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… the Next Stages in the Battle [#Israel ‘ s War on Hamas]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 27th,2014

.. now what happens …

.. most certainly , Hamas is in big trouble . Most Arab nations (not all) , but many of them , silently are cheering Israel on . They know and understand the threat that Hamas portends for Israel , but also , for others . The bigger threats come from the Muslim Brotherhood , and , also , from I.S.I.L. . They want the threat minimized , if not eliminated . Taking out Hamas would be a big first step ..

.. they also realize that Bibi Netanyahu is one tough customer . He is a smart an able political leader , one that will not be easily toppled for the perch . Not even by Barack Obama …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the intelligence report ..

.. Bibi is in a strong position . Not an invulnerable one , but a very strong one . Obama can try to pressure him , but unless there is an emergency situation , Obama cannot move Bibi , unless Bibi decides that he wants to move …

.. Bibi also has an effective national government behind him . The other parties , even the Arab ones , understand the threat that Hamas [via Iran] portends . It will be bloody , and it will be expensive , but , in time , it will be worth it …

.. now , on with the ” show … ”

In the coming hours, Israel must decide therefore where to go next.

Israeli ministers will have to decide whether to widen the scale of the counter-terror operation against Hamas and, if the decision is positive, to define its targets and limits.

Precise directives are now imperative because Israel’s war leaders, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, have changed the Operation Defensive Edge’s goals three times since it was launched 18 days ago.

[-] First, they defined the objective as smashing Hamas military strength ;

[-]  then, to dismantle its rocket-launching and production facilities , and ,

[-] most recently, to demolish the vast subterranean complex of tunnels dug under the Gaza Strip, some of which are “terror” tunnels that snake under the border to Israeli civilian locations.

[-] finally , destruction of Hamas ‘ central command structure and command complex …
Both leaders warned frequently that time would be needed to finish any one of those missions.

And indeed, although much progress has been made, none of those goals has been fully achieved as yet, which was Israel’s overriding military consideration for rejecting a ceasefire at this time.

Above all, the operation has not reached the Hamas high command, which has managed to stay safe in its elaborate bunker under the center of Gaza City, untouched even by heavy Israeli air bombardments.


LEC here again — It will take time , but the first step can be accomplished on the way to the second . It is the second one that will take a great deal of time and effort to finish  . Next will come the attacks on the tunnel systems . More work , more time , but more patience … then , the last one .

.. If you want to kill ” the King , ” go after him  . If you want to  destroy Hamas , then destroy Hamas . It will  send a valuable and long – lasting message to many places …


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