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… The Folks in Chicago are Really Pissed [#His Lordship]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 11th,2017

.. the folks in Chicago , especially in the poorer neighborhoods , are heavily dependent on public assistance ….

.. they are obviously not getting all of the ” booty ” that they have been getting before …

.. [h/t — RebelPundit]..
.. [link] to the blog post / video …

.. amazingly enough , they are getting really teed off over what is going on down on the border ..

.. gee , I wonder why ?? …

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… A Great and Dynamic Interview [#Caroline Glick]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 2nd,2017

.. Ms Glick appeared on THE Mark Levin [radio] show the other night  …

.. Caroline Glick knows what she is talking about . She is married , a mother of two kids , but she is also a veteran of the I.D.F. intelligence branch for a number of years . She did that before she entered into journalism …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the interview segment ..

.. you may wonder why she knows the ObamaCraps so well , especially from reading her column at . Easy . She is a dual national , having been born here in the U.S. in the Hyde Park section of Chicago , Illinois . yep , it is the same section of Chicagoland that His Lordship and his family live in now …

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… the Laquan McDonald Affair [#Chicago]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 11th,2015

.. what a god – awful tragedy ..

.. McDonald is [was] a 19 – year – old teenager who was targeted by a police officer while after the commission of a crime . McDonald was carrying a knife while being confronted by a police officer . In that case , no major sweat . McD refused to surrender ..

.. what happened next is what has caused all of the conundrum . The officer [Ptl. Jason Van Dyke] confronted McDonald , and then the cop open fire on McD . One or two times would be enough . But Van Dyke shot at him 16 to 18 times . That is truly outrageous ..

.. [h/t ––]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. yes , McDonald is [was] the perpetrator . But a police officer can only use what is termed as ” reasonable force ” to apprehend a suspect . That is something that Jason Van Dyke did not do …

.. now Van Dyke stands accused of 1st – degree murder . The reverberations will shake the city of Chicago for many years to come …

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… Chicago Unchained [#Rebel Pundit]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 27th,2015

.. you can tell that His Lordship is in deep trouble ..

.. especially on the home front ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news // video segments …

.. a quote from a black activist is telling …

Activist Paul McKinley told RebelPundit,

“The country is more racially divided. You (Obama) haven’t corrected that… You went on national TV talking about a Middle Class economy works. For who? It’s not even working for the Middle Class people.”

.. take the time to watch the videos . They are telling , and are definitely worth your while …

.. can that be more telling ?!?! …

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… Uh Oh Rahm [#runoff in Chicago]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 5th,2015

.. whoops ! …

.. you would figure that his royal highness would be a shoo – in for re – election as Mayor of Chicago . It is not as if that he has done a good job . He has not really done a good job at all . But his chief competition , Chicago Teachers Union leader Karen Lewis , is seriously ill , and did not run . So , Rahm should have won in a walk , Right ?! …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. Wrong ! …

.. as it is , Mayor Rahm faces a real problem in Cook Cty Commissioner Jesus [Chuy] Garcia . Garcia is no real bright light bulb , but Latinos are a growing part of the electorate , displacing blacks …

.. many are Dems , but only a bare majority . Some are independents , and a siginifican minority are in the GOP . So Rahm has a serious problem , especially for Chicago . How to assemble a winning coalition ??…

.. it will not be that easy …

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… Interesting Poll Results — in Illinois [#you bet!]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 11th,2014

.. no , this is not an outlier , nor is it a joke .

.. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is in big trouble .

.. Bruce Rauner has not won the race . But , his message is getting through to Illinois voters , and that has to scare the hell out of DemoCraps nationwide . Because , if it will sell in Illinois , boy , it will sell elsewhere in the good ol ‘ U.S.A. …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article ..

.. Basically , Rauner is leading Quinn , 47 % to 34 % . Ouch . Illinois voters are not entierely sold on Rauner ‘ s economic plan . But , they are much more willing to give Rauner a fighting chance to give his plan a chance to work . Which also means his potentioal victory , if it happens , could have some serious coattails …

.. the Illinois legislature is , as one would think , controlled by the DemoCraps . It is 40 to 19 in the State Senate [one – half of seats up] , and it is 71 to 48 in the State House [all seats up] …. the Senate would likely not swing , but the State House is different …. Also , a number of moderate Democrats could be persuaded to switch parties . It has happened else , so why not Illinois …

.. with the State Senate , it depends on what seats that are up . The Illinois House is a different matter . Things got realclose after 2010 , but then came redistrictiong , and now the current advantage . A large victory , combined with a swing in one or both chambers would be of huge help to a Gov Rauner …

.. Rauner is no moderate . He is definitely a conservative . Not quite a TEa Partier , though . Conservative in Illinois is more than good enough …

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… Nice Going Al [Sharpton] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 26th,2013

.. Sharpton hosts a town hall – style meeting in Chicago , and guess what happens ??? …

.. a Tea Party – style revolt breaks out ! …

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the article …

.. On Thursday, a town hall meeting hosted by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to address gun violence exploded into a revolt against “Chicago Machine” politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the aldermen in City Hall, with panel and audience members calling to vote out their elected officials.

One 82-year-old preacher even called for “Tea Party” style meetings in some of Chicago’s south side communities such as Altgeld Gardens and Trumbull Park.

While the stated goal for Sharpton was to bring the many different groups together to discuss solutions to the city’s violence epidemic, he may not have gotten the types of responses he was looking for. Calls for more gun control laws and getting guns off the streets were nonexistent and not mentioned by residents throughout the session.

Instead, attendees offered solutions addressing the problems facing their community as a whole rather than just taking on “gun violence” itself. Audience members addressed the need for jobs and solving the foreclosure crisis plaguing Chicago’s south and west sides. Perhaps the loudest message—and one that Reverend Al or the Chicago media have yet to report on—echoed by several different people in attendance as well as panel members was that it is time for the black community to start voting differently.

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… Big Shot [News Editorials , on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 18th,2013

.. when it is small – town newspapers calling for repeal and replacement of ObamaCrapCare , that is one thing , but …

.. when it is the editorial pages of the Chicago Tribune [link1] , and the Las Vegas Review – Tribune [link2] ?

.. that is something else . The Tribune is , of course , the largest newspaper in the Tribune newspapers chain , and is the largest newspaper in Chicago , Illinois , the home of POTUS . The Las Vegas Review – Journal is , by far , the largest newspaper in the state of Nevada , as well as Clark County , and the city of Las Vegas . Las Vegas is , of course , the seat of power of Dingy Harry Reid the (for now) Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate .

.. That these two papers are ringing the bells of these two jokers is not insignificant . Obama will never be on a political ballot , again . Right now , Dingy Harry is likely to retire when he is up again . Reid will have a gigantic target on his back , by then be the Senate Minority Leader , and have more than one well – financed opponent . A primary opponent for Dingy Harry (from either the right , or from the left) cannot be ruled out . Things could get very hot , indeed for the Dingy One .

.. Here are some snipets of both editorials …

… from the Chicago Tribune …

the headline is enough … Stop Digging . Start Over .

… from the Las Vegas Review – Journal …

Congressional Democrats can’t run away from this mess fast enough, as evidenced by the number of partisans proposing or supporting legislation to let individuals keep their current plans — which led to the president’s Hail Mary on Thursday. At this point, however, it’s impossible to fix that broken promise. The insurance industry, which has spent all year entirely remodeling plans to become Obamacare compliant, can’t turn it all back around in just 45 days and is furious with being scapegoated into trying to do so. An industry insider told, “This doesn’t change anything other than force insurers to be the political flak jackets for the administration.”

Said Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans: “Changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers.”

As the guys in those Guinness commercials would say, “Brilliant!” Obamacare policy premiums in many cases were already going to cost significantly more money; this “fix” could cause even bigger increases. The law is so deeply flawed, with so many components in direct conflict with one another, that tweaking just one part will accelerate its collapse.

The Obamacare debacle is just getting started — and it only gets worse from here. Repeal and replace.

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… You need to See this New Math video [part of ” Common Core, ” I think] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 18th,2013

.. it is both funny , as well as very sad .

.. if the rest of the ObamaCrap proposal is anything like this , may God in Heaven help us ! ..

.. getting it right matters . It always matters . It always will , you idiots .

.. what good does it do (reasoning) , if the reasoning is wrong . Getting it right matters  . It may not have a great deal of sex appeal , but it helps to set up everything else . That applies in reading , writing , and reasoning .

.. if your reasoning is wrong ,  then what does  it matter , if you cannot spell right , or read properly , or pronounce the word or  words right .

.. what does it matter if you cannot read , everything ! If you are illerate , then what is the use of everything else .

.. writing matters , now , more than ever . If you cannot read someone ‘ s handwriting , well  …

.. people need to be able to think for themselves . We do not need a bunch of “mind – numbed” robots running around …

.. believe you me , IT MATTERS !!!! ..

… from the Daily Caller …

Obama math: under new Common Core, 3 x 4 = 11 [VIDEO]

Posted By Eric Owens On 11:09 AM 08/18/2013 In Education | No Comments

Quick: what’s 3 x 4?

If you said 11 — or, hell, if you said 7, pi, or infinity squared — that’s just fine under the Common Core, the new national curriculum that the Obama administration will impose on American public school students this fall.

In a pretty amazing YouTube video, Amanda August, a curriculum coordinator in a suburb of Chicago called Grayslake, explains that getting the right answer in math just doesn’t matter as long as kids can explain the necessarily faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer.

“Even if they said, ’3 x 4 was 11,’ if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in, umm, words and oral explanation, and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focused on the how,” August says in the video.

When someone in the audience (presumably a parent, but it’s not certain) asks if teachers will be, you know, correcting students who don’t know rudimentary arithmetic instantly, August makes another meandering, longwinded statement.

“We want our students to compute correctly but the emphasis is really moving more towards the explanation, and the how, and the why, and ‘can I really talk through the procedures that I went through to get this answer,’” August details. “And not just knowing that it’s 12, but why is it 12? How do I know that?”

Watch: [link]

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… Oprah , You Should Know Better ! [Emmett Till] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 5th,2013

.. Many folks have waded into the controversy over George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin . Until today , Oprah Winfrey had not been one of them .

.. Unfortunately , she stuck her foot in her mouth , BIG time . She compared Martin to a young unfortunate and innocent black

Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday party at Ho...

Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday party at Hotel Bel Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

teenager , Emmitt Till . Till , for those who do not know was from Chicago . He had traveled to visit family in Mississippi in the Summer of 1955 . He did (for then) the not such a good ideal act of giving what is known as a “wolf whistle” at a white woman .
Till was murdered for what he did . Nothing else .

.. It gets worse . The local white men were not tried for years . Even though many folks knew who had done the deed . When they were , they were found not guilty . Till was an innocent , having committed a transgression (for the time) for which he was unaware of .

.. Justice was eventually done . As it was for Trayvon Martin . Martin was , though , a street punk , who used drugs , who stole jewelry , and benefited from the scandalous acts of many who failed to properly and evenly enforce the law in a non – partial manner . If they had , it is fairly likely that Trayvon Martin would still be alive , today .

.. Comparing an innocent (Emmett Till) to a street punk (Trayvon Martin) is the height of outrageous , Oprah . You are a learned , experienced , and educated , and accomplished woman . You should have gosh darned well known better .

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… Concealed Carry is Coming , Govenor Quinn — Get Over It …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 9th,2013

Concealed Carry is Coming , Patrick

Get Over It

.. today is the day .

.. and , the Illinois Legislature should fully reject Governor Pat Quinn ’ s gun bill changes

.. today , the General Assembly will convene in Springfield. Its first action should be a swift override of Governor Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of the concealed carry bill.

.. the short porch is this — the U. S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has found Illinois longstanding and outright ban on firearm being carried by civilians unconstitutional . This ban applies completely to any guns , at all , period . Not just to concealed – carry , contrary to news reports . The carry ban in public is gone , period . End of Story .

.. The Appeals Court has given the State of Illinois until July 9th [today] to come up with a full solution . This state is , at this moment , remains the last state in the union with no provision for firearm carry by ordinary citizens.

.. State Rep. Brandon Phelps , D-Harrisburg, a longtime Second Amendment defender, is one of the sponsors and was one of the lead downstate negotiators on legislation that finally got enough Chicago Democrats — including House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton — on board.

.. Amazingly enough , a fairly neutral bill made its way through the Illinois Legislature .  A bill hardly light on background checks , carry restrictions , no – gun zones , training , and other serious matters easily cleared both chambers with impressive super-majority votes in both chambers: 89-28 in the House and 45-12 in the Senate. The final bill was no sweetheart of the National Rifle Association or the Illinois State Rifle Association, which both backed up and took a formal positions of “neutral.” Some of those groups own members, as well as other pro – gun groups, ripped the potential law as too restrictive, vague and open to abuse by police.

.. Incredibly enough , Governor Quinn did not want to call it a day . He wanted a stronger bill . One which may not meet the requirements of the Appeals Court . A week before the court-imposed deadline for action, Quinn used his amendatory veto powers to issue a broad rewrite of the carry bill . Quinn ’ s rewrite would make permits even tougher to get , and it would further reduce the already-restricted places the public could carry. If not overridden, his veto effectively guts the bill.

.. Whether his actions were spurred by deep conviction , or they were motivated by practical politics, the governor’s broad amendatory veto overreached.

.. Quinn , for all his traits, seem to have waved a dismissive hand at everyone outside the city limits of Chicago, not to mention some well-informed people there who can strongly argue that guns are not the cause of Chicago’s horrendous homicide problem.

.. The Appeals Court , and the people of the State of Illinois have spoken . They have acted through their elected representatives , and they support concealed carry. Quinn’s attempt to gut the bill seems to speak volumes of his disregard for citizens other than those from his own shrinking fan club.

.. State Representative Phelps has already filed his motion to override, and he believes the bill as originally sent to Quinn has the support of both the membership numbers and the legislative leadership.

.. Quinn’s amendatory veto is bad law and bad politics.

.. The General Assembly needs to override Quinn’s veto in its entirety and send him a clear message: This political fight is over .

.. then , and only then , will the Appeals Court act , and then they may accept this bill , and think about it . They may not . Moore v. Madigan would then go into full effect . Then all hell would break loose in Illinois . Even POTUS may well be drawn into the fray .

.. The old carry ban would be gone . Not only that , the concealed – carry ban would be gone , as well . The Illinois Legislature would then have to step in , somehow .

It would turn the streets and woodlands of the state into the Wild West .

.. to be honest , that may not be such a bad idea . The bad guys and gals would have to be afraid . Very afraid . The people that they would be trying to pick on would finally be able to legally defend themselves . It is about damn time !

== Update [July 9th,2013] ==

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois was poised to become the last state in the nation to allow public possession of concealed guns as lawmakers rushed Tuesday to finalize a proposal ahead of a federal court’s deadline.

Both chambers of the Legislature were convening to try to override changes Gov. Pat Quinn made to the bill they approved more than a month ago. Even some critics of the law argued approving something was better than letting the courts allow virtually unregulated concealed weapons in Chicago, which has endured severe gun violence in recent months.

The Senate planned to take up the measure Tuesday, after the House voted 77-31 to override the Democratic governor’s amendatory veto. Quinn had used his veto authority to suggest changes such as prohibiting guns in restaurants that serve alcohol and limiting gun-toting citizens to one firearm at a time.

LEC here — the Illinois House has now voted . It is now time for the Illinois Senate to do likewise …

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… Simple ObamaCrapCare Math …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 9th,2013

.. High Cost of Current Coverage , Less , low penalty fee for employer mandate = dumped employee into ObamaCrapCare exchange .

.. Young will wait , until they have to get insurance . Low individual penalty for the fine . Less grief than going on exchange . Then , pick up insurance . Result : old & sick will flood exchanges , rates will skyrocket , young will stay off , because of rates ..

… from the Heritage Foundation blog , the Foundry …

Bloomberg reports this week on the latest Obamacare trend sweeping across the country: Cities and states may soon attempt to unload unsustainable health costs on the federal government by dumping employees and retirees onto exchanges.

Both Chicago and Detroit have explored using the exchanges to reduce massive budget shortfalls, and it could set an example for others. Bloomberg quotes one expert from the Rockefeller Institute of Government: “We can expect other cities to pick up on this.… I expect [employee dumping] to mushroom.”

The incentives for cities—or even states—to dump their workers onto exchanges are significant. Bloomberg notes that reducing retiree health costs could save Detroit approximately $150 million per year—at a time when the city faces a $386 million budget deficit and $17 billion in long-term debt.

Of course, these budgetary maneuvers aren’t really “savings”—they merely represent a shift of unsustainable costs from cities and states onto the backs of federal taxpayers. If more individuals than expected—particularly retirees, who are likely to be older and sicker than the population as a whole—require federal exchange subsidies, the cost of Obamacare could rise by trillions. And if cities and even states set an example by dumping their health care obligations on the federal government, private-sector employers could well follow suit.

The spokesman for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel called the city’s retiree health system “fiscally unsustainable,” but merely shifting that responsibility to Washington may be about as effective as moving deck chairs on a budgetary Titanic.

Meanwhile, like other Americans losing their coverage due to Obamacare, retirees themselves appear none too keen on getting dumped onto the exchanges. Bloomberg quotes one retired Detroit police officer expressing his outrage:

Imagine if they said tomorrow your Social Security, your Medicare is going away and you’re going on Obamacare.… How would you feel?

Many Americans may soon find out.

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… I meant It ! The Illinois Gun Bill is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 17th,2013

.. junk it. it has passed the Illinois legislature , and by overwhelming majorities . They will be enough to over – ride any possible veto by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) . It does not mean that it is good law  . I do not think that it is good enough . Not even close .

.. I will guarantee you , Quinn does not like the bill . He hates it . He also realizes that Illinois ‘ finances are in the tank . And POTUS is

English: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn addresses...

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no help . They have bigger fish to fry .

.. However , the court case (Moore v Madigan) and the Federal Court (the 7th Circuit) have given them no choice . They have to deal with it . If they do not , then the court will , by throwing out the whole schebang . Then things will get really wild , where there is no law at all  . They are scared of that , but they are even more scared of an appeal  to the U.S. Supreme Court .

.. If this one were to land in D.C. (whose gun laws are even more ridiculous) , then it could make the circus in Illinois pale in comparison to what could happen nationwide . There are some states ,  such as New York ‘ s Williams Act and SAFE Act , that could conceivably be in danger if Moore v Madigan went to D.C.

.. Of all irony , the Federal Appeals Court (the Seventh Circuit) sits in Chicago . They have to watching all of this that is going on with a great deal of interest . They have already made their ruling in Moore v. Madigan , but have stayed it . They have also granted an extension , so that Quinn can evaluate it , either sign or veto it , and then the Legislature can attempt to override . It means that Quinn and the legislature effectively have , no pun intended , well maybe it is , a ” gun at their head . ” They have to do something . No excuses . No cheapy exit strategy . And the court is watching .

.. In my previous post , I linked to that CBS Chicago piece about all of the carnage from that weekend . What a bloodbath . Chicago ‘ s gun laws are a joke . An obscene joke . People are dying because they cannot defend themselves . It is about damn time that they can . And not with that bloody  FOID card . A state I.D. or driver ‘ s license should do , along with a clean (no felonies) criminal record .

.. Requiring training for concealed carry makes sense . Most of the states that have it require it . I am from Ohio . Ohio has it . Ohio is also a “shall issue ” state . it means , once you complete the course , apply for the permit , and complete the criminal background check (no felonies , of course) , you may receive the permit . Yea , it does not mean that you can behave like Wyatt Earp and his brothers at the O.K. Corral . Ohio has quite a few restrictions on where guns are allowed , and not allowed [to deal with the concealed – carry permits] . But , here murders are waaay down . Not in Chicago . Their murder rate is “through the roof . ”

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… Screw the (Illinois Gun) Bill , and Try Again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 16th,2013

History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-pre...

History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are They ? Everyone thinks they might . But , Screw the F.O.I.D.

.. Illinois Legislature Set to End Concealed Carry Ban ..

.. the Illinois legislature has acted , but is it enough ? Will Governor Quinn sign the bill , or will he veto it ? Also , will the Federal Appeallate Circuit Court accept what they have done ? Is it enough ?

.. The Illinois legislature has complied with an appeals court ruling that their concealed carry ban was unconstitutional . Governor Quinn has not said whether he’ll sign the bill or not . It may not matter , though . The bill passed in the legislature with enough votes to override a veto.

.. The new law would allow the Illinois State Police to issue a carry permit to law-abiding Illinois residents who pass the required 16-hour training and pay a $150 fee (a shall – issue law ) . A gun owner must also have a state-issued Firearms Owner Identification card (FOID) to buy a gun in Illinois . Evidently , there have been a record number FOID applications each month, leading to a backlog as police try to process them all . Adding up the expense of buying a carry gun , the $10 FOID fee, the training classes , and $150 application fee , Valinda Rowe , of the group Illinois Carry, expressed concern that this law will deprive poor people from the ability to partake of their civil right of self – defense .

.. I agree . You have to pay , just to be able to have a firearm license . Being an adult , with legal ID , that should be id enough . Screw the FOID .

.. This bill is just to carry the gun outside of the home . In Illinois , right now , that is illegal . It was the cause of a huge legal fight . The result was a historic court decision , Moore v. Madigan , where the U.S. 7th Appeallate Circuit Court threw out the Illinois law . It then gave the state just six months to fix the issue .

Whether  they have done so , that is what is at dispute .

.. The decision may also affect the ability of the citizens of Illinois to carry their weapons on a concealed – carry basis . In Illinois , forget it . You cannot do it . Given current circumstances , especially in Chicago , It is this latter group of people who may need concealed carry the most. Despite inclement weather, Chicago gangs shot eight more people between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. According to BET:

Chicago’s murder rate is widely considered to be fueled by the drug wars that are fought between the city’s network of gangs. The homicide rate has been largely confined to the city’s south and west areas, African-American bastions of Chicago.

.. The new carry law is a step forward, but it nevertheless is a gun control law, controlling how and where law-abiding citizens can legally carry. It contains a clause saving Chicago’s “assault weapons” ban. It raises the financial bar for those who want to carry legally, maintaining the imbalance of power in favor of those who ignore laws.

.. Once again , gun control has been shown to be racist . The bad guys did not wait for a law to be passed before carrying concealed firearms . Blood is already running in the streets of Chicago , despite it having the strictest gun control laws in the country. Those suffering the most, poorer Blacks living in Chicago , risk being barred once again from their right to keep and bear arms.


— Update — since I finished this , this popped up on the Drudge Report . You expect people to go out on the streets , undefended , and try to deal with the bad guys , when you are unarmed , and they have the guns .

.. people have an inherent right to defend themselves . they obviously have a right to own guns . part of what makes us American is the right to defend ourselves . Especially when there is evil on the streets , evil that makes us feel unsafe .

.. People should have a reasonable right to concealed carry . No , do not turn the streets into the Wild West . But make the streets safer . Make sure that the good guys are armed . Also , provide for reasonable rules for concealed – carry for everyone . They should have to be trained and pass a course to have a weapon concealed . But , it should be allowed . Not banned .

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… on Kermit Gosnell …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 4th,2013

suspect # 1

suspect # 1

mass murderer !!

mass murderer !!

.. I was typing my impressions on my laptop , based upon the FoxNewsChannel special on Friday , May 3rd , 2013 . It gave , at least to me , a fairly full , yet succint account of Kermit Gosnell , and his antics . I am including a copy of the Grand Jury Report , for those who want to read it . I have , for the most part . Once the trial is over , I am going to re-read it , in detail .

.. and , do so on an empty stomach .

.. my god , what a murderous butcher !

.. what is taking the criminal trial jury so long . It is a plain and simple , cut and

dried case . He should and will be found guilty , but of what . the Grand Jury Rpt . is

comprehensive , complete , and horrifying .

.. K.G. was never a board – certified ob – gyn , as are most murderer/abortionistas .

He took advantage of many , many people , his circumstances , his beginnings , his

situation , and , most of all , the patients to which their care was entrusted to him

and his staff .

.. He began taking advantage of people early on (early 1970s) , from Chicago , pre –

Roe . Mutilated many of them .

.. Charged outrageous rates for murders . especially late – term and illegal ones .

Became notorious throughout the Eastern U.S. for his late – term antics , and for his butchery , yet people did nothing about it . Why ?

.. Delivered live babies , yes , live , and murdered them . Falsified records .

Horrendously imcompetent and barbaric pratice , if one can call it that .

.. [PUKE !!]

.. delivered “slits” to the back of a number of infants ‘ necks , thus killing them .

His staff finally , at least , showed some sense of humanity , and began documenting

what was happening  .

.. The “conditions” at the Gosnell clinic were beyond barbaric and horrendous . How

could politicians in Pennsylvania (Ridge & Rendell Administrations) stand by and do

absolutely nothing , for so many years . Especially since the news of what was going on

, where , when , and why , and to whom , gradually was getting out .

… more to come ! My God !!

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