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… Why China is a Problem [#legitimacy]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 18th,2017

.. it is still that simple — China is a totalitarian nation , one that is run by the Communist Party . It is a central fact that cannot be ignored ..

.. anyone who does business of any kind in the P.R.C. has to understand that . There is no effective ” rule of law ” in China . To protect one ‘ s rights , one has to negotiate contracts very , very carefully . To wit , you have to make sure that your rights are protected by a third party [arbitration] , or by the courts of athird party nation , such as the U.S. , Britain , OR Australia , for example ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. so , what do you do ? Move very carefully is one way to handle it . Another is to not do business in the P.R.C. at all . The latter is the course that I would choose ..

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… Are the Palestinians Crazy [#U.N. Security Council]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,November 26th,2016

.. it seems that the Palestinian Authority [the P.A.] is at it again …

.. in any other time , they would not even try to pull this …

.. but , now , we have the First Wuss [an anti – Israeli POTUS]…

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.. [link] to the blog post …

.. it is a resolution that would normally pass the Security Council . The big question is our own country . Normally , a veto at the U.N.S.C. is an easy call to expect . But , remember , we have the First Wuss in the President ‘ s Mansion . So , ….

.. he will not vote in favour , but he also may not veto the resolution , either . So , it will take effect . To what effect , lord knows ….

— [update] — the U.S. voted against , but did not veto the resolution . Boy , did the First Wuss look weak and disgusting in this one ….

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… Michelle Obama Went to China …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 22nd,2014

.. and this is the T – Shirt that they hid from her …

potus (obamao)

.. [h/t — Twitchy]..
.. [link] to the blogpost / tweet ..

.. just in case if you were wondering — the translation of the translation (of the Chinese characters) means — ” Serve the People , Mao Zedong . “

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… Is Antartica Really Resolved ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 5th,2014

… to be specific , the MV ship , and its fate ?

.. right now , it is still stuck in the Antartic ice . The Chinese icebreaker that came to rescue it is also still stuck nearby (within about 15 miles) . The polar researchers that were on the MV ship were lifted (by helicopter) to safety , and taken to an Australian icebreaker .

.. That ship is taking those researchers to Australia (specifically , the Aussie island [rather large] of Tasmania) . That journey will , however , take up to 2 to 3 weeks .

.. the MV ship is waiting for an American icebreaker (i suspect , a Coast Guard cutter) that is capable of cutting through up to 20 feet of ice . The capabilities of the Aussie icebreaker and the Chinese one are a tad more limited , I think …

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… Butt Kissing to the Chinese …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 1st,2013

.. now , that is new .

.. and , it is outrageous .

.. China is trying to flex its muscles . It does have an effective air force , but not one that match up with the United States . Do Not Even bring up the fact of China ‘ s naval power . They do not have much . It is growing , slowly but steadily , but they are learning .

.. You do not control the seas by immediately jumping into the international scene by diktat . Which is what China is currently trying to do . And His Lordship is humoring them . Yes , humoring them , by notifying them of the passage of our Pacific Fleet through the disputed area .

.. one may wonder what I am talking about ??? China has acted to declare a “defense zone” in the South China Sea . The area that it encompasses is massive . It includes several groups of contested small island groups , Taiwan (naturally) , and other areas close to Vietnam , the Phillipines , South Korea , and other nations ….

.. to say the least , it is a bit much , and waaay overblown …

.. What we should do is adopt a Do Not F-Bomb With Me posture . Then , send the 7th Fleet (i believe) through the disputed area . Without notice . The Chinese will have one hell of a hissy fit . Let them . They specialize in hissy fits . If they want to act like a mature power , they will quit running their mouths off , quit bullying the other nations , and work on building their naval power .

.. China will be a force to contend with , now and in the near future . One should not start to ” kiss their ass ” by notifying them of the passage of any naval ships or any aircraft of any kind .

.. China should understand that they are playing a very dangerous game . They must really want to get themselves into diplomatic hot water by running their mouths off . If they are not careful , they will not be the only nuclear power in Asia , other than Russia and the U.S. . Other nations will go nuclear . Japan could do so in a heartbeat . They could also start on a crash naval building program and re – build their own navy . All they need is a couple of aircraft carriers .

.. Japan would not be the only country to go nuclear . Australia could do so , very easily . Ditto South Korea . Ditto Indonesia and Taiwan , and others . Do not forget that india is a naval power , one with a carrier force , and it is not far away …

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… Congress Should Return to D.C. [Now] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

Congress should Return to D.C.

.. god knows that there is enough work to do . ObamaCrapCare being the chief problem , among them . The Budget is another . There are others .

.. There is also the potential of military action in the Middle East . Yes , yet again . The debate should not be limited just to Syria , however . Syria is but a puppet . The mullahs in Qum (Iran) are the puppetteers .

.. Assad and his cronies would not still be in power , except for the financial and military support of Iran . Syria is also a critical choke point in Iran ‘ s foreign policy , as well . Hizbullah would be lost , without Iran . They are a chief pain in the backside for Israel . Hamas is another . Same cause . Both rely on support from Qum , and would be lost without it . Ditto Sudan .

.. Sudan is in even a weaker a position . With the diplomatic weakness of the ObamaCraps , the goons in Khartoum can behave like bullies , especially towards South Sudan . In this case , Sudan also has the indirect support of China . However , a decisive move by the U.S. and the Europeans to stop it would effectively push the Chinese away . Sudan is too far from home , and too close to Europe . China is not stupid , and is also not yet strong enough as a naval power to project that kind of military power that far from home , almost in the backyard of one of its chief adversaries , India .

.. Iran would not be stupid enough to push for a direct challenge . But , they could do so around the edges . Obama is a wus . He does not understand the real meaning of the word power . If he did , Iran would not play around the way that they do .

.. Congress needs to defend its institutional prerogatives . POTUS is the Commander – in – Chief . Congress , though , declares wars , and pays the bills . The House of Representatives should not let itself be run over and played like a chump . It should act , and , if necessary , come back on its own . If it did , the Senate would be forced to follow suit .

.. Each chamber is in control of the opposite party . But the two chambers should act , for once , to defend the legislature ‘ s turf where it has it in evaluating and setting foreign policy . To not do so is misfeasance in office .

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… We need to Address the Fundamental Causes of the Last Recession …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 18th,2013

[-] foolish policies

repeal Dodd – Frank – it has had the unintended backwards effect , and has centralized banking in the money center banks . Our banking sector needs to shrink in size , and in number , but not by stupidity . The small fry and the mid – size banks help keep the big boys on their toes …

modify Sarbanes – Oxley – A smaller form of Sarbanes – Oxley should still be around , but only for the mid – sized and larger businesses . Not for small business . Same effect on business , as it has on banking … Small business keeps America humming ,  and is our economy ‘ s chief job engine .

balance the federal budget – not just the way it is now . Take  out Socialist Security from the equation . Then , balance it . It will then give us a truer and more accurate picture of our national finances .

reform Socialist Security , Medicare , and Medicaid — it has to be done . No forward progress can be made as a society until it is done , and done right . It should be done in a bipartisan manner , because neither party will (in all likelihood) have enough power and control to jam thru its own ideas .

reintroduce inflation into the system — the financial sector can handle it . It just needs to be kept in check , and at a low level , and not at an artificialy low level

encourage one or two large accounting firms — try not to harass them to death . Accenture PLC would be ideal , along with Grant Thornton , and BDO Seidman . There could be others . The accounting firm mergers were NOT a mistake . Crushing Arthur Anderson however , was a big blunder , because it left only 4 large accounting firms . dummies ! Accenture was originally the consulting arm of Arthur Andersen , and it would be poetic justice for it to return to the field .

encourage the laws of supply and demand — using artifically low interest rates is a fools errand . It will only work for so long .

encourage investment , not penalize it — it may take another severe recession to get it thru  the ObamaCraps ‘ thick skulls . You cannot create jobs out of thin air . It takes investment capital , and encouragement of the same for folks to want to create it . Not a magican ‘ s wand , or a  politician ‘ s speech .

exchange trading of  mortgage backed securities — MBS will work . You just need to bring back private investment into the sector , and trade the securities on an exchange , preferrable more than one . the competition cannot hurt , and usually helps drive the market .

The White House and Congress have done little to fix what caused the Great Recession: a growing trade deficit with China that saps demand for U.S. goods and destroys jobs; dysfunctional federal policies that invest in bogus alternative energy schemes and limit drilling for oil offshore; burdensome business regulations that raise the cost of new projects; and bank reforms that enrich the Wall Street Banks, while starving America’s biggest jobs creators — small businesses — of credit.

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… Gee , Isn’t It about Time [Missile Defence] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 31st,2013

… Gee , Isn’t It about Time [Missile Defence] …

Obama admits error on missile defense | Right Turn print

The New York Times has reported “ The Pentagon will spend $1 billion to deploy additional ballistic missile interceptors along the Pacific Coast to counter the growing reach of North Korea’s weapons , a decision accelerated by Pyongyang’s recent belligerence and indications that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, is resisting China’s efforts to restrain him…”

… Duh ! … In this day and age , missile defence is not optional . It is not a choice . It is mandatory …

.. Unfortunately , it is an admission that previous cuts were unwise , dangerous , and reckless. This is one of many examples in which the  liberal infatuation with

slashing defense runs head into the reality that the president is commander in chief

and ultimately responsible for defending the United States and deterring our allies.

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… are the North Koreans losing their Minds ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 30th,2013

North Korea Kim Jong-un

North Korea ” leader ” Kim Jong Un

China is North Korea’s historical ally. Without quiet support from Beijing, analysts say

the Kim dynasty would have collapsed long ago.   Now though, China is losing patience with Kim Jong-Un’s belligerence.   There are few obvious signs of that happening. Either China isn’t bothering with the

pressure, or it doesn’t have as much influence as it would like to think it has (and

everyone else would like to hope it has).   “[Kim Jong Un] finally signed the plan on technical preparations of strategic rockets of the [Korean People’s Army], ordering them to be on standby for fire so that they may strike any time the U.S. mainland, its military bases in the operational theaters in the Pacific, including Hawaii and Guam, and those in South Korea,” the state-run KCNA news agency stated.

The B-2 flights, the news service said, showed America’s “hostile intent,” calling them “reckless.”

The United States and South Korea insist the joint military exercises they launched in early March are purely defensive.

the scary thing is about Pakistan . The Pakistanis have , as you will see below , a full nuclear capability , with all three legs of the nuclear triad … air , land , & sea …

English: Barack Obama

English: Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… the Pakistanis have been well known for playing fast and loose with the P.R.C. . Worse , they are actively co – operating in nuclear terms with Iran and North Korea … and they share a border with Iran …

… thankfully , they do not with the D.P.R.K. (North Korea) . It would be very difficult for them to get their hands on more advanced nuclear weapons designs , given Pakistan ‘ s dependence on US $$ , and ever – tighter sanctions that the UN Security Council has placed on them , and their own economic weakness …

You’d think it was in China’s interests to tell the country’s young leader to cool it. The

higher the rhetoric, the more we’ll see sophisticated American military hardware on the

Korean Peninsula.   B-2 Stealth bombers at China’s back door this week can’t have pleased Beijing.   The geo-political implications for China are tricky. Too much pressure on Pyongyang might

cause its collapse. That would be great for the impoverished people inside the country and

a result for the West, but not for China.   There would probably be a massive flood of refugees across the northern border.   Remember the politics too. China and North Korea are both Communist countries – there is a

loose political allegiance.   A collapse would probably lead to a re-unified Korea allied with the Americans – too much

and too close for Beijing to stomach.

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