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… Way to Go , Dumb – Dumbs [#IRS computer][#security breach]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,November 12th,2016

.. yeah , you heard it right .

.. even the I.R.S. suffers a security breach ..

.. but when it happens to the Infernal Service , it can cause all sorts of grief for many , many people …

.. in this case , the Service is most likely to blame . They left a computer system littered with plenty of access holes and not enough encrypted security access .As a result , it allows folks who had obtained the right specific info access into the system to people ‘ s financial and tax info . Duh ! …

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.. contrary to popular belief , most folks tax returns and tax records are fairly simply . Many folks can and do file the Form 1040EZ or the Form 1040A . It is when you want to get pickier on the deductions , or your finances start to get a little more sophisticated , then you need to file the Form 1040 . With that comes other forms or schedules , and tax preparers , tax accountants , and tax lawyers , eventually …

.. some folks finances get to be pretty sophisticated , such as [now] Bill and Hillary Clinton . With the news info coming out about the Clinton ‘s antics about their fiannces , they likely employ quite a few tax professionals in order to get their taxes done properly ..

.. Which makes this blunder all the more stupid ! ..

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… Interesting Development in EMailGate [#Miz Hillary]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 19th,2016

.. courtesy of Judge Andrew Napolitano ..

.. the Judge [Fox News ‘ senior judicial analyst] included inhis recent column that the Department of InJustice sought the extradition of a computer hacker from Romania . I am presuming that this guy is from the country  , but I cannot be sure . Normally , that would not be a real big whoopee -do , but for this ..

.. this computer hacker evidently has been found out to be the one that has been identified as the computer hackerthat hacked open Sid the Squid [Sidney Blumenthal ‘ s ]e- mail account. I wonder what else he gained access to ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. .. sid the Squid is a longtime Clintonoid loyalist .He is also paranoid beyond all .He likely was at least fairly careful about his computer security .yet his own e – mail account was hacked . This guy could have followed from that account to Miz Hillary ‘ s and …

.. Bingo ! . The motherlode would have been exposed . The HillaryCraps say that her system was not hacked . Well , don’t be so sure ..

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