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… California has Really Lost Its Mind [#minimum wage]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 12th,2016

.. it sseems California has turned into ” LooneyLand by the Bay . ” They keep adopting policies that test the patience and logic of the rest of the Union . Now they have done something that has really made then look totally insane …

.. they have now adopted a $15 / hour minimum wage ,effective in 2020 . Ho crazy is that ? Plenty ..

.. Has anyone in the California legislature and or the body politic bothered to consult many of the nation ‘s best universities , which happened to reside in California . They can tell you folks the God ‘ s honest truth , if you idiots would listen . Adopting a $15 / hour minimum wage is economically insane .

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog column ..

.. you can bet that many of the surrounding states [and more than a few Canadian provinces] are oogling at California business , with their area ‘ s lower wage levels . Most of those are either moderate or conservative in politic , so theyare not likely to follow California ‘ s lead . They are likely to put California in either the stocks or the pillory post , and poach those businesses with offers of lower costs and lower taxes …

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… Well , Canada wanted Change [#Justin Trudeau]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,October 25th,2015

.. they are going to get it ..

.. the Liberal party capped a historic comeback by winning [believe it or not] only around 40.5% of the vote . In Canada , that is what counts as a blowout . The Tories [and Steven Harper] won only around 32% of the vote . As a result , Harper is out , and he has resigned as Conservative party leader ..

.. who is Canada soon – to – be new PM ?? His name should be familiar — Justin Trudeau . Trudeau is the eldest son of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau . Like his father , Trudeau is something of a ” drama queen . ”

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. the Liberals won a clear majority IN Canada ‘ s parliament , getting 189 seats . It gives them a clear majority , over the new majority level of 170 . The Tories won only 99 . The big loser was Thomas Montclair and the New DemoCrat Party [the NDP] . They won only 10 seats , which was a disaster …

.. Trudeau is a certified greenie – weenie . He most definitely believes in the fraudulent cause of global warming , unlike Harper . That will help Obama at the forthcoming Paris summit in December , but it will not help things with the US Senate ….

.. There is not a chance in hell that the US Senate will approve any new climate change treaty . It seems that the ObamaCraps have not remembered the lessons of the late 1990s and the Kyoto accord . Any new climate – change treaty will be soundly rejected …

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… Canada Votes [#timing]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 7th,2015

.. Canada goes to the polls on October 19th , 2015 .
.. Canadian voters are in a parliamentary system . Their system is a first – past – the – post system , in which the candidate who wins the majority of votes in the district [riding] wins the seat . Once the party totals are known , then the party with a plurality [or a majority] of the seats forms the government , and elects the Prime Minister ..

.. Canada is also a member of the English Commonwealth of Nations . Their head of government is the PM . The head of state is , however , the Sovereign of Great Britain , currently Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II [since 1952] . Her Majesty has her nominal representative [the Governor General] act in her stead in Ottawa ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article ..

.. in recent decades , Canada ‘ s Federal Parliament has had 308 seats . in this election , it will be contested for 338 seats . This is due to an overdue need for redistricting ..

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… Canada Votes [#general elections]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 6th,2015

.. Canada was about due for a general election . The one remaining element , though , is the timing . That can be tricky , and can blow up in an incumbent Prime Minister ‘ s face ..

.. Canada ‘ s economy is somewhat weak right now . Canada , like Australia , is heavily dependent on natural resources and agriculture for its livelihood . In Canada ‘ s case it is less so , less than Australia . That is because of the 100 , 000 ton gorilla [the good ol ‘ U.S.ofA.] right next door . No one could help but be infuluenced by such a hyperpower ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. Canadians are fiercly protective of their independence , and more so of their national identity . They pride themselves on being an equal partner in the G – 7 , the g – 20 , the U.N. , and other international organizations .But , like Mexico , they also resent being pushed around by the Colossus ..

.. A good bit of this campaign will be about how Canada sees its role in the world . Many Canadians are internationalist , and it is a rare Canuck that is an isolationist . But how they carry that identity out is a very big issue ..

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… Bravo to Kevin Vickers !! [#Canada]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 30th,2014

.. Vickers is , of course , the Sergeant – at – Arms of Canada ‘ s lower House of Parliament . He was the very good guy who stopped the Islamic jihadi lone wolf attack the other day in Ottawa , Canada …

.. this scene is the entire body of the lower House of Commons , rising as one to give Vickers the standing ovation that he so richly deserves …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news …

.. a job well done !! ….

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… The Tragedy of Terrorism [#Canada]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,October 26th,2014

.. the horror of terrorism has hit Canada and Canadians , in a way that strikes anger and resolve into the hearts of us all …

.. the other day , a ” lone wolf ” jihadi Islamic radical attacked the Cenotaph [Canada ‘ s National War Memorial] and the Parliament House …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. the Canadians were very lucky . One was not . A Canadian soldier on ceremonial guard at the Cenotaph was killed , but the jihadi himself was killed inside of Parliament House . Thankfully , security at Parliament House was just enough to cover the situation …

.. the hero was the Canadian Parliament ‘ s Sergeant at ARms , Kevin Vickers . Vickers himself was a long time RCMP officer before taking up his posting at the Parliament House . He was definitely armed . He took out the perp …

.. thank you Kevin Vickers , and God Bless You . You helped to prevent a much larger massacre …

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… This is Real Leadership [#PM Harper]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 20th,2014

.. at least Steven Harper understands what real leadership is ..

.. he is standing up for America and her allies in ways that our own President does not have any idea about it and will not do it …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. c ‘ mon , POTUS , where are your balls ?? …

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… Unfortunately , I think He ‘ s Right [#Dick Cheney]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 16th,2014

.. and that is really scary ..

.. I believe that it will happen .

.. Washington , D.C. is the obvious target , and for the obvious reasons . New York City is another target , given the concentration of the population . Anywhere else ? …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the Hugh Hewitt show interview …

.. it literally could be almost anywhere in the country . A major port city [Miami , Norfolk , LA , Seattle , SF , etc..] is another real possibility ..

.. the other real possibility is a major city with a military base . That means San Diego , Honolulu , Tampa / St Pete , Norfolk …

.. Tampa / St. Pete ?? .. Yes . Given the size , the location (central Florida) and the dual nature of the military base [MacDill Air Force Base is also the HQ for CentCom (MiddleEast)] …

.. also , a major commercial target , such as the L.O.O.P. [the Louisiana Offshore Oil Platform] and others …

.. even my home area [greater Cleveland] is possible . It is a chokepoint on the Great Lakes . Also , several major East / West rail lines come thru this area from Chicago and the West , also due to geography …

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… At Least Someone had the Brass [#Miz Hillary interview]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,June 25th,2014

.. the Keystone XL pipeline is an important issue .

.. the more that POTUS dilly – dallies around with it , the more that it becomes a monster political problem for them …

.. Hillary Clinton has to realize that , one way or another , that this pipeline needs to be built , should be built , and will be built . It also will not be the only one , as well ..

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. between the two formations [West Texas , Barnett , & Eagle Ford] in Texas , plus the Green River Formation in the west , and add in the Athabasca Tar Sands , there is roughly more than a century and a half of oil for this country at its current rate of usage . Those formations are that big , especially the last two [Athabasca & Green River] . Alternative energy research can continue , and be encouraged , until they are ready to take over on their own , in time …

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… Sick ! [aborted babies used as ” heating ” fuel — in Oregon] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,May 4th,2014

.. I had read about this happening in the U.K. in the Daily Telegraph .

.. But here , in the United States ?

.. Yep ! You had better believe it ! ..

.. Sick ! Gross ! ..

.. [h/t — LifeSiteNews]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. evidently , this started in Canada , in the province of British Columbia . Clinics attached to the Provincial Ministry of Health had these folks ship their ” medical waste ” across the border in order to help meet their bills . Well , among the ” waste ” were aborted babies …

.. Grotesque ! …

.. the Oregon facility is a waste – – energy plant . Waste is burned in the plant in order to generate electricity . However , I strongly doubt that these  folks knowingly would have tolderated B.C. sending them medical ” waste ” with aborted babies in the loads , considering the consequences …

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… Disgraceful …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 24th,2014

.. Canadian PM Steven Harper recently made a trip to Israel .

.. It made a big splash , as you might think , in the Canadian press , but it hardly made a peep down here , other than in the conservative media . I read about it , and it evidently was a honey …

.. however , Israeli Arab lawmakers in the Knesset were extraordinarily rude to the PM . Harper made an address to the Knesset , and the Arab MKs walked out during the speech ..

.. [h/t — the GatewayPundit]

.. [link] to the video clip ..

.. either sit sit during the speech , or boycott it . Do not walk out during it , you pond scum …


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… A Unique Ballot Battle in Colorado …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 6th,2013

.. and it is one not to be poo – pooed …

.. A number of northern Colorado counties are extremely unhappy with the direction of the state and its government . Most state secession movements are a joke . Not this one . The voters of Colorado have plenty of issues to be pissed off at . Having a lunatic leftie twit as a Governor is one way to get everyone mad . Especially provoking anger are votes to attempt to eviscerate the Taxpayer Bill of Rights , and the gun control bill . Coloradans have voted for change , but I highly doubt that this is the change that they have had in mind .

.. It seems that quite a few citizens of Colorado are going to have something to do about their situation . No , it is not a joke . The dems that are currently in power in Denver just might be stupid enough to wave them bye – bye . First up is having a live secession movement . There is enough anger in northern Colorado that the state just might have one in live existence . The next step is to gather support . It could even come from counties in surrounding states , such as Wyoming , Nebraska , and Kansas . Once that occurs , then the Dems in Denver have a serious problem . If they sign off on the issue (a big if) , then it comes to D.C. . Boy , would that become a political football .

.. to create a new state (North Colorado) out of parts of the current state , and even from parts of surrounding states (possibly) , you need the permission of the existing state government . Normally , that would not be possible . When West Virginia was created (and admitted) in 1864 , the hoop that was skipped was that Virginia was a state in rebellion . As lunatic as Denver is these days , no one is suggesting that . But , the Dems in Denver just might sign off on it , just to be rid of the rebels . They also might not . There is good reason why .

.. California . California is so damn big , a secession movement just might spring up there , too . Also , like Colorado , California has the initiative and petition method . The rebels could end up using that method to circumvent the legislature in Sacramento . Also , the legislature , as long as the rebel counties take on their fair share of the debt , just might be nuts enough to sign off on it . If north Colorado succeeds , California just might be next .

.. also , Canada is watching . Le Quebecois are getting reared up to start their nationalist movement all over again . It could well be stronger than the first time . If it were to succeed , then Canada is finished . The rest of Canada hates Ontario almost as much as they hate Quebec , and if they are effectively cut off from each other (the Maritmes from the West , and the West from the rest) , well …..

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… Rob Ford is a Drug Addicted Twit …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. and he should resign ..

.. Ford is the mayor of metropolitain Toronto , Canada . Toronto is itself enormously important . It is Canada ‘ s largest city , and

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, greeting a nun at ...

…Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is the 5th largest city in North America (behind Mexico City , New York City , Los Angeles , and Chicago ) . The people of this enormous metropolis want an idiot like this running their city ‘ s affairs ???

.. It is time for him to go . Rob Ford should resign . if he does not , he should be forced from office by either : (-) the Toronto City Council , (-) the voters of the city of Toronto , in a recall election , or , if possible , by the provincial legislature of the province of Ontario , in an act to impeach the mayor .

.. Ford must not be allowed to stay . He is a felon , as well as a moral degenerate . It is bye – bye time …

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… The PQ (Parti Quebecois) has lost it …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 12th,2013

… I think that these idiots are lunatics .

.. Our society has become more secular . However , our religious freedoms here in the United States are enshrined in our Constitution , and they are defended fiercely ,. Others act just as others seek to enshrine secularism here in the U.S. . In Canada , things are , I am afraid , much different .

.. The Human Rights law (along with the dreaded Human Rights Commission) is acting to dilute Canada ‘ s long tradition of religious freedom . Those who are traditionalists are attacked , legally and politically , to the point of public ostracism and financial ruin . The federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms is still relatively new . It was also brought back to Ottawa by a largely secularlist Liberal government , and many of its decisions lean more towards not protecting religion and freedom . Canada has a very long way to go , and this battle is not going to help one bit .

… from the National Post

• The proposal would ban “overt and conspicuous” religious symbols by government employees

• Would make it mandatory to have one’s face uncovered while providing or receiving a state service

• Quebec will entrench the concept of religious neutrality in the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms

• A bill will be tabled this fall

• Marois’ minority government would require opposition support to pass the bill

• The Conservative government says it would mount a legal challenge against the new charter of Quebec values if it was deemed to violate religious freedoms

• “We’re categorical in rejecting this approach,” NDP leader Thomas Mulcair says

• Justin Trudeau accuses Marois of playing “divisive identity politics”

Chris Selley: Quebec ‘values charter’ is as stupid and divisive as we feared

You can pretend it’s about secularism, but it demonstrably is not. How could it be when public servants would still be allowed to wear religious symbols, albeit subject to a random determination of “ostentation.” What does a crucifix on a chain signify except — to some degree, anyway — “I’m Christian”? For all anyone knows it could mean “I’m culturally Christian but not much else,” or “I’m very Christian indeed and I think you should be too and here take this pamphlet” — and by the same token, neither a kippa nor a hijab nor a turban offers any useful insight into the level of its wearer’s devotion or evangelism. I could put on a kippa or crucifix right now and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

Read more

QUEBEC — A tiny crucifix around the neck is fine and so is a small ring with the star of David or a little earring with a religious symbol.

But the Quebec government of Premier Pauline Marois proposes to prohibit the wearing of “overt and conspicuous” religious symbols by government employees — from judges right down to a day care worker.

And it wants to make it mandatory to have one’s face uncovered while providing or receiving a state service.

Quebec will also try to shield its new Charter of Quebec Values from legal challenges by entrenching the concept of religious neutrality in the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The whole package will be included in a bill to be tabled this fall in the National Assembly, Democratic Institutions Minister Bernard Drainville said Tuesday, tabling the Parti Québécois government’s long-awaited proposal to create Quebec’s first-ever Charter of Values.

nosvaleurs.gouv.qc.caAn image released by the Quebec government showing, top three, “non-ostentatious” religious symbols that could be worn by public employees, and, bottom five images, “ostentatious” symbols that would be banned under the charter.


“The time has come to rally around our common values,” Drainville said at a news conference Tuesday. “They define who we are. Let’s be proud of them.”

Long-awaited and the subject of several leaks, Drainville’s proposal was surprisingly detailed, including graphics showing the kinds of religious symbols the government will allow for its employees.

Defining what is conspicuous could rapidly become a problem but the government plan does not include a formal measuring system.

For example, regulations to apply Quebec’s French Language Charter include a definition of what Quebec considers “marked predominance” on letters on signs.

But while the package does not address that question, the measures are, however, sweeping. If adopted, Quebec will “limit” the wearing of conspicuous symbols by state employees from the top down.

That includes personnel with power to impose sanctions, such as judges, prosecutors, police officers and correctional agents. Public and private daycare workers would have the same restrictions as would school board personnel in the elementary and high school system, plus in CEGEPs and universities.

The same goes in the public health and social services networks.

But as foreseen, Quebec plans to proceed softly down the path of state secularism by allowing for opting out.

In the case of CEGEPs, universities and municipalities, the board of directors or municipal council could adopt a resolution allowing its personnel to wear religious symbols.

“This authorization would be valid for a period of up to five years and renewable,” the government’s documents state. “It would not apply to the obligation of having one’s face uncovered.”

Making the pitch for the measures, Drainville said the package is based on fundamental Quebec values, including the equality of men and women.

“The time has come for us to rally around clear rules and common values which will put an end to tensions and misunderstandings,” Drainville said in a statement.

“Our proposals will be a source of better understanding, harmony and cohesion for all Quebecers, regardless of their religion or origin.”

Not all forms of secularism would be equal, however.

Matt Gurney: Marois applies airport-security style “grope everyone” logic with values charter

Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a minute that those who think they’ve read Marois’s tea leaves are right, and that the PQ and Quebecers generally are just fine with Jews wearing kippas and Sikhs wearing turbans, so long as they are otherwise good Quebecers. Let’s accept that Marois is really just trying to find a way to free Muslim girls from the oppression of patriarchal family traditions and honour culture. Could she find a stupider way of doing it?

Read more


The giant crucifix above Montreal’s Mount Royal — and the one above the Speaker’s chair of the legislature — will be spared under the logic that they are integral to Quebec’s cultural history: “The crucifix is there to stay, in the name of history, in the name of heritage,” Drainville said.

Employees who wear a visible crucifix, however, will have to tuck them away. As would those wearing hijabs, burkas, kippas, veils and turbans.

Drainville grappled with questions about other inconsistencies.

Would elected officials be subject to this? No, he replied, arguing that people have a right to choose their representative. Which means that people could, in theory, elect a cabinet minister or premier with a hijab — who would then force employees to remove theirs.

Would elected officials and courtroom witnesses in this staunchly secular state continue to swear an oath on that most non-secular of documents, the Bible? Drainville appeared caught off-guard by the question: “Oh, my God,” he replied, slowly, “we’ll get back to you.”

Earlier, Drainville symbolically turned over copies of the proposal to Marois in a staged photo opportunity at her office.

The product of five years of internal debate in the PQ, the charter was a key element in the party’s election platform as it tried to make mileage off the identity card.

But it was the subject of instant criticism as a proposal that would divide Quebec and might even be unconstitutional. Marois has said she believes the plan will be legal and Quebec will not need to invoke the notwithstanding clause to override the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Polls, on the other hand, showed Quebecers in favour of the package, fuelling the PQ’s drive to charge ahead.


The government’s failure to cash in on the other identity issue of the platform, beefing up the French Language Charter, provided further incentive.

At a PQ caucus meeting in Carleton-sur-mer two weeks ago, Marois said the values charter would be one of the government’s three policy pillars this fall.

Drainville, on the other hand, has said he plans to go slowly and wants a serene debate.

He plans to hold public consultations but not in the same form as the Bouchard-Taylor commission, which roamed the province, sparking clashes and nasty headlines.

Drainville plans to borrow a system Diane De Courcy used to consult Quebecers on Bill 14: Quebecers will be invited to submit their opinion online.

In that way, Drainville can avoid costs and criticism from the Liberals and the Coalition Avenir Québec that the PQ is using taxpayer money to pay for what amounts to a pre-election campaign swing through the province.

But the issue will collide with Quebec’s electoral schedule as the days of Marois’ minority government run down.

In that case, the bill may never be passed.

It requires the support of the Liberals and Coalition Avenir Québec. So far the CAQ has been the most open to discussion, presenting a similar package which does not go quite so far.

The Liberals, however, favour open secularism, which means while they believe the state should be neutral, they do not want to see religious headgear and symbols banned.

The values charter poses a dilemma for federal politicians, notably the New Democrats under Tom Mulcair, who count on Quebecers for support.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has denounced Quebec’s proposed charter of values as completely unacceptable.

At the NDP’s caucus retreat in Saskatoon, Mulcair said that the proposed text released today in Montreal confirms the party’s worst fears.

Mulcair said he rejects the Quebec government’s approach categorically, saying human rights don’t have a best-before date and they’re not a popularity contest.

He said it’s unacceptable to think that a woman worker wearing a head scarf in a daycare centre will lose her job.

Mulcair had faced criticism for not immediately coming out against the charter when details first began leaking out weeks ago.

He was criticized for pandering to popular sentiment in Quebec, where the charter idea is popular and which accounts for 57 of the NDP’s 100 MPs, including Mulcair.

The Conservative government says it would mount a legal challenge against the new charter of Quebec values if it was deemed to violate religious freedoms.

Employment Minister Jason Kenney, who also oversees multicultural policy, says that if the Quebec proposals become law, they will be reviewed by the federal Justice Department.

Kenney also accuses the Parti Quebecois government of trying to pick a fight with the federal government while most people are more concerned about jobs and the economy.

The values charter seeks to emphasize the separation of church and state in all public institutions by banning the wearing of obvious religious symbols on the job.

Kenney and Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel were uncharacteristically terse when asked to react to the proposals.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau accused Marois of playing “identity politics” with the proposed charter.

“Mme. Marois has a plan, has an agenda, she’s trying to play divisive identity politics because it seems to be the only thing that is able to distract from the serious economic challenges that we’re facing as a province and as a country,” he said.

“Quebecers will…. push back very hard at this charter that is aiming at dividing people rather than building a better future for all,” Trudeau said.

Federal parties have had to grapple with how to respond to the values charter, in the face of what appears to be significant support for the concept in certain areas of the province.

Montreal mayoral candidates Denis Coderre and Marcel Cote were also unsparing in their criticism.

– With files from Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News and the Canadian Press

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… Have the Quebeckers gone Bananas ?!?!? [State Secularism Bill] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 12th,2013

.. I would say so .

.. Canada and its society are notorious for being politically correct . Their so – called “Human Rights ” law and the Human Rights Commission have become infamous for enforcing a level of political correctness that we here in the U.S. would never tolerate . Yet , the PQ (parti Quebecois) is going to push ahead with this dreadful bill .

.. First , the minority government must stand for election . If the PQ wins a majority , then you can expect the new PQ government to go for the bill , no matter what . It will then become the Canadian government ‘ s call (from Ottawa) . The federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms most certainly does not allow this level of religious discrimination . However , the provincial government may bounce off of that , and still do it anyway …

… from the National Post …

The Christian exemptions to Quebec’s proposed secular Charter of Values — which would allow the crucifix to remain in the National Assembly, the cross to remain on Mount Royal, and Christmas trees to remain in provincial government buildings — are based on the controversial idea that some religious symbols have become purely secular.

Just as the Christmas tree grew from pagan origins to signify the birth of Jesus, the theory goes that now, in modern post-Catholic Quebec, it merely reflects the secular culture of holidays and gift-giving — “part of Quebec culture,” as the minister responsible for the Charter, Bernard Drainville, said Tuesday.

“We will recognize elements of our heritage that bear witness to our history,” he said of the tree, and the cross.

These exemptions are “certainly going to strike people as hypocritical,” said Paul Bramadat, director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria.

“If the leaders of Quebec society are seeking to exclude from the public and political arenas all historically deep references to religious identity, then it stands to reason that the crucifix would need to be removed, too, not to mention the cross on the top of Mt. Royal,” he said.

Mark Mercer, professor of philosophy at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, said he is “appalled” by the proposals, and objects to the idea of defining symbols merely by their origins, rather than their current significance to the people who use them.

“What I object to is just taking the origin of things as necessarily part of them to the people who use those things today. I think that’s just misguided,” he said. He cited a criminal cross-burning case in Nova Scotia, which recalled the explicitly racist symbolism of Ku Klux Klan, but raised the vexing question of whether burning a cross, by itself, expresses racial hatred, simply because of the symbol’s history.

Francis Vachon for National Post/Files

Francis Vachon for National Post/FilesA Christmas tree in front of Quebec’s National Assembly in 2008. A controversy erupted when the government referred to it as a “celebration tree.”

“There’s the origin, and it’s always tainted by its origin,” he said, but it is wrong to think a symbol always “retains the aspect of their origin.”

Christmas trees and crucifixes raise similar problems. “The province itself, as a legitimate, authoritative political entity, can do things like declare that, for the province, [a symbol] does not have religious significance… We accept that sort of thing all over the place. Remember, [in hockey] a goal isn’t scored just when a puck crosses the line. The goal isn’t scored until the referee raises his arm. Is it a goal? Depends what the referee says. Same thing. Is the Christmas tree a religious symbol?” he said, and quoted a baseball umpire to the effect that, “It ain’t nothing until I call it.”

The issue is already familiar to the courts. Justin Trottier, a prominent secularist activist with the Centre for Inquiry, said that 28 city councils in Ontario still begin sessions with the Lord’s Prayer, and only three or four have voluntarily complied with a court ruling that this is unconstitutional.

He also said a push was on for a Supreme Court of Canada review of a recent Quebec case, in which a mayor’s use of Christian prayer in Saguenay was judged to not violate the state’s religious neutrality.

Quebec is not the first jurisdiction to face these deep problems of the modern relevance of historical state religion. A landmark case in the United States Supreme Court, for example, divided the judges on the issue of whether a Pittsburgh courthouse could display a nativity scene, a Christmas tree, and a menorah. In the end, despite broad dissent, the tree and the menorah were in, and the nativity was out.

On such a fraught issue as religious faith in the secular state, however, the law offers only limited guidance.

“The discomfort people have with removing the crucifix reflects the deep roots of religion, and its signs and symbols, in the tastes, smells, practices, norms, habits and feelings of many even thoroughly secular people,” Prof. Bramadat said.

“Those staunch secularists who want to leave the crucifix alone because, well, removing it would ‘feel wrong’ and the National Assembly would ‘look wrong,’ might want to think about the emotional effect on Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and observant Christians who are now being asked to stop wearing symbols that are both personally meaningful and indicative of long, complex systems of meaning and purpose.”

… items from Toronto ‘ s Globe and Mail …

[link] — consequences of the proposed charter , except that they forgot one : it applies , evidently , to the private sector , too …

[link] — an editorial of the paper , greatly criticizing the proposal , that it cuts off the province from its heritage and its tradition of religious tolerance …

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… Australia and the Carbon Tax …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 8th,2013

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16)

… new Australian PM Tony Abbott …

.. if Labour is smart , they will vote (at least to a point) with the new Government to repeal the hated Carbon tax .

.. This tax is indeed hated down under . It places Australia at a distinct disadvantagege in comparison to its neighbours , economically . Australia is indeed diversifying its economy , but it is still very much export – based , in many ways a great deal like Canada . Now it will be in a better position to compete , and not just in Asia .

.. It will be interesting to see how the change in power in Canberra will be taken in Europe and the America . The big factor is , of course , my home country , the United States . We have our first Communist President , one who is a wus at home , and is a even bigger wus overseas .

.. In the U.S. , POTUS ‘ effective remaining power is his power over the administrative state . He can lay out his policies , but his policies do not make him popular . Matter of fact , they make him ever more unpopular . Any way that he tries to implement policy is contested in the courts . Which makes for both an interesting time , and lots of delays .

.. These days , an even bigger fight has ensued over his policies . Left – wing and ecosocialist interest groups take their beefs over ObamaCrap Administration policies to court . Where it then gets interesting is when those same groups and the ObamaCraps start playing “footsie,” legally . It then sets up what is known as a “sue and settle” situation , where the ObamaCraps still get their policy enacted , and effectively block opposition from the right by blocking their access to the courts .

.. I wonder how Australia ‘ s export – based economy is going to like that . Especially with the carbon tax likely to go the way of the “do – do bird . ”



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… Can the Castro Regime (in Cuba) survive without Chavez ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 25th,2013

[-] passing of Castros
soon , Fidel and Rauol will be gone . It will likely bring a new generation of leaders to the fore . These folks will not be as wedded to the Communism of the Castros , and will be forced into reforms .
[-] spreading of “special zones”
the need for more internally generated $$ will force the regime to open up . the needs to meet the demands of the surrounding democratic powers (Mexico , Canada , & yes , the U.S.) will force it .

More and more special zones will be created . it will create problems with corruption , but it will also create opportunities . The needs of the zones , plus the needs of the new players , will force the regime to open state firms to competitors . And the state firms will not last long against the competition , unless they reform themselves , and find a way to survive .

[-] economic realities of 21st century economy
Cuba is stuck in a 1950s to early 1960s economy . Eventually , the need for change will force them to join everyone else in the 21st century .

[-] Maduro ‘ s eventual fall
Nicolas Maduro will not last long . The corruption , and an eventual decline in oil prices (in part from fracking in the U.S.) , and the lack of investment $$ in the Orinoco region (which is itself frackable oil) will  bring Maduro down by a coup , and then new and free elections , which will publicize the Chavezcista corruption , and sweep away the socialism , including the support of Cuba & other nations .

[-] both nation ‘ s fear of the Church
Cuba has never been able to fully combat the power of the Catholic Church . If they cannot , do you think that Venezuela can . You have to be nuts to think so .

..Despite the rhetoric of the Chavistas, the Cuba-Venezuela relationship is decidedly lopsided. It is mostly a relationship of convenience that seems decidedly biased toward Cuba. Official Cuba has worried that the post-Chavez era would see the end of this special relationship. Their anxieties were exacerbated by the close margin of victory Chavez acolyte Nicolas Maduro received, and the fact that his challenger Henrique Capriles made the alliance an election issue.  Maduro traveled to Havana to meet with the regime to reassure them of his commitment to Commandante Chavez’s vision of an enduring alliance.  The next Venezuelan presidential election could change this calculation. Since the Cuban public doesn’t enjoy the freedom to choose its leaders, any changes to the alliance will almost certainly happen only as a result of Venezuela’s voters having a change of heart. Until then, two of the most intolerant and repressive regimes in the Americas will maintain their relationship addiction with the citizenry paying the highest price.

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… LNG can change the Middle East (and Europe) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 10th,2013

LNG can change the ME and Europe

.. Israel can make a mark in energy at last . and , it may well help change , in some ways , the map of the Middle East , and possibly even Europe , as  well . ..

.. Israel has taken a large step toward energy independence , as natural gas from the smaller of its newly discovered Mediterranean gas fields began to flow . ..   .. Eventually , once further exploration and exploitation has occured , Israel will become a net exporter on the world market . And , hopefully , it will send a message to Russia , and to the United States . Russia already exports natural gas . Canada does so , as well , as do the UK and Norway . The US should be , as well . As much natural gas is apparantely underneath the US in the various oil shale formations , the Middle East is screwed , and the Russians will be made to behave . ..   .. Of course another country has

Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (We...

Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip), the Golan Heights, and portions of neighbouring countries. Also United Nations deployment areas in countries adjoining Israel or Israeli-held territory, as of January 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in recent years begun to move from energy dependence to independence, from importer to exporter–our own. And these facts about both Israel and the United States will have lasting and significant geopolitical ramifications . ..

.. Israel had already become an economic success story and its success will be reinforced–while around it are political and economic failures like Egypt and Syria , and energy-needy Jordan . The natural supplier of energy for Jordan and any eventual Palestinian state is Israel, a fact that would change the nature of their relationships. In a region where instability is spreading, a stable, increasingly wealthy, powerful Israel will grow in value as an American ally . ..

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