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… We are a Nation of Laws …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 2nd,2017

.. and we have a right to expect that the Administration enforce the ” body of law ” as a whole .

.. the Federal Government has a need and a right to set priorities and make choices . But , it should be made known that the entire work , the entire ” body of law ” as a whole should be enforce . In that way , our rights and liberties will be safeguarded , and the Government will respect our laws and our system of government …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
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.. not treat our system and laws like that of a ” banana republic … “

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.. the D.A. has a Serious Problem [#Bill Cosby case]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 18th,2016

.. and it is his testimony in the now – dismissed civil case against now – disgraced comedian Bill Cosby ..

.. normally , when a civil case is filed against a defendant who is charged with criminal charges , the civil case is put on hold . The chief reason is the defendant ‘ s testimony — it cannot be compelled in the criminal case , while it can be [if called] in the civil one. It is extraordinary unusual for the civil case to come first ..

.. in this case , it did — by a decade . That presents a problem . Why ? ..

.. Cosby , as expected , testified in the civil case . His testimony was required by the rules of the road . An important issue — he did not expect for there to be a criminal case [or charges] related to the woman involved . However , that has now changed ..

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.. in order to get Cosby to testify in the civil case [without exerting his 5thAmendment rights against self – incrimination] , the old D.A. apparently made a ” deal . ” His ” deal ” was an act that [I believe] has given Bill Cosby what is known as ” use immunity . ” Use immunity protects a potential defendant against [except perjury , for lying in court] anything that the defendant has said in his immunized testimony ..

.. Oops ..

.. I believe that Bill Cosby is a louse . He has sexually assaulted many women . However , there is the statute of limitations , which protects louses like Cosby if criminal charges are not brought within a specific period of time after a criminal act has been committed . So , in this case , Cosby should not be tried . The ex – D.A. in effect made a deal , thus screwing over the victim ..

.. also , the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights exist for a reason . Those constitutional rights exist to protect us all . Even scumbag louses like Bill Cosby ..

.. damn scumbag ! ..

.. Damn him ..

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… It is Time for U.S. Attorneys to Step Up …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 12th,2014

.. they also have jurisdiction over the investigation of the Infernal Revenue Service …

.. if Main InJustice refuses to do its job , then a U.S. Attorney or 2 should step up . Especially one who is involved in an active court proceeding . The U.S. Atty can use the active case to start the investigation , and have the protection of an active case (and the involvement of a Federal District Court judge) in order to kick things off .

.. Once this becomes publically known , then Main InJustice cannot touch the U.S. Atty in question . They will be forced to set them up as a special counsel , in addition to their regular duties . The higher ups then cannot touch the U.S. Atty in question without risking impeachment and removal …

.. It could also come from a civil case . A Federal judge can appoint a special master to investigate the case in question . The judge can block Main InJustice from playing around with the case while the special master works . The judge and the special master can publish the findings as a part of the court case , and force the Department of Justice ‘ s hand .

.. Under our system , a judge cannot normally force a cabinet department to appoint a special counsel . However , once the findings of a special master become known in a civil case , then a mandamus action could well be brought in the appeallate court . That in and of itself would and could be explosive …

… [h/t — theAmericanSpectator]..
.. [link] to the blogpost ..

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