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… What are the DummyCraps Doing ?? [on ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 12th,2014

.. what are these people thinking and doing ?

.. this country has always celebrated the individual , the entrepreneur , the businessman , the farmer , those who work their fannies off to build something , whether it is a service or a product or a business …

.. Now , the DummyCraps celebrate sitting on our butts … Gross ! …

My, oh, my, how times have changed. America now has a government that views work as a trap and celebrates those who escape it.

That is the upshot of last week’s remarkable exchange over ObamaCare. It began when the head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the interplay of taxes and subsidies in the law “creates a disincentive for people to work.” The report predicted the mix would lead to fewer hours worked, costing the equivalent of nearly 2.5 million jobs.

In response, President Obama’s spokesman pleaded guilty — with pride and pleasure.

“Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, or if they will work,” Jay Carney said. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi applauded the law for freeing people from “job-lock.”

.. what must people be thinking …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..

.. [link] to the Press Corpse briefing clip … it is only JayBoy Carney looking like an idiot , as usual …


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… Is the Milwaukee Public School system crazy ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 30th,2013

.. from research that I have been able to do , and from having watched an episode of On The Record [tonight , with Dana Perino , guest hosting] , I have to conclude that the Milwaukee Public School system is totally crazy ! …

.. my understanding is (and it might be a tad errant) is that either one or more suburban districts or charter (voucher) schools are interested in buying applicable Milwaukee Public School buildings . Simple Enough , right  ?

.. Wrong . Evidently the MPS (less of a mouthful) will not sell these empty buildings to anybody . Worse , most if not all of these buildings are in reasonable shape . Some are even in pristine (or ideal) shape . Ones that would bring a pretty penny , that would help MPS deal with its budget . But Nooooooo !

.. MPS is maintaining these empty , repeat EMPTY buildings for a cost of (likely) millions of $$ of taxpayers hard earned money . How many students are they educating ? Zero ! Zip ! Zilch . Zippo . Nice going , Dummies !

.. They could be filled with bright young minds (it does not matter what race they are , or should it) . Yet ,  they sit empty , as a cash drain on a district that can use all of the help that it can get .

.. Someone should educate them that it is a new day in Wisconsin . If I remember right , the GOP controls the legislature , and the Governor is Scott Walker . Budgets are a heady place to apply leverage to recalcitrant bureaucrats . If you want more budget $$ , sell those damn buildings , you idiots . Either do it ,  or we will pass a bill to do it for you ….

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