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… Yes , A Court – Martial of Bowe Bergdahl is necessary [#prosecution]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 20th,2016

.. more than anything else , it matters for the reputation of the soldier …. .. his actions have been called into question . A legal investigation [a JAGmen investigation] has been carried out , and has uncovered evidence of misconduct on the behalf of the soldier . No matter what , until this matter is completely and fully aired , his personal reputation is now under a cloud … .. [h/t —].. .. [link] to the Slimes ‘ editorial .. .. when a soldier has allegedly done what Pvt. Bergdahl has done , that soldier would be advised to seek out the forum of a court – martial . Whether one is innocent , or is guilty , the allegations will receive a full public airing . Only in that can Pvt. Bergdahl have a civil chance to move on with his life . yes , his freedom is at risk [the risk of conviction and imprisonment] , but he needs to do it …

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