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… Now What is Fitzgerald Thinking ?!?! [#gigagaffe , again]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 16th,2014

.. this has not been a fun week for Cuyahoga County executive Ed Fitzgerald …

.. Who ? …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news blog / cartoon ..

.. I am originally from Lakewood , Ohio . I am also a proud graduate of Lakewood High School , Class of 1983 . Fitz was once the mayor of my hometown of Lakewood . He cut that time short when he ran for and won election as Cuyahoga County ‘ s first Executive …

.. apparently , during that time , or much of it , dumb – dumb Fitz did not have a permanent driver license . He was on Lakewood ‘ s City Council when he let his license lapse in 2002 . Stoopid ! …

darcy cartoon (ed fitzgerald)

.. worse , the news came out that two years ago , dumb – dumb was caught in an indiscretion . There was a trade mission that came to Greater Cleveland . One of the delegates was a woman [a legally licensed driver in her home country of Ireland]. Mr. Stupid was caught in a manufacturer ‘ s parking lot , at 4:30am in the morning , of all things , with this lady , when a nearby worker called the police . No , he was not arrested . But , he took her home , and then drove home .. Without a regular driver license . Big Whoops …

.. One of the agencies that the Governor of Ohio is responsible for is the Department of Public Safety . One of those departments that it runs is the Bureau of Motor Vehicles . This agency deals with the issuing of , among other things , driver licenses . Stoopid …

.. now , this …. Fitz writes a publically issued letter about his son ‘ s cancer is still in remission . All in the same week . Why ? …

.. Well , whatever chance this idiot had of winning the Ohio Governor ‘ s race is now G – O – N – E !!!! …

.. — note — the cartoonist [for the Cleveland Plain Dealer] , Jeff Darcy , is a well – known leftie … you can tell how far Fitz has sank when Darcy is picking on him …


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… Frank Jackson in Cleveland [Mayor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. I know , I know , Jackson is a Democrat . i do not endorse or vote for Democraps all that often . In the city of Cleveland ‘ s case

Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, at th...

… Frank Jackson, mayor of the City of Cleveland … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, the city has gotten very lucky .

.. Jackson was originally a political hack . He was a longtime city councilman , from the near – East Side , from a very poor area of neighboorhoods . He ran for Mayor the first time , and he won . I had my doubts about the guy . I still do . However , he has earned his shot at another term .

.. Jackson is not a big publicity seeker . Most big – city mayors are publicity hounds . Frank Jackson is not . He prefers to spread the credit around , and not to draw it to himself . Any big – city mayor that is worth a gosh darn needs to be a fairly decent administrator . Jackson is , however , suprisingly , a very good one . He sets the budget , and campaigns hard for it . He does not beat around the bush on the subject …

.. Jackson is also fairly good at building bridges with other people and other parties . He worked hard to get the Medical Merchandise Mart [the Center for Health Transformation] sited , financed , and built ,  and along with it , got a brand new Convention Center for the City out of the deal . Also , he has build bridges with Republicans and with Democrats , outside of the city . He is pushing hard for the city ‘ s control of the school district , and for the school voucher program . That is a surprise , for a  Democrat , to take on the teacher  ‘ s unions  on  vouchers . Yet he has done it , and done it successfully .

.. Frank Jackson in Cleveland [Mayor] …

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… Why am I Not Surprised [DemoCrap Corruption] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 19th,2013

.. and it is in the Washington ComPost ‘ s backyard . These idiots should nail this one , especially with the waste and graft involved . But , guess why ?

.. the Mayor , a DemoCrap ,

.. the members of the Alexandria City Council (all 7 of them) , all DemoCraps , so what else is new ..

… you have got to read this piece from pjmedia [great pickup by j. christian adams] on this corruption mess . How these folks can get away with this is beyond outrageous . I will return to comment , later …

Government Graft, Corruption, and Retaliation in Democrat-Run Virginia

Posted By J. Christian Adams On August 17, 2013 @ 1:54 pm In Uncategorized | 36 Comments

Big wasteful government isn’t only a federal phenomenon. And if you’re an honest government employee in the city of Alexandria in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., you better watch out. Because if you “blow the whistle” on inappropriate, unethical, or improper government spending, your bosses will retaliate and fire you for speaking up on behalf of the tax-payers.

All across America, billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted or mismanaged by local governments because of little to no government transparency or accountability. Alexandria, Virginia, provides an example of why.

Ironically, local government, which is arguably the “closest to the people,” is in many ways shielded and protected from public scrutiny and questioning. Only a select few who either work in local government or watch the actions of their local representatives closely catch these cases of waste, fraud, and abuse. Their stories are often ignored because the media is more drawn to high-profile cases at the state and federal levels.

Take the case of former Alexandria city architect Henry Lewis.

As the project manager on one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken by the city of Alexandria, Lewis was responsible for “watching the dollars.” Building a high-tech police headquarters, estimated to cost roughly $80 million plus another $20 million for furnishings, required the oversight of a skilled and experienced project manager, and Lewis was handpicked by top city officials to lead the project.

The Howard University-educated architect was a diligent project manager who worked to ensure that this massive project came in on time and on budget and he excelled at this role, receiving several sterling performance reviews and even a pay raise.

However, things began to change after “Director of General Services” Jeremy McPike got involved.

Jeremy McPike

Jeremy McPike, as a top government bureaucrat in Alexandria’s “Department of General Services,” was ultimately responsible for oversight of the project. As McPike took the reins, Lewis started to notice that Whiting-Turner, the contractor, began submitting suspect invoices for materials stored off-site which hadn’t been verified to actually exist. They started to bill extra for work that should have been covered by the original contract.

McPike became actively involved in approving these invoices for phantom materials—totaling over $2 million.

One of the invoices that Lewis questioned was for a substantial sum of money and had been post-dated by McPike a week in the future. But time and again, Lewis’ concerns were silenced and McPike approved invoices and change orders over his project manager’s professional objections.

Refusing to sign his name to fraudulent activity, Lewis made his suspicions known to his superiors.

That’s when things got really bad for Henry Lewis.

McPike was enraged that Lewis had gone “above his head” to report this suspicious activity. He became personally abusive and began to maneuver to get Lewis to resign his position with the city.

Because Lewis continued to push back against these improper invoices, McPike ultimately took action to have Lewis fired by the city. Henry Lewis has since sued Jeremy McPike and the city of Alexandria, citing Virginia’s whistle-blower statute, which was passed to protect genuine watchdogs of public tax dollars

But whistleblowers shouldn’t have to go to court to protect the taxpayer.

During the recent Circuit Court proceedings, evidence was introduced that clearly showed that, on numerous occasions, McPike attempted to intimidate and force Lewis to sign off on improper invoices from a contractor the government employee McPike favored. The trial detailed how McPike verbally abused and threatened Lewis with termination.

In collaboration with Whiting-Turner, who was tired of dealing with Lewis’ unwillingness to simply “rubber stamp” all invoices, Henry Lewis was fired and thrown to the curb. In a parting and spiteful insult to Lewis, McPike and Alexandria refused to place Lewis’ name on a plaque, an honor always extended to the project manager and architect.

To Henry Lewis’ credit, a jury found that Lewis had been wrongfully terminated under anti-retaliation provisions of the Virginia Fraud against Taxpayers Act, a law passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2011, and was awarded back pay, benefits, and legal fees. And it should be no surprise that city of Alexandria officials have announced their intention to appeal the Circuit Court’s decision to the Virginia Court of Appeals and continue their harassment of the whistleblower Henry Lewis.

But has there been any outrage about McPike by elected officials in Alexandria? Has the dishonest government official been fired? Do the citizens of Alexandria even know or care?

No, no, and no.

Has the paper of record for Alexandria, the Washington Post, covered the story of millions of dollars in waste? No, again.

The Washington Post was too busy covering the tight space for animals at a local shelter and seeking pubic input on “building the most insane cheeseburger.”

Nothing but buns and circuses at the Post when Democrat-run cities have massive graft and corruption.

Alexandria Mayor William Euille (D) and the six members of City Council (D,D,D,D,D,D) have been successful in keeping the story out of the news. They have avoided public scrutiny as to why they are standing by a city employee—McPike—who allowed graft and corruption to occur in city contracting. Alexandrians, it seems, don’t care much about a lost million here, another million there.

Mayor Bill Euille

Moreover McPike has cost the city no less than $51,000 in legal fees to date to defend his abusive conduct. Amazingly, McPike is still employed by the city and none of the city leadership have spoken out about the mess.

Whistleblowers like Henry Lewis are true friends to those of us who expect open and transparent government. Whistleblowers tell the taxpayers what is really going on inside government.

But without the backing of the general public, our elected officials will assume that their misdeeds will go unnoticed and unpunished. That would be a very bad precedent to set at all levels of government.

Mayor Bill Euille ( probably thinks he is immune from accountability. America is saddled with hundreds or thousands of other elected Bill Euilles, driving the nation deeper into debt and fostering corruption while hardworking taxpayers suffer.

… LEC again — this is ready – made for the GOP ticket , and especially for AG Cuccinelli ,

[-] one is that the AG should take over the case . It would take it away from the locals . It should be done in the noisiest , most public and embarassing way possible . These idiots have it coming ,

[-] settle the case . for obvious reasons , folks , this one should be settled . as with above , in the most public , noisy , and embarassing manner possible ,

[-] the VA legislature , both houses , should thoroughly investigate the local finances of the City of Alexandria , as well as the County ,

[-] most of all , the legislature should investigate the possibility of breaking up the city . Any city this corrupt has it coming .


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… A Politician is a Serial Sexual Harasser [Bob Filner — SD,CA] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 19th,2013

… can you guess his political party ? …

[big h/t — theOtherMcCain]

It’s time once again to play our favorite game, “Name That Party”!

“God forbid, if you were a single woman he found the least bit attractive. He was relentless and disgusting, and sometimes unforgiving.”

Need a hint? Amanda Marcotte hasn’t said a word about this creep. And no, not on her Twitter feed today, either, that I can tell. But then again, maybe you need some more clues.

A city councilwoman and two lawyers, formerly allies of the mayor, held a press conference to air the charges lodged against Mayor Filner by a variety of women.

Hmmm. What party could this be?

Donna Frye described other specifics about a victim: “He grabbed her, kissed her, jamming his tongue down her throat.” Frye went on to describe another encounter: “The Mayor quickly had his hand down the inside of her bra.”

Gee, maybe this creepy molester should be getting some attention from the media — “War on Women,” and all that — but Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner is scheduled to give the keynote speech at a benefit for victims of sexual assault, so I guess his heart is in the right place.

And his tongue is down your throat.

And his hand is inside your bra.

… have you guessed yet ? … Huh ?

D – E – M – O – C  – R – A – T .

what else did you expect ?

former House (of Representatives) Democrat .

yea , a former Congresscritter !

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… Joshua Mandel …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 27th,2012

… Josh Mandel is many things …

… a fine decent young man …

… a married man , someday , i think to be a father …

… someone (a Marine) who has served his country …

… who has served (city councilman , state representative , Treasurer of State) in public office …

… and , who is only 34 years old …

… he is many things …

… but , he is not a sacrificial lamb !!


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