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… the DemoCraps should be Scared to Hell of this Ad [ObamaCrapCare – related] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,December 18th,2013

.. get used to it , folks .

.. [h/t —

.. [link] to the video ..

.. the ad wars for 2014 are just getting started .

.. this one targets Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire . She is not exactly on most folks ‘ list of endangered DemoCraps for next year . With the right candidate , and some serious $$ , she could be put on the endangered list …

.. this sucker will be replicated over-and-over-and-over all around the country . Any and every DemoCrap that is even the slightest bit endangered , especially the ones in the Senate , will be the target of ads like this . Enjoy !! ..

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… I think the DemoCraps forgot how to Count [the Budget Deal] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 15th,2013

.. you need 60 votes in the Senate to invoke what is known as ” cloture ” to move legislation forward . It generally needs this amount in order to forstall any possible threat of a filibuster . So far , there has not been one , as of yet .

.. The problem is that the DummyCraps forgot how to count . You need 50 votes (+ VP Biden , if needed to break a tie) to pass a bill . The Democratic leadership assumed that they would pick up a couple of GOP votes to pass the bill , also assuming that they would lose some of their own people . They just did not think that they would lose very many people . They were wrong  .

.. Big Oops . Both of them . Nice going on the assumptions , tricky Dick Durbin (the Senate Majority Whip , for now) . He is supposed to know how to count to either 60 or 50 . Durbin generally does not admit that he is short of the mark , unless he really is . Doing it in public on a Sunday show [wrap up] is probably his way of creating some form of pressure on the GOP to produce some votes . Evidently , they are short of the mark .

.. Nice going , dummies …

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… Excellent Point , George Will [the Nuclear Option] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 22nd,2013

.. this clip [link] is from the panel discussion on Thursday night ‘ s “Special Report with Bret Baier . ”

.. Will nails it just about on the head . The geniuses that forced through this change may not realize that it sets a very politically ” gruesome ” precedent . ObamaCrapCare was originally passed under what is known as ” reconciliation . ” Reconciliation requires the adoption of a budget resolution by both Houses of Congress . This rules change , carried to its ultimate extent , will allow the repeal of ObamaCrapCare with a regular bill , without ” reconciliation .”

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… No Kidding , Sluggo [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 19th,2013

.. DemoCrap Representative Nick Rahall [WV] was caught on TV , quoting the [obvious] …

.. also [here] .

.. POTUS ‘ ObamaCrapCare fix lacks legal legitimacy .

.. Nick going , Nick !

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… It is Election Day , folks ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

… make sure that you get out and vote .

.. Who you vote for is your business . Ditto the issues that you choose to vote on , and how you choose to vote . All I ask of the folks that I know is that they get off their butts , and get out and vote ! …

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… Frank Jackson in Cleveland [Mayor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. I know , I know , Jackson is a Democrat . i do not endorse or vote for Democraps all that often . In the city of Cleveland ‘ s case

Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, at th...

… Frank Jackson, mayor of the City of Cleveland … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, the city has gotten very lucky .

.. Jackson was originally a political hack . He was a longtime city councilman , from the near – East Side , from a very poor area of neighboorhoods . He ran for Mayor the first time , and he won . I had my doubts about the guy . I still do . However , he has earned his shot at another term .

.. Jackson is not a big publicity seeker . Most big – city mayors are publicity hounds . Frank Jackson is not . He prefers to spread the credit around , and not to draw it to himself . Any big – city mayor that is worth a gosh darn needs to be a fairly decent administrator . Jackson is , however , suprisingly , a very good one . He sets the budget , and campaigns hard for it . He does not beat around the bush on the subject …

.. Jackson is also fairly good at building bridges with other people and other parties . He worked hard to get the Medical Merchandise Mart [the Center for Health Transformation] sited , financed , and built ,  and along with it , got a brand new Convention Center for the City out of the deal . Also , he has build bridges with Republicans and with Democrats , outside of the city . He is pushing hard for the city ‘ s control of the school district , and for the school voucher program . That is a surprise , for a  Democrat , to take on the teacher  ‘ s unions  on  vouchers . Yet he has done it , and done it successfully .

.. Frank Jackson in Cleveland [Mayor] …

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… Banning ” Extraordinary Measures ” could reduce Default Risk [ShutDown Theatre] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 16th,2013

.. POTUS & Co are objecting to a measure that includes language  that the GOP is trying to restrict the Treasury’s ability to maneuver under the debt ceiling with a provision that could, counterintuitively, have the effect of reducing the possibility of a default in the future. House Republicans are considering legislation to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government that includes language banning the Treasury from using “extraordinary measures” to create headroom under the debt ceiling in the future.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been using such measures, which include issuing IOUs to government employee retirement funds and shifting around government accounts, since the debt reached the statutory limit of $16.7 trillion in May. Lew has said that he will run out of the measures on Thursday, at which point he will be left with only cash and incoming revenues with which to pay the country’s bills.

.. His projection has been interpreted by many in the government and media as a hard deadline for avoiding a default on Treasury obligations. The actual hard deadline was May 31st , 2013 . The extraordinary measures have been used to manuveur around below the ceiling ,  since then .

.. People think that this October 17th is a hard deadline . Matter of fact , it is not . The Treasury likely has enough funds on hand to meet all its bills through October 22nd , at the earliest , or November 1st , at the latest, according to many calculations .

.. Confusion over when exactly the government faces default is hurting the Obama administration’s credibility, former Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said last week. Goolsbee called it a “fuzziness problem”: The public doesn’t understand the timing of the default threat, even if they believe it’s a real threat. Removing the use of extraordinary measures might clear up that fuzziness.

.. Removing the ability of Treasury to maneuver under the debt ceiling for months at a time could mean that whatever day the Treasury hits the debt limit is a hard deadline. That, in turn, could decrease Congress’ willingness to push negotiations to the last minute.  Nevertheless, President Obama and Lew have objected to the GOP measure. Treasury officials under both Democratic and Republican presidents have used the maneuvers, and ending them would represent a transfer of power away from the executive branch.

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… Shame on You , George Miller [Jihad Comments]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 3rd,2013

.. this is a [link] to the gawd – awful comments of the radical leftie democrap congresscritter from California , George Miller , used

, U.S. Congressman.

… George Miller …(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the other day . They were used in the budget debate over the shutdown .

.. FYI — there is a parliamentary procedure in the House to address this offence . What it is is “to take the words down . ” The member of Congress making the parliamentary offence has his (or her) words stricken from the record . What is bigger is that that person is forbidden from speaking on the floor of the House for the remainder of the parliamentary day …

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… Actually , Nancy Pelosi , You Can ! [Budget Cuts] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 25th,2013

.. It is fairly simple , Ms. Pelosi …

[-] You figure out how much that you want to pay in taxes … ,

[-] You set priorities , and figure out how much you can afford to spend , and

[-] Ideally , you do not borrow …

.. There are plenty of places to cut , and there are plenty of agencies that can be shut down , or that can be phased out . Try it . You just might like it . Especially when you do it without tax increases , as is your wont , Nancy ….

… p.s. — you really think that I was going to post a picture of that witch . Not a chance in hell ….

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… Ah , D.O.D. , What you are Doing is Circumventing State Law …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 14th,2013

.. in the state in which a base is located .

.. In Ohio , where I am , a base of this size , where there is likely to be such a gay soldier / airman population is at Wright – Patterson Air Force Base . Wright – Pat (for short) is huge , with many thousands of officers and airmen and airwomen . It also has detachments from the other services . These folks , though , have a problem .

.. For them , they have wither to live on base , or within a reasonable distance of the base . That means about 30 to 40 miles . Down there (Wright – Pat is downstate , just northeast of the City of Dayton , actually in Fairborn) , that means those folks live entirely within the state of Ohio . Where , matter of fact , that so – called “Same Sex Marriage” is both illegal , as well as unconstitutional . Huge Oops !

.. Somehow , I do not think that even a significant chunk of the Senate (in Democratic hands , for now) , much less saying the House (which is GOP – controlled) are going to be too thrilled with such a stunt . Circumventing local laws , where marriage is governed , and allowed servicemen and servicewomen to abrogate those local laws is not going to go over very well .

.. You might think why I picked on Wright – Pat ? It is , by far , the largest military base in the state of Ohio . No other one is really in its size class . Also , one other factor . Guess in whose congressional district parts of the base are located ?

.. John Boehner . Yea , Speaker of the House John Boehner . Whoops .

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… No , You do not Raise the Debt Limit without Conditions …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 28th,2013

.. Hey , you foolish jackhole for a Treasury Secretary . You have been Deputy White House Chief of Staff , and White House Chief of Staff . You should know better .

.. The budget is one thing . A Continuing Resolution (or C.R.) should be passed , in order to keep the government running .



However , it should only be for a limited period of time , in order to give all sides breathing room , as well as motivation . The motivation should be to pass the regular appropriations bills . Ideally , they should be passed on time . If not , then in decent time and order , as soon as possible .

.. However , the debt limit bill is another matter . Raising the debt limit has not come without controversy . The nation ‘ s bill s have been and will be paid . As part of a C.R. , Congress should pass a bill mandating the order in which bills should be paid , in the case of a debt limit controversy . They should stick by it , and force POTUS ‘ hand . The scandal is that the debt limit needs to be raised , and the amount and need for deficit spending . Especially under the ObamaCraps .

.. The ObamaCraps have more than doubled our nation ‘ s debt , to almost $17 trillion . That in and of itself is outrageous . It must stop . Spending must be reduced , and put on a DOWNWARD trend . Ditto taxes . No , not upward , DOWNWARD , thank you very much .

Congress needs to raise the debt limit and take away the “cloud of uncertainty” about the nation’s ability to pay its bills, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

“The fight over the debt limit in 2011 hurt the economy, even though, in the end, we saw an extension of the debt limit. We saw confidence fall, and it hurt the economy. Congress needs to do its job. It needs to finish its work on appropriation bills. It needs to pass a debt limit,” Lew said on NBC’s Meet The Press.

Senior lawmakers on Capitol Hill are trying to come up with must-do legislation to keep federal agencies running after Sept. 30 and prevent the possibility of a government shutdown. At issue is what is normally routine: a plug-the-gap measure to fund the government for a few weeks or months until a deal can be worked out on appropriations bills giving agencies their operating budgets for the full 2014 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

However, some Democratic liberals don’t want to vote to continue to fund the government at new, lower levels mandated by the automatic, across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration. And some conservatives are making a last stand against President Barack Obama’s new health care law. In addition, Senate Democrats are resistant to a $20 billion spending cut wanted by many Republicans.

Lew maintained that the president won’t negotiate over the debt limit but stopped short, however, of saying that Obama would shut down the government.

“Drawing this to brinksmanship is a mistake. It’s bad for the economy for it to be brinksmanship,” he said.

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