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… Why China is a Problem [#legitimacy]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 18th,2017

.. it is still that simple — China is a totalitarian nation , one that is run by the Communist Party . It is a central fact that cannot be ignored ..

.. anyone who does business of any kind in the P.R.C. has to understand that . There is no effective ” rule of law ” in China . To protect one ‘ s rights , one has to negotiate contracts very , very carefully . To wit , you have to make sure that your rights are protected by a third party [arbitration] , or by the courts of athird party nation , such as the U.S. , Britain , OR Australia , for example ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. so , what do you do ? Move very carefully is one way to handle it . Another is to not do business in the P.R.C. at all . The latter is the course that I would choose ..

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… The Aussies have come to their Senses over so – called ” Climate Change ” [#fraud]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 30th,2015

.. and they support the Liberal party , which believes that the so – called climate change science is a fraud …

.. many areas believe likewise , but are afraid to say so . Australian PM Tony Abbott is not one of those kind of people . He has some serious balls , and is not afraid to say what he thinks , even if it is not politically correct …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news report …

.. Abbott and the Tories do not believe in ” Climate Change , ” at least as the Global left defines it . He believes , among other things , that it is an excuse to give funds to other countries that will squander it . He also thinks that it is a lever by the global left to enact excessive and impulsive controls on the environment , on people , and on business …

.. There is good reason that Tories worldwide do not believe in the science of Climate Change . They believe that it is a fraud ..

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… Malcolm ‘ s revenge on Tony [#Abbott]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 19th,2015

.. the Aussies now [or soon will] have a new PM ..

.. Malcolm Turnbull , a self – made man and classical Liberal , has ousted his now – predecessor Tony Abbott as PM of Australia . A surprise , yes , but not a shock ..

.. turnbull was the previous Liberal leader [in 2009] before Abbott ousted him before a general election . Now Turnbull has had his revenge ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. the Liberals have been trailing somewhat in opinion polls for the last 7 months . Not by a large margin , but consistently . It is not a good position to be in before going to a general election in about 18 months . But a panic move [my opinion on this] ..

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… the EcoSocialist Weenies are Mad at Tony [Abbott , Aussie PM] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,June 7th,2014

.. would anyone be surprised ?!?! ..

.. the debut of Australia ‘ s new budget has set off a hornet ‘ s nest of debate down under . Labour is not happy , not one bit . Neither are the interest groups . So , what else would one expect ??

.. [h/t — HotAir]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. the real biggie is the ” renewed ” [read : recycled] effort by the U.N. and a number of major powers to bring back a climate change treaty . Maybe things will be different , but I doubt it . China is too far along on its development track to change . Ditto India . Soon , the U.S. will change , because Congress will be fully in the hands of the GOP . His Lordship ‘ s hands will then be tied , lest he wants to get his butt kicked out the door …

.. Australia will not participate in the new effort . the new Liberal government knows the Chinese and India well . They will not play ball . Europe will harrumph and scream , but then will do nothing . The Aussies are not small fry that can be pushed around , and POTUS knows it ….

.. If Obama tries to muscle Abbott , Abbott will respond in kind . Abbbott knows that he has conservative support in the U.K. , as well as from the GOP . Obama will be and has been fatally weakend by scandal after scandal . The VAgate scandal will just be the ” cherry on the top . “

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… Bravo , Tony [Abbott] !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 24th,2014

.. great move ! ..

.. take the fight to the opposition ..

.. no one should have expected the Liberal ‘ s first budget to be popular . Australian Liberals are the Tories , the conservatives , and they are more to the right than most people realize …

.. [h/t — HotAir]..
.. [link] to the blog post news ..

.. this was no exception . Especially the reaction to the Liberal proposal to take a meat ax to the budget for so – called ” green ” spending . Boy , does it ever … It gets cut by almost 90% , and the ecosocialist weenies are screaming bloody murder …

.. good . Let them .

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… A Western Leader with ” Balls ” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 19th,2014

.. at last , we have a western leader with ” balls ” …

.. nothing  against the ladies [specifically , Angela Merkel , of  Germany] ..

.. and , no , I am not referring to PM Steven Harper of Canada .

.. [h/t —theGatewayPundit]..

.. [link] to the article …

.. I am  referring to Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia …

.. what a refreshing breath of fresh air . He is the leader of  the Liberal / National Party coalition down under . This grouping is , in essence , a single party [the Tory party] in Australia , having booted out the Labour party government of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard in September of 2013 in a blowout mandate election … What a big change ! …

.. Tony Abbott is definitely a ” climate change ” skeptic . The Labourites had enacted a carbon tax scheme to bring the Aussies into the global warming lineup . Bad move . It is (was) enormously unpopular . Australia is also a country which is rich in minerals and natural resources . The carbon tax scheme would have hit it severely . With the Tories in power now , the carbon tax scheme is gone . Even the Greenie – weenies did not stand in the way …

.. In December , Australia took over the leadership of the G20 . With the G8 [now, the g7] on the skids , the G20 is the leading global forum for economic leadership and consultation . What will drive the rest of the world [including Obama & Co] crazy is that Tony Abbott is not shy , not one bit ,  about driving forth his agenda . He is not afraid to hit back at those folks who hit him over his climate change skepticism , for example …

.. [link] to the video segment …

.. give ‘ em hell , Tony !! …


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… Is Antartica Really Resolved ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 5th,2014

… to be specific , the MV ship , and its fate ?

.. right now , it is still stuck in the Antartic ice . The Chinese icebreaker that came to rescue it is also still stuck nearby (within about 15 miles) . The polar researchers that were on the MV ship were lifted (by helicopter) to safety , and taken to an Australian icebreaker .

.. That ship is taking those researchers to Australia (specifically , the Aussie island [rather large] of Tasmania) . That journey will , however , take up to 2 to 3 weeks .

.. the MV ship is waiting for an American icebreaker (i suspect , a Coast Guard cutter) that is capable of cutting through up to 20 feet of ice . The capabilities of the Aussie icebreaker and the Chinese one are a tad more limited , I think …

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… Didn’t Anyone Teach You [Antartica] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 29th,2013

.. that going anywhere near a shitload of ice is bound to get you into  trouble .

.. Yes , Antartica can be approched by sea . But , very carefully . Evidenty , the Russians  did not remember that lesson  . one of their research vessels is stuck in Anarctic ice . So far , the vessel is not in any serious danger  …. at least not as of yet . However , ice has a habit of moving around and piling up on itself . Because of that fact , the ice can ” change its mind ” and move in on the Russian research vessel , and put it in mortal danger … even in danger of sinking . The research vessel is built for trips like this , but you never know …  .

.. Adding to the comedy of errors is the problem that a Chinese icebreaker that  had been dispatched to bust loose the Russian ship is itself now stuck in the ice … and now Russia and Australia have dispatched icebreakers to the scene ..

.. What a mess ..

.. Right now , the vessel [the MV  Akademik Shokalskiy] is well supplied , but the sooner they can break loose , the better …

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… Regrettably , Steven A. , It is What Happens [to Black Conservatives] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 19th,2013

.. these days liberals , especially Black liberals , are the height of intolerant . Why ?

.. [link] to Steven A. Smith ‘ s commentary …

.. to most folks , black conservatives help contribute to the intellectual fabric , by helping contribute to and feed the debate . With black liberals ,however , it is most definitely not the case . They feel threatened by black conservatives . They feel that black conservatives are a grievous threat to their power and their influence .

.. So , what happens ? They are mocked and ostracized , sent to the never – land of the black community , not to be dealt with . They are that afraid of them . While that happens , the black conservative community continues to grow in size and influence …

.. Sooner or later , the black community will have to take note of these folks . They cannot ignore them . These conservatives are among the most vigorous intellectuals , creative artists , athletes , and thinkers , no matter what the skin color . They cannot and will not be ignored , Steven A. Smith …

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… Australia faces What We are Facing [so – called ” Gay Marriage ” battle] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 16th,2013

.. if you think that battles over so – called ” gay marriage ” are limited to the United States , you would be wrong . They are not .

[h/t —]

.. [link] to the article …

.. Legalization of this monstrosity is making its way around the European Continent , for sure . How many nations , so far , I am not sure .

.. Where it gets interesting is in Oceana [Australia / New Zealand] . New Zealand has legalized the immoral act . So far , more than one – third of their immoral acts are those of foreigners . The figures are not precise as to where those folks are from . Undoubtedly , a fair number are Aussies .

.. Australians are battling to legalize the immoral act . The legislature of the Australia Capital Territory [Canberra & the surrounding area] legalized it two years ago . The federal government of the previous Labour government challenged it , and the federal High Court overturned the legislature . They upheld the federal bill from the Liberal government from 2004 , defining the act of marriage as between one man and one woman . So , at least for now , marriage remains in Australia …

.. With what is going on and has happened in New Zealand , though , it is hardly the last word . More legal fights are bound to ensue . Given that there are loonie leftie judges that were placed on the bench during the Rudd – Gillard Labour Government , there are legal time bombs just waiting to go off , almost at any time …

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… Bullying of Pro – Lifers is not an American Phenomenon …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 17th,2013

.. the Australian government (specifically , theVictoria State police) stood by , and did nothing , while pro – death supporters in  capitoal of Melbourne attacked a pro –  life rally on Saturday ,  October 12th …

… from LifeSiteNews …

Australian March for Babies turns violent: U.S. pro-life activists, MPs assaulted by pro-abort mob

1 / 9
Bryan Kemper sits on the ground praying while waiting for the police to clear a path for the pro-life march get past the mob of pro-abortion counter-protesters. According to Kemper, the police took no steps to help the pro-life activists, or protect them from violent pro-aborts.

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 12 2013 ( – American pro-life activist Bryan Kemper says he is bruised and sore, but recovering, after a mob of pro-abortion counter-protesters attacked him and his team of pro-life activists during the March for the Babies in Melbourne, Australia.

Kemper, the founder of Prolife Stand True Ministries, a ministry of Priests for Life, told today that he was thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked. Several other members of his team were also roughed up.

Pro-life Victoria Member of Parliament Bernie Finn also told the press that he was “belted in the head” and pelted with eggs, and that fellow pro-life MP Andrew Elsbury was thrown to the ground and stomped on.

“What we saw today was literally a public mugging on the streets of Melbourne and Victoria Police let it happen,” Finn fumed. “We had people being assaulted, being kicked, being stomped on and they sat back and watched.”

Trouble began brewing even before the march began, said Kemper. When the pro-life activists tried to begin the march, they were blocked by the mob of about 200 pro-abortion protesters.

“So we all sat in protest and started praying,” he said. “Then the police let them start attacking us.”

The pro-abortion protesters steal the pro-life signs from the stage set up by the March for Babies organizers.

After this the pro-lifers tried to begin marching again, but the counter-protesters pushed back, preventing them from doing so. The standoff continued for over an hour, before the pro-lifers decided to change their route.

But that was when things started to get really ugly.

“As we got to the stage the pro-aborts took over our stage and starting stealing banners and signs,” said Kemper. “That is when I was knocked to the ground and kicked and stepped on.”

“Eventually we got our stage back and finished but many of our people were assaulted. But we never gave up and I gave my speech.”

“The police were useless,” Kemper said.

Kemper sent out an emergency appeal on Facebook during the event, pleading for prayer. “Near riot situation we are being attacked as we march. Prayers please. Very bad. I’ve been hit many times already,” he said. “They are surrounding us. Police won’t arrest them. I am in front protecting our people. This is the craziest thing ever. Over a thousand. This is scary.”

Despite the violence on the part of the pro-abortion protesters, no arrests were made. A spokeswoman for the police downplayed the seriousness of the day’s events in remarks to Sky News.

“No one has been charged with assault and no matters have been brought to the attention of police,” she said.

The organizer of the pro-abortion rally, Liz Walsh, admitted that there had been a “scuffle.” “Part of that was standing our ground and not wanting to be intimidated by people who want to shame women for having control over their own reproductive lives,” she said.

The annual March for Babies marks the passage in 2008 of the Abortion Law Reform Act, which organizers of the event describe as “one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world.”

The law legalized abortion in the state up until the point of birth.

The first sign that this year’s march might not go as smoothly as previous years came the night before the march, when Kemper was delivering a speech to the Youth for Life dinner. A group of pro-aborts burst into the room and started chanting.

“I stopped the talk and cleared a whole table of people and asked them to sit down, have some food and wine and join us,” Kemper wrote on the Stand True Facebook page shortly before the March. “They did. They sat there for about 10 minutes listening before getting restless again and they left without incident.

“It was obvious they did not expect to be welcomed and loved instead of yelled at, I can’t wait to see them all at the Australian March for Life today and talk to them.”

… and this was the response from LifeSiteNews …

Oct. 12 2013 ( – A few days ago we publshed the report of a very violent, totally unprovoked attack against a woman Life Chain participant in  Toronto, Canada. Thankfully, in that case police quickly acted and arrested and charged the attacker.

However, in Melbourne Australia today, a large mob of violent pro-abortion militants was allowed to physically attack a group of totally peaceful pro-life people attempting to engage in a March for the Babies and plenty of police present did nothing. They merely observed all the assaults and did not interfere or charge anyone. This has to be perhaps the most disturbing incident of police collusion with a violent pro-abort mob that LifeSiteNews has ever reported.

Australian citizens and citizens from around the world must contact the Australian government to demand justice in this situation, criminal charges against all protesters who committed assaults, the firing of all officers who were present at the event and government action to ensure that such criminal negligence by police is never permitted to occur again.

If this is not done it allows a precedent that is certain to be repeated in other jurisdictions.

Government needs to come down hard on the Melbourne police, given the seriousness of the violent lawlessness that they did absolutely nothing to stop and could have very easily stopped. Not only were pro-life marchers injured, but it might have happened that one or more could have been killed depending on whether some weapons  were present as one was in the Ottawa incident.

Fair-minded persons from arount the world must make a united, strong effort to deluge the Australian government to take very strong action on this situation or that goverrnment will be help responsible for more injuries and possibly much worse physical assaults against protesters peacefully excercising democratic rights.

It they do not take such action freedom is in danger everywhere, not only for pro-life protesters, but for any protesters regarding any issue.

.. LEC here again — here ! here ! Australia  has been a traditional pro – life nation … that is , at least , until 2008 , when the Labour

Tony Abbott - Caricature

Tony Abbott – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

government under Julia Gillard passed an Abortion Rights bill that legalized abortion (literally) virtually all of the way through all 3 trimesters of the pregnancy . How disgusting and pro – death is that ! …

.. now that there is a new Tory Government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott , they will hopefully be able to do something about it . The Liberals campaigned on a soundly conservative , and (presumably) pro – life leaning party platform . Unfortunately , with the election results in the Australian Senate , some of the reforms will be slowed down , at least for a while . Once there is another Aussie Senate election (which could come sometime next year , due to the coming brawl over the carbon tax repeal ) , then this disgusting excuse for a pro  – death Abortion bill can be substantially modified , or , better yet , repealed …

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… POTUS a “Grandiose Narcissist ?” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 10th,2013

.. I wonder . POTUS seems to have a great deal of faith in his own abililties and his own intellectual superiority . It makes him to be one very arrogant bastard , that is for sure .

.. I would wonder if there is any kind of psychological (albeit political) evaluation . No , not an explicitly political one . A specifically

... well , it worked ! ...

… well , it worked ! …

medical , i.e. a psychological one , or one of a psychiatric nature . It would make for very interesting reading , that is for sure . Considering what is going on over Syria right now , it would sure make for very interesting reading …

.. In this case , this one involves an Obama – style clone , soon – to – be former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia . You will find this short piece , from the Sydney Morning Herald , and the link to the longer one to the parent piece at the Australian Financial Review to be very interesting reading . It does take some understanding of Australian politics , but not much . I am not trying to be arrogant , at least I hope not .

.. Australia ‘ s legislature looks like it is similar in form to our Congress here in the U.S. . Not quite . The form , yes . The function , though , is a great deal more like a Westminster style Parliament . The lower House majority elects the Prime Minister , and , except in rare instances , the elections are held on a regular basis every three years .

.. Rudd politically knifed his predecessor , former PM Julia Gillard , just a few weeks ago . He was convinced that he was the candidate to take Australia ‘ s Labour party into the most recent general election . Well , she went , and he took over , and you might wonder what happened ? Guess ?

.. Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party / National Party coalition (the Tories) blew out Labour , and did it in style . The coalition won about 90 to 92 seats in Australia ‘ s lower House of Parliament , against 58 for Labour and their alies . Bombs Away ! Guess kevin got his just reward , and now it is off to the political wilderness for both Rudd and Gillard …

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… Australia and the Carbon Tax …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 8th,2013

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16)

… new Australian PM Tony Abbott …

.. if Labour is smart , they will vote (at least to a point) with the new Government to repeal the hated Carbon tax .

.. This tax is indeed hated down under . It places Australia at a distinct disadvantagege in comparison to its neighbours , economically . Australia is indeed diversifying its economy , but it is still very much export – based , in many ways a great deal like Canada . Now it will be in a better position to compete , and not just in Asia .

.. It will be interesting to see how the change in power in Canberra will be taken in Europe and the America . The big factor is , of course , my home country , the United States . We have our first Communist President , one who is a wus at home , and is a even bigger wus overseas .

.. In the U.S. , POTUS ‘ effective remaining power is his power over the administrative state . He can lay out his policies , but his policies do not make him popular . Matter of fact , they make him ever more unpopular . Any way that he tries to implement policy is contested in the courts . Which makes for both an interesting time , and lots of delays .

.. These days , an even bigger fight has ensued over his policies . Left – wing and ecosocialist interest groups take their beefs over ObamaCrap Administration policies to court . Where it then gets interesting is when those same groups and the ObamaCraps start playing “footsie,” legally . It then sets up what is known as a “sue and settle” situation , where the ObamaCraps still get their policy enacted , and effectively block opposition from the right by blocking their access to the courts .

.. I wonder how Australia ‘ s export – based economy is going to like that . Especially with the carbon tax likely to go the way of the “do – do bird . ”



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… Congrats to Tony Abbott [new Australian PM] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 8th,2013

.. hot dog ! ..

.. Tony Abbott and the Liberal / National Party Coalition [the Tories] have won an overwhelming election mandate , and have been returned to power after a very long abscence from power .

.. Abbott ‘ s Coalition has appeared to have won 91 or 92 seats in the Australian House of Representatives . It represents an approximate 33 or 34 seat majority in that body . Australia ‘ s Parliament looks in form somewhat like our U.S. Congress , but its function is that of a Westminster parliament , or similar to the Britain . Its Senate control is divided , only because one – healf of the seats were up .

.. Abbott is right . Australia is indeed , open for business once again . If the Aussie Laborites and the Greens are not careful , Abbott could force the Govenour General [Australia ‘ s nominal head of state] to have a “double dissolution ” of both house. It would then put all 150 House seats and 76 Senate seats up at once , and Labour would be to blame .

.. Australia ‘ s hated “carbon tax” will survive , at least for now . Unless Labour is nuts , they will support the new Government , and vote for repeal . Playing political “chicken” with a newly elected and apparantely very popular PM is a really dumb idea . We shall see …

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