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… The true losers of the Baltimore Riots [#businessmen]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,October 18th,2015

.. with all of the politics going on , people are forgetting the real cost of the Baltimore riots ..

.. yea , those folks who lost the most in the riots : the businesses ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. the great majority of those folks were minority owned businesses . They were not just Black – owned business , either . Many of them were Asian – owned [in particular , Korean] ..

.. those folks seem to have to most spirit and the most ambition . They also seem to have the most trouble raising money to open a business . They scrimp and save for years , and then they get burned out by a bunch of hoodlums ..

.. I wonder how many of them have insurance , and how many of them want to rebuild , or can rebuild . Just maybe not in the same place , though …


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… It is Time to Apply the Magnitsky Bill …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 10th,2014

.. if the Russians want normal trade relations , they had better behave like civilized humans ….

.. if not , then crack down on them . Hard .

.. it is time to apply the Magnitsky Bill . It was passed as a part of the passage of normal trade relations with Russia in 2012 . Those relations obviously should be suspended , for the near term . In order to get the attention of Putin and his cronies (the oligarchs) , Magnitsky provisions should be applied to those people who pal around with Putin . All of them that can be identified …

.. Also , if possible , the provisions of the Magnitsky bill should be strengthened to include companies that do business in the United States . Such restrictions are similar to what are provided for in the Helms – Burton Trade with Cuba Act …

.. and if Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] keeps up with his antics , reintroduce a 21st – century version of Jackson – Vanik . Jackson – Vanik provided for evaluation of human rights in both Russia and the old Soviet Union . It applied to both . It should still , as a deterrent …

.. [h/t —]..

.. [link] to the article ..

.. [h/t — NationalReview]..

.. [link] to the article on the bill …

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… there will be a Bailout of Insurance Companies …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 26th,2013

.. and it will burn the DemoCraps badly ..

.. you may wonder : how ? and why ? It is already written into the ObamaCrapCare bill . The feature in question is what is called ” risk corridors . ” Basically , if the insurance companies take on excessive amounts of risk , they will be compensated for it . It is in the law , already .

.. [h/t —
.. [link] to the article and video clip …

.. Boy , does that stink . The insurers got into bed with the ObamaCraps on this bill , and got a provision like this placed into the bill . it covers their financial backsides , so that they will not lose excessive amounts of money . They may not make much , though , but they will not lose their shirts , either . What is worse is that the C.B.O. ” scored ” this feature as having no net financial effect on the bill . Are you kidding ?

.. It will not have a net effect on the insurers . They will be contractually covered for any losses outside certain ” boundaries , ” or the ” risk corridors . ” Guess who it will screw , and badly ? Yep , the taxpayer , and Big Time ! Nice one , DemoCraps . You have given more ” bulletin board ” material to the G.O.P. . Duuuh !

.. the Insurance business does not come without risk . It is the way the thing operates . Well , it is the way it is supposed to operate . If an insurer misprices its risks , or does not invest its premiums well enough to smooth things out , well …. . It is supposed to go out of business , or at least go bankrupt , so someone else can take over its market and business . Those idiots got into bed with His Lordship and the rest of the Dems , so that they could protect themselves . Now , they look like a bunch of ” errand boys ” for POTUS and for H.H.S. . See what happens .

.. Those dummies may end up losing their shirts , anyway . Serves them right !

.. It may not have much effect at first , at least in 2014 . It will in 2015 , and become an anchor around the necks of the Dems in the 2016 Presidential campaign . An expensive one , at that …

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… a Big Oops by Cracker Barrel …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 22nd,2013

.. within a day or two , of yanking the products of ” Duck Dynasty ” from their stores , they reversed course …

.. back in they go , and Cracker Barrel acted …

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the article …

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… Fibaroni [ObamaCrapCare – related] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 20th,2013

.. the ObamaCraps propagated the Big Lie on your doctor , your insurance , and your medicine . Back in 2010 , they knew very well that millions of people were going to lose their insurance ….

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the videos ..

.. then they proceeded to repeat the lie , over and over again ..

.. In the coming year [2014] , it will get worse . Much worse . The business market is going to subject to the same problems that that the indivdual health insurance market is going through , now . The requirements of ObamaCrapCare [the essential benefits packages , the regulations , the med loss ratio invasion , among many] are going to make what is going on this fall look like a garden party , by comparison . Guess What is also coming up ?

.. the 2014 Congressional midterm elections . The economy is not in the best of shape , the job market sucks , inflation could well take off , and the federales are monkeying around with people ‘ s health care — just in time for the Midterms . The DemoCraps are running scared , especially in districts and states that are at least decently competitive .

.. It will help the GOP to gain seats in the House of Representatives . How many , God knows . The Senate is in play , though . 3 to 4 seats , net , are likely to flip to the GOP , meaning the Republicans need at least 3 more seats (net) to take over the Senate . The way things are going , it could be a whole lot more than that …

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… Agreed , on Edward Snowden …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 17th,2013

.. Ambassador John Bolton , God Bless Him , thinks that Edward Snowden should hang ” from an old oak tree . ”

.. [h/t —] …

.. [link] to the video ..

.. I most heartily agree . Do Not grant the S.O.B. amnesty . The stuff is out the door already . Our security services and intelligence agencies will have to go through an expensive and complete refit . So much the better . They could really use it , especially to deal with the P.R.C. .

.. So , do not give the bastard an inch . Not a Milimeter …

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… Mme Secretary , It is Not How Insurance Works …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 15th,2013

.. you do not get insurance until the policy premium is paid . Insurance companies are not charities . They do not give out health insurance coverage for free [article] …

… Sebelius and her cronies keep on re – writing the rules . Especially the ones that are written in law , or that are established in administrative rules . She is misusing the sheer size  and influence of her cabinet department to misconstrue and abuse the law . Congress should call her on the carpet , and the insurers should hold H.H.S. to the spirit and letter of the ObamaCrapCare law …

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… It is About Time [White House Press Corpse sparring] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 14th,2013

.. at least those clowns are showing some signs of life .

.. It is about time . Given the absolute all – out disaster that is ObamaCrapCare , it is long past time for the Press Corpse to show itself as professionals , and not as a bunch of ObamaCrap butt – kissers …

.. [link] to the video …

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… You Do Not Do Computer Security in an Ad Hoc Basis …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 8th,2013

.. it has to be designed into the system .

.. literally , it is is a state of mind . You have to design the ideas  for the security for your system as you plan out your own computer program . You do not improvise insert ” the security system “k  later on in the process .

.. Any hacker worth their salt ( and their money ) will see the mess for a security system that you have . He or She will find the weak point(s) , and generally now almost immediately how to exploit them . They are that good , and are that effective .

.. [link] to the video ..

.. You should really see this video . This guy ( David Kennedy ) is a pro . He is a ”  , ” one of thguys . He makes oodles and oodles of scratch , but he does it in an egitimate mannner . He evaluates designes , and fprobes for weaknessets in systems . Forly for us , he is on our sidele lot more hackers bad guys . ” l  seek to exploit systems , rr iDand their mon) , and cost all of us a grat deal of aggravation , aswell as lost productivity and expense …

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… Gee , Where Do the Twentysomethings Land ? [ObamaCrapCare policies] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 3rd,2013

.. this is an interview with Kurt Kuehne , the C.E.O. of overnight shipper U.P.S. . He was appearing on CNBC ‘ s Squawk Box . He was explaining to the interviewer about the financial facts – of – life on ObamaCrapCare , where it applies to spouses …

.. [link] to the video . ..

.. Gee , I wonder . If spouses cannot stay on their opposite spouse ‘ s health insurance plan (especially under ObamaCrapCare) , then where do the twentysomethings go ? Supposely , they get to go somewhere …

.. The problem is where ? and How ?

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… ObamaCrapCare is a ” Political Imperative ” [and How!] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. so what else do you expect .

.. John Fund of the National Review and the Wall Street Journal was on FoxNews earlier today . He took out his typical rhetorical

English: Journalist and columnist at CPAC in .

… John Fund , of the National Review … . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shish – kabob skewer , and nailed the ObamaCraps right on the head . it is a dandy , well worth watching … [link]

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… No , Matt , You are Waaay Off !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,May 21st,2013

.. and worse , your statement about the Infernal Service is disgusting .

.. U.S. law allows businesses to do business overseas , and to hold assets , liabilities , and capital overseas . You want the parent to repatriate the profits , not all of the rest . They do business , there . They have built the business , there .  The entity is there .

.. They are allowed to make appropriate arrangements , such as intellectual property exports , to export its licenses (software) to its overseas subsidiaries . Ergo , they  can then do business . Transfer pricing makes sure that both sides (in an arms – length relationship) can accurately and appropriately account for the transaction accurately on their books . Even if the one is a wholly – owned subsidiary of the other .

.. The U.S. tax laws are stupid . They need to be reformed , drastically . Individual income tax rates need to be cut , and , if possible , simplified into a single rate taxsystem . Think of how much money could be saved .

.. Also , the capital gains , inheritance , and corporate tax rules also in need of  drastic overhaul . Cap gains need to be simple , and scaled , to encourage long – term holdings of capital assets . The Inheritance system could be so much simpler , so that all of the waste on tax planning could be re – directed elsewhere , to more productive uses . Those tax rules are so complex , it requires both a tax accountant (CPA) specialist , as well as a tax lawyer , to understand it .

.. Most of all , the immense amount of overseas profits that US companies hold can and should be repatriated , so that they can be put to better use . Instead of just sitting there , earning interest , the corporate Parent can bring in home , create investment here in the U.S. , and jobs here in the U.S. , and do so on a regular basis .

… hereuss government reform ops cmte EXHIBIT 1a – Subcommittee Memo on Offshore Profit Shifting Apple is , for what it is worth , the slime job that the Senate did on Apple …

… here opening statement is Tim Cook ‘ s prepared opening statement before the Senate Committee

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… Spinning Questions , Making Execuses …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 17th,2013

.. I long for the days when there were tough questioners around  . Those who not take

any guff or excuses from politicians . Those who would expect a straight answer , and

wait until they got one .

.. They knew that access to their pages or their show was a currency not to be taken

lightly  . The politicians craved it , like moths to a flame . If one did not give

direct answers often , they would be cut off . Not just for weeks . Months . or ,

possibly even for good , to send a message , to make sure that it was sent and received

. Most of the time , it got thru .

.. These days , the press behaves like sheep . They take what they are given , and

print or broadcast what they are told . The authentic practice of journalism seems to

be an afterthought .

.. Where tough questioners are needed , is when there is a scandal or a crisis .

Politicos seem to have an innate tendency to cover up , when they screw up badly . It

is an instinctive trait , but it should not be done . It should be unlearned . It is

wrong , and it should not happen .

.. Answer the friggin question , the way it was asked , not the way that you want to

answer it . People are owed an honest days work for their tax dollar , and that

includes giving straight answers . Also ,

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… this Guy puts it Bluntly …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 10th,2012

… I came  across this article {thanks to ross kaminsky , and the American Spectator OL} ,  and this guy puts it rather blunty . He puts it to his people about the economic threat that they face from Pres Obama ‘ s re – election …

Here is the e-mail that is the subject of the conversation:

Subject: Message from David Siegel Date:Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:58:05 -0400 (EDT) From: [David Siegel] To: [All employees]

To All My Valued Employees,

As most of you know our company, Westgate Resorts, has continued to succeed in spite of a very dismal economy. There is no question that the economy has changed for the worse and we have not seen any improvement over the past four years. In spite of all of the challenges we have faced, the good news is this: The economy doesn’t currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is another 4 years of the same presidential administration. Of course, as your employer, I can’t tell you whom to vote for, and I certainly wouldn’t interfere with your right to vote for whomever you choose. In fact, I encourage you to vote for whomever you think will serve your interests the best.

However, let me share a few facts that might help you decide what is in your best interest. The current administration and members of the press have perpetuated an environment that casts employers against employees. They want you to believe that we live in a class system where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. They label us the “1%” and imply that we are somehow immune to the challenges that face our country. This could not be further from the truth. Sure, you may have heard about the big home that I’m building. I’m sure many people think that I live a privileged life. However, what you don’t see or hear is the true story behind any success that I have achieved.

I started this company over 42 years ago. At that time, I lived in a very modest home. I converted my garage into an office so I could put forth 100% effort into building a company, which by the way, would eventually employ you. We didn’t eat in fancy restaurants or take expensive vacations because every dollar I made went back into this company. I drove an old used car, and often times, I stayed home on weekends, while my friends went out drinking and partying. In fact, I was married to my business — hard work, discipline, and sacrifice. Meanwhile, many of my friends got regular jobs. They worked 40 hours a week and made a nice income, and they spent every dime they earned. They drove flashy cars and lived in expensive homes and wore fancy designer clothes. My friends refinanced their mortgages and lived a life of luxury. I, however, did not. I put my time, my money, and my life into this business —-with a vision that eventually, some day, I too, will be able to afford to buy whatever I wanted. Even to this day, every dime I earn goes back into this company. Over the past four years I have had to stop building my dream house, cut back on all of my expenses, and take my kids out of private schools simply to keep this company strong and to keep you employed.

Just think about this – most of you arrive at work in the morning and leave that afternoon and the rest of your time is yours to do as you please. But not me- there is no “off” button for me. When you leave the office, you are done and you have a weekend all to yourself. I unfortunately do not have that freedom. I eat, live, and breathe this company every minute of the day, every day of the week. There is no rest. There is no weekend. There is no happy hour. I know many of you work hard and do a great job, but I’m the one who has to sign every check, pay every expense, and make sure that this company continues to succeed. Unfortunately, what most people see is the nice house and the lavish lifestyle. What the press certainly does not want you to see, is the true story of the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made.

Now, the economy is falling apart and people like me who made all the right decisions and invested in themselves are being forced to bail out all the people who didn’t. The people that overspent their paychecks suddenly feel entitled to the same luxuries that I earned and sacrificed 42 years of my life for. Yes, business ownership has its benefits, but the price I’ve paid is steep and not without wounds. Unfortunately, the costs of running a business have gotten out of control, and let me tell you why: We are being taxed to death and the government thinks we don’t pay enough. We pay state taxes, federal taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, payroll taxes, workers compensation taxes and unemployment taxes. I even have to hire an entire department to manage all these taxes. The question I have is this: Who is really stimulating the economy? Is it the Government that wants to take money from those who have earned it and give it to those who have not, or is it people like me who built a company out of his garage and directly employs over 7000 people and hosts over 3 million people per year with a great vacation?

Obviously, our present government believes that taking my money is the right economic stimulus for this country. The fact is, if I deducted 50% of your paycheck you’d quit and you wouldn’t work here. I mean, why should you? Who wants to get rewarded only 50% of their hard work? Well, that’s what happens to me.

Here is what most people don’t understand and the press and our Government has chosen to ignore – to stimulate the economy you need to stimulate what runs the economy. Instead of raising my taxes and depositing that money into the Washington black-hole, let me spend it on growing the company, hire more employees, and generate substantial economic growth. My employees will enjoy the wealth of that tax cut in the form of promotions and better salaries. But that is not what our current Government wants you to believe. They want you to believe that it somehow makes sense to take more from those who create wealth and give it to those who do not, and somehow our economy will improve. They don’t want you to know that the “1%”, as they like to label us, pay more than 31% of all the taxes in this country. Thomas Jefferson, the author of our great Constitution, once said, “democracy” will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Business is at the heart of America and always has been. To restart it, you must stimulate business, not kill it. However, the power brokers in Washington believe redistributing wealth is the essential driver of the American economic engine. Nothing could be further from the truth and this is the type of change they want.

So where am I going with all this? It’s quite simple. If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. Rather than grow this company I will be forced to cut back. This means fewer jobs, less benefits and certainly less opportunity for everyone.

So, when you make your decision to vote, ask yourself, which candidate understands the economics of business ownership and who doesn’t? Whose policies will endanger your job? Answer those questions and you should know who might be the one capable of protecting and saving your job. While the media wants to tell you to believe the “1 percenters” are bad, I’m telling you they are not. They create most of the jobs. If you lose your job, it won’t be at the hands of the “1%”; it will be at the hands of a political hurricane that swept through this country.

You see, I can no longer support a system that penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive. My motivation to work and to provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, so will your opportunities. If that happens, you can find me in the Caribbean sitting on the beach, under a palm tree, retired, and with no employees to worry about.

Signed, your boss,

David Siegel

… expert commentary … skip it — David Siegel puts it pretty damn well all  by himself ! …

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