear, a step toward an asylum hearing. Supporters are now hoping the Dream 9 will be eligible for parole, which would allow them to return to the United States until their asylum hearing dates.

This connection between the ‘Dream 9’ and the tactic of asylum was made by Spanish-language news source La Opiniòn. They report (translation by Google Translation) in an article entitled

El asilo se volvió un sueño(in English: The asylum becomes a dream):

Following the release of nine Dreamers prisoners in Arizona, after a protest at the border, others have taken the path of asylum as a way to solve their deportation.

Media reports in San Diego are reporting that “hundreds of foreigners are trying to enter the country in the same way” and even that immigrants are being taught to use key phrases that they can stay in the country.

Reports tell of cases in the Port of Entry Otay Mesa, where 199 people have argued a ‘credible fear “to the drug cartels in Mexico.

And the validation of Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) of the status of “credible fear”, which allowed young people to stay at home and return to their families seems to have generated more of a headache for Immigration.

La Opiniòn goes on to quote Marshall Fitz, the immigration policy expert the liberal Center for American Progress, who points out that many would not qualify and it’s not a good ‘long term strategy’ for those attempting to cross the border.

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… What I think the House Could Do [One Possibility]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 15th,2013

What the House Should Do

.. Now that S.744 has passed the Senate, and the baton has been passed to the lower chamber, the House of Representatives has been afforded a significant opportunity to change the debate on immigration reform. It is imperative that it takes it.

.. The fundamental problem with the bill is what it does with legal immigration. Instead of reforming our Ted Kennedy-inspired, irrational 60s-era immigration regime, it perpetuates it and even makes it worse. Thus, the Bill authorizes somewhere between 30 million and 60 million new legal immigrants over the next ten years, 90% of them low-skill and low-wage.This is exactly what it does, once again eschewing merit-based immigration for a family-based system and privileging low-skilled immigration uber alles.

.. In responding to the Senate, the first thing that the House should do is to split up the issues. Republicans should insist that they are presented with one bill that deals with the border and the illegal population, and another bill (at  least) that covers legal reform. There is no reason whatsoever why advocates of amnesty should have to sign on to sweeping legal reform, and there is no reason whatsoever why those who want to change the legal system should have to acquiesce with border measures that they dislike. Immigration is a problem, but is not a crisis in the sense that the invasion of Pearl Harbor was a crisis. Contrary to the cries of some, America has the time to debate properly measures that will define who joins the polity over the next two decades and more. It should take that time.

If I had carte blanche, I would have the House start over on the legal side.

. There are a few good things in the Senate bill — the abolition of the Green Card lottery among them. But it fails to bring immigration law into line with what, in my experience, Americans think that immigration law is. And, worse, it builds on a 1965 law that was deeply unpopular at the time and that has done precisely what its advocates swore blind that it would not. The House should put together
a bill — or, better, a series of bills — that would, among other things, abolish the green card lottery, limit family-based immigration to spouses and children,  greatly increase high-skilled visas, institute a limited Bracero-style temporary worker  program, require English proficiency for permanent residency (not visas), and feature a modest version of the DREAM Act . Most important, it would invert the
balance between skills-based and family-based immigration in the favor of the  former. And it would make it clear that the total number of legal immigrants  should at the very least remain the same and should certainly not increase,  possibly drawing any amnesty visas granted to illegals from an overall total.

.. Having done these things, it should send the bill to the Senate for approval. If  the Senate refuses, so be it. The status quo is better than is S.744, and  Americans appear barely to care about the issue. Immigration reform is  neccesary, but not so necessary that anything will do. John Boehner will do well  if he remembers that.

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