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… Nice Going , Miz HIllary [#email recovery]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 16th,2016

.. well , it looks like the F.B.I. has struck gold . which means no good news for Miz Hillary , that is for sure ..

.. among emails that have been recovered by THE fbi IS ONE REGARDING THE Iraq War , Dubya , and former British PM Tony Blair ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. Yes , this recovered email is politically red hot . It lays out the course that Dubya and Blair put forth to plan the various elements of the political , military , and diplomatic offense , prior to the Iraq War . However , emails like this generally are kept Top Secret for a reason …

.. they are kept that way for many years after the event . It is done in order to protect various elements of sources and methods of intelligence . It also makes you understand how flippant Miz Hillary and her staff at State were with her personal server and the gross negligence in the management of classified information …

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… How could the HillaryCraps be So Irresponsibile ?!?! [#classified material]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 5th,2016

.. incredible ?!?! ..

.. how could these morons be so stupid ! ..

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.. [link] to the blog post …

.. former Justice Department expert Shannen Coffin put it succinctly …

.. Once these foreign communications (like Blair’s summary of Netanyahu communications) end up on her e-mail system, it was up to Clinton and her staff to classify them and handle them with the appropriate level of care required of sensitive government secrets .

.. So her defense that the communications were not marked as classified is simply an admission that she didn’t take the proper steps to mark them. As her own regulations plainly provided (5 FAM 582.10(f)) “foreign government information (FGI) requiring protection may appear in a foreign government’s documents with or without a security classification marking by that government .

.. It is the responsibility of the recipient U.S. agency to mark such FGI requiring security classification protection with the appropriate level of U.S. security classification marking (emphasis added).” Having failed in that basic responsibility, Clinton has risked exposure of these confidential communications — the very stock in trade of our nation’s diplomacy — to untold numbers of hackers and foreign enemies. She cannot plausibly claim ignorance here.

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… Now You Call This Incredibly Stupid [#email sharing][#Clintonoid Foundation]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 15th,2015

.. sharing information with a foundation is one thing . It is part and parcel of the non – profit business . But for a government ?

.. it is a very , very different matter when it comes to a government agency . Governments should be sharing information sparingly with outsiders . It is different issue , for example , when you deal with the F.O.I.A. and F.O.I.A. requests …

.. but when it comes to classified information ?? …

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.. Cheryl Mills has been in the Clinton inner circle for years . She is probably Miz Hillary ‘ s most senior and most trusted aide . However , it does not give her license to do whatever she wants , whenever she wants to do it . In particular , doing it with classified information ..

.. it appears [from the evidence] that she has been openly sharing information with the Clinton Foundation .. Why ??

.. [link] to the evidence of the memo that Mills did share ..

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… Miz Hillary , You are In Deep , Deep … [#classified material]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 8th,2015

.. trouble ..

.. hey dummy ! .. those materials were rendered ” classified ” by their nature , not by when they were marked ..

.. want to understand why ?? …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. the author of this article [ ] puts it very niclely …

In this July 2010 e-mail, for example, the entirety of Hillary Clinton’s message was redacted prior to its public release under the federal FOIA law. The redactions of the material were provided pursuant to a provision of law protecting national security information. The printed redaction code “1.4(D),” cited next to the redaction and at the top of the document next to the official classification date, pertains to information on “[f]oreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources[.]” At the top of the document, a declassification date of July 1, 2025 is clearly noted:

Miz Hillary (e mail)(classified material)

That declassification date is highly significant because it is precisely 15 years after the date on which the e-mail was sent, rather than the date on which it was marked.

That is because under federal law, information is classified by nature, not by marking. As a result, federal classification authorities deemed that the information was classified the very second it originated, even if it was not marked as such until August 27, 2015. Also worthy of note is the fact that Hillary’s message is the only content in the entire document that is redacted and marked as classified. This means that she was not merely a helpless, passive recipient of classified national security information; she was the originator. And not only did she intentionally originate the classified information, she intentionally disseminated it via an unsecured, unsanctioned private e-mail server.

The e-mail was classified as “confidential.” According to the 2009 Obama executive order, the “confidential” classification level “shall be applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team has repeatedly tried to dodge responsibility for her distribution of classified information by claiming the information was not marked at the time. However, the nature of Hillary’s secret, off-books private e-mail scheme made it impossible for government authorities to mark as classified any information that originated on Hillary’s private server, since they had no access to it. In fact, one of the newly released e-mails shows that the agency’s IT department had no knowledge of her private e-mail address and server scheme.

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