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… Earth to States [Religious Liberty] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 6th,2013

.. people ‘ s First Amendment rights to religious liberty outweight those of the creation of a ” Human Rights Commission . “

.. people do not forfeit their 1st Amendment rights when , for example , they go into business . They have a right to choose to uphold their religious principles when they choose not to serve so – called ” gay ” couples . The case that I am following is that of Masterpiece Cakeshop , a business in (I think) Boulder , Colorado . The Colorado state commision governing this case is threatening to impose crippling fines on Jack Phillips (the owner) if he continues to refuse to serve so – called ” same – sex ” couples .

.. These ” gay ” couples can get their products and services elsewhere , in particular , florists and cakeshops who do not wish to associate themselves with so – called ” gay ” weddings . These ” weddings ” are nothing of the kind , and judicial doctrine does not allow a ” human rights ” code to impose a duty to serve on these folks .

.. These folks do not believe in so – called ” gay ” marriages , or anything of the sort . They believe that marriage is the holy covenant , the act of coupling in between one man and one woman . In their case , no state ” human rights commission  ” can redefine those rights , or deny one ‘ s Constitutional rights .

.. The ” human rights ordinance ” (cover for non – discrimination against gays and lesbians , as well as ” same – sex ” couples) does not , repeat , not outweigh the constitutional rights of others .

.. Please try to remember that …


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… Those Idiots in California have Done It Again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 12th,2013

.. no , unbelievably , it is not on taxes , or on spending …

… or , even on even more debt …

… it is fertility treatments , not for married couples . That at least would make sense ….

… not even for POS (people of the opposite sex) … they did not have a  right to it , before . It may not be moral , but at least there is some kind of sense to it …

… it is fertility treatments for same – sex couples . How insane is that . Earth to the People ‘ s Republic of California , you need the intervention of a third party , no matter what , for a same – sex couple to have (conceive of) a child . It is just physically impossible for them to do it any other way , no matter what .

… same – sex relationships are , to me , immoral and unnatural . If God had intended for us to have same – sex couplings , He would have Constructed us diffferently . We are not , that is for sure .

… How insane is that . Guys and gals , it does not work that way . Come back to the straight and narrow …

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… the U.S. Senate , try a Loonie Bin …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 11th,2013

[h/t — the OtherMcCain]

.. As far-fetched as that scenario may seem, no one in 1965 ever imagined that claims of “discrimination” and “sexual harassment” — and the fear of such claims — would result in the situation now so widespread, where lawsuits and threats of lawsuits are a sort of constant threat of blackmail, where disgruntled employees make complaints knowing full well that companies are reluctant to go to court to defend against such claims. Instead, nine times out of 10, the complaining employee is given what’s informally called “go away money,” a settlement usually equivalent to a year’s salary, just so the company can rid itself of the legal nuisance.

.. Oh, and guess what happens to your insurance premiums when “non-discrimination” means that you must hire transsexuals and cover the cost of their surgery and other treatments?

.. People who shrug their shoulders about ENDA and other such nonsense, or who hesitate to denounce it because they don’t want to seem prejudiced, have no idea how all this talk about “fairness” and equality” actually operates, once it becomes law and people start getting sued or fired over flimsy claims of “discrimination.”

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