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… Butt Kissing to the Chinese …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 1st,2013

.. now , that is new .

.. and , it is outrageous .

.. China is trying to flex its muscles . It does have an effective air force , but not one that match up with the United States . Do Not Even bring up the fact of China ‘ s naval power . They do not have much . It is growing , slowly but steadily , but they are learning .

.. You do not control the seas by immediately jumping into the international scene by diktat . Which is what China is currently trying to do . And His Lordship is humoring them . Yes , humoring them , by notifying them of the passage of our Pacific Fleet through the disputed area .

.. one may wonder what I am talking about ??? China has acted to declare a “defense zone” in the South China Sea . The area that it encompasses is massive . It includes several groups of contested small island groups , Taiwan (naturally) , and other areas close to Vietnam , the Phillipines , South Korea , and other nations ….

.. to say the least , it is a bit much , and waaay overblown …

.. What we should do is adopt a Do Not F-Bomb With Me posture . Then , send the 7th Fleet (i believe) through the disputed area . Without notice . The Chinese will have one hell of a hissy fit . Let them . They specialize in hissy fits . If they want to act like a mature power , they will quit running their mouths off , quit bullying the other nations , and work on building their naval power .

.. China will be a force to contend with , now and in the near future . One should not start to ” kiss their ass ” by notifying them of the passage of any naval ships or any aircraft of any kind .

.. China should understand that they are playing a very dangerous game . They must really want to get themselves into diplomatic hot water by running their mouths off . If they are not careful , they will not be the only nuclear power in Asia , other than Russia and the U.S. . Other nations will go nuclear . Japan could do so in a heartbeat . They could also start on a crash naval building program and re – build their own navy . All they need is a couple of aircraft carriers .

.. Japan would not be the only country to go nuclear . Australia could do so , very easily . Ditto South Korea . Ditto Indonesia and Taiwan , and others . Do not forget that india is a naval power , one with a carrier force , and it is not far away …

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