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… Greece is headed for a Disaster of Colossal Proportions [#Grexit]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 28th,2016

.. right now , Greece ‘ s exit from the Euro is only a matter of time . It is going to happen . But Why ?!?! …

.. Greece refuses to reform . Waaaay too much of Greece ‘ s economy is in the state sector . Their tax system is grossly inefficient . It does not collect the amount of taxes that it needs to …

.. Its banks are on the precipice . They are about to collapse . They have nobody but themselves to blame for this disaster ..

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.. it will take a long time for Greece to regain economic stability . Tsipras is done as PM . He and Syriza will be driven out of politics for their colossal mismanagement of the situation . They deserve it …

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… the Greeks are Insane [#EuroExit]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 11th,2015

.. I think that Greece has gone mad ..

.. I also think that the E.U. has been mature about all of this . They have offered to help Greece , but the Greeks have been grossly immature about all of their finances . The E.U. has been the adult in the room , and has not blinked ..

.. to be honest , if they want the Euro to have a good reputation and a solid future , they cannot afford to blink ..

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.. Greece thinks that the E.U. will blink . I believe that the E.U. will not blink ..

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… Are the Greeks Out of their Minds [#No vote]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 6th,2015

.. it appears so ..

.. Greece voted by about 61% in favour of the ” No ” position for the referendum on Sunday . So it is very likely now that Greece either willingly [or by force] will exit the Euro …

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.. the Greeks have far more immediate problems , though . In basic , their banks are close to death , and their economy is steadily melting down by the day . Imports cannot be financed . Regular business cannot be conducted with the banks closed . People are very likely to revolt once part [or maybe all] of their savings are lost as the banking system collapses , either partially , or entirely …

.. O.K. , bright boy [Greek PM Alexis Tsipras] ? , what do you do now ? Do you really think that the ECB and the EU and the IMF agree going to negotiate with a bunch of colossal idiots …

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