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… Atlantic City is Dying [#gambling monopoly lost]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 6th,2014

.. and it behooves other cities and regions to learn lessons from its failure …

.. one is its regulation . Regulation of casino gaming in New Jersey is a godsend . It is a model for the nation . It is strong and it is tight . There has been virtually no reports of corruption , none , since casinos came in in the 1970s …

.. another is not to depend on casinos and casino gaming . In Atlantic City , casinos are it . Nothing else . It other regions , tourism , pro sports , college sports , universities , cultural events and attractions , etc are part of the mix . In Cleveland and the other cities of Ohio , they are diverse in their makeup , save Toledo , which is slowly improving …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story …

.. another key is growth . in Greater Las Vegas [Clark County] , Nevada , that county grows like crazy . Casinos are not left by themselves to be the growth engine ; they are a part of it . In Cleveland , the city has stabilized , at last , but the suburbs are growing , and the surrounding counties are growing steadily …

.. You also have to deal with competition . Atlantic City never really did deal with it . Ohio will have to face it , where , eventually , more casinos will likely be legalized , and the system will be deregulated . Also , technology . you cannot avoid it . Eventually , online gaming will be re – legalized in the U.S. , whether brick – and – mortar casinos like it or not …

.. one thing that the brick – and – mortars have over the onlines is the experience . Entertainment . Chow , Gaming , the Works . OLs are so boh – ring …

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… Lois Lerner is Dead Meat (again) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 12th,2013

.. if Lois Lerner and her legal counsel were intelligent , they can or should start negotiating for leniency and a plea bargain (ie , use immunity) . Right Now .

.. The U.S House Ways & Means Committee evidently has evidence , in the form of e – mails , that good ol ‘ Lois was deliberately

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

targeting the Tea Party – related groups . Whoops !

.. What I wonder is what in the hell is going on in the United States Department of Injustice . Those idiots at Main InJustice should have appointed a special counsel to prosecute this case , long since before now .

.. With this case , there are different parts of accountability . One is political . It means having the ObamaCraps and their flunkies being held to account for their political actions . It is abundantly clear that the ObamaCraps have their fingerprints all over this . It stinks to high heaven . The only point political that remains to me is that whether the accountability for this extends back into the ObamaCrap White House . Possible , yes , but it remains to be seen .

.. The other point of accountability is legal . People need to be held to account for their actions . If their actions were of a civil manner , then they need to be nailed in court . Sovereign immunity normally applies , but violating one ‘ s civil rights is one of the big exceptions . If people have committed criminal acts , then they need to be held to account for their acts . They need to be held to account by a special counsel . Political pressure can be applied , so that if a U.S. Attorney picks up the ball , they can be protected . Also , no ObamaCrap flunkies dare not need apply . None of them would have credibility at all . Period .

.. the e – mails were uncovered by the staff of the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee , but the Wall Street Journal editorial page puts it best …

Congress’s investigation into the IRS targeting of conservatives has been continuing out of the Syria headlines, and it’s turning up news. Emails unearthed by the House Ways and Means Committee between former Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner and her staff raise doubts about IRS claims that the targeting wasn’t politically motivated and that low-level employees in Cincinnati masterminded the operation.

In a February 2011 email, Ms. Lerner advised her staff—including then Exempt Organizations Technical Manager Michael Seto and then Rulings and Agreements director Holly Paz—that a Tea Party matter is “very dangerous,” and is something “Counsel and [Lerner adviser] Judy Kindell need to be in on.” Ms. Lerner adds, “Cincy should probably NOT have these cases.”

That’s a different tune than the IRS sang in May when former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller said the agency’s overzealous enforcement was the work of two “rogue” employees in Cincinnati. When the story broke, Ms. Lerner suggested that her office had been unaware of the pattern of targeting until she read about it in the newspaper. “So it was pretty much we started seeing information in the press that raised questions for us, and we went back and took a look,” she said in May.

Earlier this summer, IRS lawyer Carter Hull, who oversaw the review of many Tea Party cases and questionnaires, testified that his oversight began in April 2010. Tea party cases under review are “being supervised by Chip Hull at each step,” Ms. Paz wrote to Ms. Lerner in a February 2011 email. “He reviews info from TPs, correspondence to TPs etc. No decisions are going out of Cincy until we go all the way through the process with the c3 and c4 cases here.” TP stands for Tea Party, and she means 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups.

The emails also put the targeting in the context of the media and Congressional drumbeat over the impact of conservative campaign spending on the 2012 elections. On July 10, 2012 then Lerner-adviser Sharon Light emailed Ms. Lerner a National Public Radio story on how outside money was making it hard for Democrats to hold their Senate majority.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had complained to the Federal Election Commission that conservative groups like Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity should be treated as political committees, rather than 501(c)(4)s, which are tax-exempt social welfare groups that do not have to disclose their donors.

“Perhaps the FEC will save the day,” Ms. Lerner wrote back later that morning.

That response suggests Ms. Lerner’s political leanings, and it also raises questions about Ms. Lerner’s intentions in a separate email exchange she had when an FEC investigator inquired about the status of the conservative group the American Future Fund. The FEC and IRS don’t have the authority to share that information under section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code. But the bigger question is why did they want to? After the FEC inquiry, the American Future Fund also got a questionnaire from the IRS.

Ms. Lerner famously invoked her right against self-incrimination rather than testify under oath to Congress. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reported this summer that its investigation had found Ms. Lerner had sent official IRS documents to her personal email account, and many questions remain unanswered. Democrats want to pretend the IRS scandal is over, but Ms. Lerner’s role deserves much more exposure.

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… the Plot Deepens …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,June 8th,2013

IRS Employees — We Targeted Conservative Groups on Orders from Washington …

.. I figure , see it for yourself , from the release from the House Oversight Committee , that these idiots are really getting themselves in

English: Aerial view of the White House in Was...

English: Aerial view of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thick in the duck soup . The employees directly contradict IRS honcho Lois Lerner’s claim that the targeting was merely the work of “rogue” employees in the IRS Cincinnati office.

… … … …

Q: So is it your perspective that ultimately the responsible parties for the decisions that were reported by the IG are not in the Cincinnati office?

A: I don’t know how to answer that question.  I mean, from an agent standpoint, we didn’t do anything wrong.  We followed directions based on other people telling us what to do.

Q: And you ultimately followed directions from Washington; is that correct?

A: If direction had come down from Washington, yes.

Q: But with respect to the particular scrutiny that was given to Tea Party applications, those directions emanated from Washington; is that right ?

A: I believe so.

… … … …

Q: Did anyone else ever make a request that you send any cases to Washington ?

A:  [Different IRS employee] wanted to have two cases that she couldn’t ‑‑ Washington, D.C. wanted them, but she couldn’t find the paper.  So she requested me, through an email, to find these cases for her and to send them to Washington, D.C. Q: When was this, what time frame? A: I don’t recall the time frame, maybe May of 2010.

… … … …

Q: But just to be clear, she told you the specific names of these applicants.

A: Yes.

Q: And she told you that Washington, D.C. had requested these two specific applications be sent to D.C.

A: Yes, or parts of them.

… … … …

Q: Okay.  So she asked you to send particular parts of these applications.

A: Mm‑hmm.

Q: And that was unusual.  Did you say that ?

A: Yes.

Q: And she indicated that Washington had requested these specific parts of these specific applications; is that right ?

A: Correct.

.. The Congresscritters on the hill have ways to prove this . However , they need to keep their eyes on the ball . Especially before they decide to make any public comments . Someone was digging for deep ideological and and membership information on these groups that opposed the ObamaCraps ‘ agenda . “Rogue agents” who are career government workers are not going to come up with questions like that on their own , but someone who bounced back and forth between the Obama campaign and his White House might.

.. The claim that “rogue agents” came up with the Be On the Lookout (BOLO) list never made any sense. The claim that “rogue agents” came up with the many detailed questions that conservative groups were subjected to never made any sense. The claim that “rogue agents” would come up with so much extra work for themselves, outside their normal responsibilities and outside their union contract, never made any sense. Getting unionized workers to do extra work requires the union’s buy-in. Getting bureaucrats to do extra work requires orders from their superiors. That’s how government works.

.. The Infernal Service itself has blown Lerner ’ s story to smithereens , saying that as many 88 employees are being looked at . Nice going .

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